Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I'm back today partially through guilt but mostly inspiration. Some friends and, dare I say, mentors have taken to sharing very thoughtful blogposts filled with reflection and genuine thankfulness to what they are grateful for. Truly heartwarming.

After my admiration of all they opened up about, I started thinking about myself like all narcissist assholes (all humans) do. This is not my day to be inspirational. This is not my week or month to be anything but a needy bitch. Only problem is... I'm wrong. I built that story because of some hard times making me feel like I'm losing my mind. I built that story. But it's just a story. 

Truth is, I'm happy. I'm lucky. I'm finishing this iced coffee and glancing out at the streets of NYC. I'm Grateful. I'm mostly grateful for the people. Take a minute to think through all the amazing people in your life that influence you in various ways. The kindness they provide. The knowledge and enlightenment they gift you without even knowing it. The adventure and exposure to experiences you never imagined. The people in my life literally keep me alive.  I've somehow lucked or loved my way  into a life scenario where I'm constantly surrounded by people I care about and admire. 

Thank you ALL. For my friends from this land inside of blogging that have stuck around for so long and somehow built friendships I didn't know were possible. Dear Ben, I'll love you forever. My work, although frequently a huge pain in the ass, has provided me with close friends and mentors that have changed my view of the world and myself. The artists I've had the opportunity to work with and build loving friendships with have cared for me and taught me that my capabilities are far beyond what I imagined. We've created and contributed so much together. The friends that I've collected over the years at random because our souls just knew we were finding something worthwhile in each other.  My family who genetically is me in pieces. I couldn't be prouder of everything I share in who you are.  

Yes, this certainly helped. I'm filled to capacity with love and gratefulness. It was always in there. You just need to remind yourself of what is true. 


Mike said...

Good to see you out blogging every once in awhile.

LL said...

So good to see you back in the land of blogs...

I've missed ya!

Mike said...


Mike said...


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