Monday, August 15, 2011

Being a Rock Star … and Whatnot

Dear Dudes, (Because it has been brought to my attention hardly any females comment on my blog.)

Last week I spent a full day in the studio making a DVD with my band mates. We were recording audio and video at the same time so we were in full Rock mode. It was bloody awesome. It would be more awesome if I gave two shits about the music we were recording but alas, I’ll settle for spending the day singing. Because I love it. So much.

So as I’ve explained before, the guys in the band are amazing. All of them have seriously impressive resumes and have played with tons of stars. Then there are the eye candy/backup singers which consist of me and El. We basically danced in place much more than would normally be natural and hit ourselves with tambourines.

El took a ton of pictures so I shall share some here with you.

This is me not paying attention.

Knight and EL
The Studio

This is what happens when you are overzealous with a tambourine.

So last week was awesome. This week I’m doing a shoot for a short film. I’m one of four backup burlesque dancers in this film noir dark satire. I was just e-mailed a picture of our “costumes”.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Same old crap.

I know I need to post but I’m not feeling the inspiration. Let’s try stream of thought for a bit and see where we go.

It just now occurred to me that if I ever were to receive an engagement ring with a big rock on it, wearing it would be dangerous. If I had a seizure I could stab the hell out of my face and eyes.

Not that I plan to get engaged or anything. Ever.

I’ve started to notice that every time I sing karaoke at a bar the bartenders compliment me and give me a free shot. Um… that’s just awesome. I feel pretty damn good about that. Maybe I can get a friend to record something next time so I can share it here.

I made the mistake of watching The Glee Project even though I never really watched Glee. I assume I like it because I used to be a part of the whole auditioning scene and I like watching kids get tortured. I hope nobody wins. I hate them all. My main problem is that they sing a part of a song at the end and I have no idea what song they are covering I just know the one lyric they sing and it is now stuck in my head ALL THE GODDAMN TIME. “There’s nothing I can saaaaaay. Nothing I can doooooo. Blah blah blah blah blaaaaaaah…when it comes to the truth. So keeeeeeeeep holiding onnnnnnnnn. Cause you know I’ll make it through. I’ll make it through eww eww.” Yeah maybe I don’t know it that well… but how can I get it out of my head? Please! Please help me!

Two of my guy friends are currently going through divorces. They decided to move in together. They are having a combined birthday party this weekend. Why do I think this is both awesome and adorable? I adore them both.

Is a Snuggie a good going away gift? I wish I could get one for the cat but that would just piss the pussy off. The cat not the guy.

I had my intake meeting for that whole therapy thing I talked about in my last post. It went really well. The dude was great and we talked an hour over the allotted time. I guess I was interesting. He pretty much told me what I really need is a Neuro Psychiatrist so I can get my life back in order. I agree.

Work is over. I am done.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Mr. President.