Monday, November 12, 2012

Catching Up ... Again

I have so many thoughts to write and yet when I sit down to do it they all fly out of my head faster than I can catch them. I would like to pretend it would look like colorful butterflies flying out of my ear all beautiful and intriguing. If I’m being honest, I think it would actually transfer into visuals of locusts swarming with agitation out of my ears, eyes, nose, and mouth. Not very pretty.

Let’s backtrack on what has been happening, shall we?  Let’s see…. I slept all weekend because I’m constantly feeling ill. I did make it out Saturday night to meet the boyfriend and his father who was in town visiting. We had a lovely dinner and then stayed out until 5am singing karaoke. I know, right? I love the dad and the occasional reminder that boyfriend can sing.

Political things! I tried to avoid most of that shit this year. I must say, I spent election night in the most unusual way I could imagine. I voted right after work in crazy-long after-hurricane lines. Total madness.  Then I rushed to my lover’s apartment where he prepared the most amazing meal that anyone has ever made me. It was seriously mind blowing in every course and I ate until I couldn't possibly pack another morsel in. That’s the downfall of amazing food and being gluttonous.  It’s like any drug in that you feel euphoric until pain and discomfort takes over. Totally worth it. Anyway, after dinner we ran off to meet his friends for a birthday celebration in a fancy lounge overlooking Times Square. I sat there with all foreigners as we watched the CNN party below us and the projections of the election on the buildings surrounding us. It was incredible. ‘Twas a highly unusual experience. We had a damn good time (with the exception of the previously mentioned gluttony and pain.)

Before the election we had the hurricane. Maybe you heard about it? It sucked. It still sucks. My story is not interesting so I won’t bother to share it. All I can say is, a lot of people out here still need help. I hear a new devastating story every day. If you are capable of helping someone or contributing to a wish list please do.  The thing haunting me is that 200 rescued animals in shelters are going to be put to sleep soon if they don’t find homes.  I get nauseous just thinking about it.

I don’t want to end on that note. Uh….. Thanksgiving is coming! That means two days off from hell! Thinking about who I’m obligated to and what I really want to do gives me anxiety but I’ve decided to do whatever I really want to and enjoy myself for the holiday.  You should do that as well, right now.