Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I know I'm a bit early but I probably won't be back in time.

My resolutions for 2009 (to be promptly forgotten by 1:05 am) are the following:

1) Find work in life that makes me happy.

2) Stop having seizures...somehow.

3) Replace the lack of drinking with even more sex. (Casey, this is your job. Oh, and apologies to any of Casey's family members that read this and may be traumatized.)

4) Meet a blogger. Anyone want to help me out with this one?

5) Continue having a wonderful life full of great family, friends, and bloggers that brighten it up.


Monday, December 29, 2008

The Holidays - A Break?

The Holidays are so damn busy. I went to visit the family in my hometown for six days and I feel like I was there for only three. Too bad it doesn't go by that quickly when I'm at work.

I flew out on Tuesday and was lucky enough to be on the only flight that wasn't canceled that day. My luggage wasn't as lucky but it only took an extra day to get it. Oh well. On Christmas eve my Mother's side of the family meets at my Grandmother's house where we eat a meal of Mexican food and take a twenty minute break to open gifts. I somehow got out of the clean up crew this year because I was busy upstairs wrapping the gifts for my parents. It isn't that difficult because there are only ten of us so I don't feel bad. I think we were out of there by eight.

Christmas morning is the best. It's just me, my parents, and my brother. Mom didn't feel like pulling the fake tree out of the attic this year which is fine with us. After we moved away she bought a very modern fake tree and she leaves all the decorations on, throws a big bag over it, and stores it that way. We don't really care if there is a tree or not as long as we have champagne. We drink mimosas and eat quiche while opening gifts and this year Cold Case Files was on TV. That gives the room ambiance while we thank each other for whatever we got.

I got some really fantastic gifts. One of which was a photo shoot with Teresa at Wiz of Oz Photography. I never got out of the dress up stage of life so this was the most fun I could imagine having. I told Teresa I was up for whatever since I didn't have any intention of using the photos for something specific. She put me in this black dress she found at Goodwill and the next thing I know I have a new header for my blog! I have seen about four of the photos so far and will get the rest in a couple months. Here is one of my favorites.

Later Christmas day we usually celebrate with my Dad's side of the family but all my cousins got married and started having babies so it is harder to get together. We went to visit my grandparents and saw a few relatives. My aunt's cooky boyfriend never even came into the house to say hello to anyone. He hid outside. We were not offended or anything but it was pretty funny. Christmas night we always spent tearing down all the decorations during my childhood. Since there weren't any this year we just cooked a huge meal. That was a pleasant change. While the rest of my family tried to digest and started passing out, I went out with an old friend for a drink. This was the only time I bothered to do that this year. The longer I'm gone the more I lose touch.

Friday night we went to a dueling piano bar. It was fun but the guys playing sort of sucked. Saturday my grandmother helped me put black streaks in my hair. She is a good sport. That evening we had dinner with her and her boyfriend.

My flight to Chicago was canceled due to Mechanical problems and they told me I couldn't get on another one until Tuesday. That isn't okay. I had to wake my brother up (he only had three hours of sleep) and ask him to drive me to Chicago right away. He lives in Chicago so this isn't that big of a deal. He just wasn't planning to leave for another five or six hours. Luckily I made a flight out of Chicago and was able to get home sweet home last night.

That brings us to date. Next I will tell you about my new nephew.

Monday, December 22, 2008

As Promised

Even though the video I'm attaching here doesn't sound very good I'm going to share it with you as promised. It was recorded by a friend that was sitting in the audience and we had no idea he was taping. We had just pulled this adorable guy in the video out of the audience.

Watching the videos is a little awkward because you miss what ties everything together. It feels a little empty without the banter. In addition to that, I can't stand hearing all the mistakes and watching myself trip over all the cords on stage. I would have completely forgotten about my shoe coming off if it hadn't have been recorded. This is probably why I never got all that interested in film. I can't even commit to posting a vlog most of the time.

Grrr. My work phone is ringing. Must go.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Holiday Coquettes

The show is over. I think it went fairly well. Of course there were a couple tiny problems but we made it through and I think for the most part people had a good time. Especially when we had a lingerie gift exchange on stage and passed out condoms and pills to the audience. I have not seen all of the pictures yet but here are a couple to share.

Some of you mentioned you might like to see a video. Well, I have good news for you. There are a couple of videos available. Right now they are stuck on Facebook until I find a way to get the files from my friend but eventually I will post them here.

I need to get back to work now. Time to start on the next show!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Life Is Music

I don't update this thing nearly enough. Ugh. Alright, I've got a lot to fill in so I'll be vague.

I went to Carnegie Hall last week to see one of my favorite people in the world JASON/Doodle perform. He is a bass in the Gay Men's Chorus and they do a Holiday show each year. It was amazing! First of all, Carnegie Hall is pretty much the best venue ever. The sound is incredible and I was so high up my nose was bleeding on the chorus. It was a very exciting night.

My sad company is not doing anything holiday related this year so I have to live vicariously through Casey. It wasn't all that vicarious though because he invited me to his work party. It was north of Manhattan which made it feel like we flew to another state completely. They had a DJ that played the electric slide and when a conga line started up I tried to hide. People did lots of shots and did I mention that we were the best dressed couple there? It was a good time.

Saturday night we had tickets to see Rockapella. I have loved Rockapella since I was a very young kid thanks to my dad and the children's show Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego. Lucky for me Casey happens to be friends with one of them so he got us front row tickets to their gig in Jersey. I called them crotch shot seats and I was thankful because the current bass singer is the sexiest man of all time. He knelt down, took my hand, and started singing I have no idea what because my body temperature went up a few degrees and I was swooning. He isn't the guy you see in the video linked above. Only one of the original members is still in the group but everyone is ridiculously talented in the vocal department. Wow. Here is a video of the current group.

Sunday night I saw Duran Duran perform in some theater in Jersey. Two nights in a row spent in Jersey? I must be crazy! The show was pretty good but you couldn't hear the skill of Duran Duran because they had the amps set at eleven. I just got my hearing back today. Your Vegas opened for Duran Duran. This is only my second time seeing them but a couple of my friends are pretty much groupies now and I have to admit that they are justified because Your Vegas is worth checking out.

Holy crap is today Wednesday? That means I have a show tomorrow night! HOLIDAY COQUETTES at The Duplex! I'm not nearly as worked up or nervous for this show. Probably because I'm not alone on stage. I trust Ava to not suck so as long as I can live up to that standard as well it should be pretty good. Casey has been given permission to attempt recording. If this works I will share with you. Maybe.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Crush on Mr. Stewart

About a week ago TLJ got some tickets to see The Daily Show so we went with a couple friends. It was fairly exciting to be a part of the live audience. The set was obviously pretty small but that just means you sit closer to the action. Sweet! I have a crush on Jon Stewart. I think he would make a good mate, don’t you?  He would always have plenty to say at dinner parties and class reunions plus you wouldn’t have to read the paper. He could tell you anything worth knowing.   When he was on set I realized he is very tiny. Why must TV people be tiny? I don’t get it. No, this does not affect my crush on him. It’s affect not effect, right? So the show goes by quickly. They didn’t have to take a single shot twice. It was all done in real time with brief commercial breaks where two nerdy but awesome writers come speed walking out of the darkness and chat with Jon at the desk. When it’s all over he lets us ask him questions. I don’t remember anything that was asked but yes he is funny when on the spot. *Sigh*.  It was a lovely experience.  TLJ says I have a distinct laugh and he thought he heard it when the show aired that night.  I guess I don’t know what I sound like because I didn’t realize it was that distinct. This worries me. The Knight side of my family is known for distinct, loud, in most cases obnoxious laughs. I don’t want to be THAT bad. Then again, I don’t really care.

Oh right, THIS is why I have a crush on Jon.

Let’s come on out of the dark ages people. Live and let live. Love and let love.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Show Time!

It's time to promote my next show.


Location: The Duplex 61 Christopher Street (@7th Ave), New York, NY 10014 US
When: Thursday, December 18, 7:00PM
Phone: 212-255-5438

Come pick your fix; Naughty or Nice? Celebrate the holidays with vocals performed by Ava Mihaljevich and Carly Knight with Alex Lawrence on piano. Don't forget the mistletoe!

$8 Cover and a 2 Drink Minimum
Make your reservations online at
(Seriously make a Reservation.)

Be there Bitches! -Naughty
Be there Kittens. -Nice

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Demon Returns

Sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning (I can't be sure.) the Demon returned and took over my body once again. I'm starting to think the demon has a crush on me. This time I was alone in bed and woke up because it was really hot in my apartment. My bed is right next to the radiator which is in front of the window. I'm not sure if I opened the window or turned on the fan but just like last time I was on my knees (now would be a bad time for a joke) on my bed when I lost control. The horrible ear buzzing started. I wish I could find a good way to describe that sound but I don't know what to compare it to. It starts small and rapidly gets louder and takes over. So I'm still on my knees and my head is turning as far left as possible on it's own while my arm forces it's way into a fist up by my face. I remember the muscle tension but I don't remember being in as much pain this time. It seemed to go faster. I was thinking, "Yes, I am having a seizure. I need to pass out. I just need to pass out and everything will be fine." Instead of "Please don't die. Please don't die." I felt my mouth foaming and my vision went out. Finally I felt my body collapse and I was unconscious.

When I woke up again it was early morning and I was confused. I couldn't go back to sleep because I was shaking but I didn't remember anything. My bed was wet. Slowly it creeps back in and as I become lucid I panic. I am not supposed to go to the hospital but I'm afraid to leave my bed. I want to call my mom but then I remember my whole family is about to get on a plane to fly home. I don't want to do that to her. I'm afraid to be alone. I don't why I was so scared. It doesn't make sense to me now but at the time I was wishing I had some place to go to feel safe. I called Casey really early in the morning and I felt bad about it. I just wanted to talk to someone. Telling someone something had happened was the only thing I could come up with. What if it happened again? When he got my message he called and then came over. With him there I was able to slowly calm down and I fell asleep. I was much better by the afternoon and emotionally fine. If he hadn't of been there I don't know what I would have done. Cried a lot more maybe? Thanks TLJ.The muscle pain went away quickly this time. It wasn't so bad.

So why did it happen? I never have an answer to this question. It seems to me that lack of sleep must have played a big part. I was up really early Saturday morning to fly back to New York. I didn't do much on Saturday but I wasn't able to get to sleep easily. It seems to me that the little amount of sleep is the only answer. If I hadn't been forced awake by extreme heat in my apartment I might not have had a seizure at all. I might have slept until noon on Sunday and everything would be peachy. I like this answer. I can live with this answer. I won't always get a full night of sleep but I know the importance of making it a priority now.

If it is a demon that is messing with me at least it is getting a little less destructive. If I hold a seance to speak to the demon should I vlog it for you? Maybe it just needs directions. Maybe I can bribe it with a virgin sacrifice or something. Unfortunately I think we might be together for life.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Arizona Turkey

I hope this post doesn’t get me in trouble! I spent Thanksgiving with my lover boy Casey’s family. I had a fantastic time and I have loads of stories to tell but maybe I should be careful what I share so I don’t accidentally offend anyone. Just because I like to share doesn’t mean everyone else does. Nah, they don’t care.

Day 1) Casey’s Step Dad picked us up from the airport. I have never met a kinder, calmer person in my life. It is my understanding that the only thing that can make him panic in the slightest is if the remote is missing. He took us back to the GORGEOUS house where Step Dad and Mom live. Um, WOW.

I have only been through Arizona once before and this place is total culture shock to me. Everything blends into the desert. Everything is some shade of brown and the landscaping is incredible. At the house there is an amazing view out the back windows. It’s nothing but mountains. I had nature overload. The house, for me, was like being thrown into the Twilight Zone. Birds everywhere! I’m not kidding. Casey’s mom is really fond of chickens and they are a major part of the decorations. I have to admit, it did look pretty cool. I was just thankful none of them were alive.

The first night Casey’s cousin cooked dinner. She is a chef and sommelier. Two of my favorite attributes in a person. It was fantastic (mmm red meat) and I think you should all be jealous. I enjoyed the meal and promptly passed out. That’s not true. I stayed up for as long as I could but towards the end I was probably mumbling and bumping into stationary objects.

Day 2) I went to a mall! I never go to malls. I don’t even know where the mall is. Casey wanted to take his two year old nephew out for some cool threads and he let me come along. Let me just say, this child has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen. He was really well behaved and it made us look good. After he found some cars and a cup that he loved at the Disney Store we found an ultra nerdy Star Wars shirt and a kick ass Rolling Stones shirt! I didn’t know it was possible to make him cooler but he is. Also, he didn’t hate me and we all know kids that actually like me are immediately cool.

Day 3) Time to celebrate Turkey day. We spent the whole day lounging about the house, watching terrible football games and laughing at the frozen people at the parade. Okay, I was the only one laughing. In addition to all the people I already mentioned we spent the day with Sister, Brother, Sister in Law, Sister in Law’s mother, Aunt, and Uncle. The older males managed to spend the entire day making a wooden box in the garage. How could that take so long? I’m thinking maybe they were hiding medicinal drugs in this “box” and didn’t want to share with the rest of the family. Or maybe they enjoy wood working. Who knows?

Day 4) I went furniture shopping with the Sis and Sis in Law. Why is everything big and brown? I don’t get it. Everything matches the desert, like the houses, furniture, cars, and kids. It’s so unusual. Anyway, these two chicks are very cool and I was thrilled to find out that they are a little pervy too. I felt right at home. Everyone enjoys a good boob joke, right? We did some measuring of the sis’ living room and then went gambling at the Indian Reservation for a few hours. I won 10k. Maybe we didn’t do that last part at all but it would have been a great addition to the story.

That night we went to dinner with the Dad side of the family. We had a great Meal. A few bottles of wine into the dinner we accidentally found out the nickname of a certain family members certain extremity. Too much information! Aww, it’s nice when families can share like that. I will haunt Casey with that knowledge for the rest of his life. Bwah ha ha.

After dinner we went to the aunt’s place where we looked at photos and said what we are thankful for. We all gave crappy answers because nobody likes to be put on the spot. The aunt has a cool place though. It had a modern chic thing going on. I was digging it. I also liked that she was wearing all black. I knew right away that we would get along just fine.

Then I wrestled with a two year old (he won) and watched Wall-E for the 79th time that trip. We said our goodbyes and goodnights. At 5am I was on my way home to New York. It was a good trip. Much Needed. I just lucked out that the whole family was great. I’m not even lying about it. No really, I’m not being sarcastic. Casey is a lucky guy.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Catch Up - The rest of the answers.

There is so much to catch up on but so little desire within me to write it all out. I'll do the brief version here and work my way back.
1) I still owe you the rest of the answers to your questions.
2) I spent Thanksgiving in Arizona with Casey's family so I'll give you the scoop on that.
3) I had another seizure over the weekend.
4) It's time to promote my December show!

What are the best and worst things about living in NYC?
If you could live anywhere else, where would it be?

Dear Kcinnova,
The best thing about living in NYC is the constant energy pulsating from the island. Something is always happening. A whole lot of people with different backgrounds and opinions are crammed on to an island together and because of that you get diverse culture, art, lifestyle, religion, beauty, etc. I could go on forever. The worst thing about NYC is …hmmm… I can’t think of anything. Oh wait, I got something… it gets really f’ing cold in the winter and I don’t like waiting in the cold for a train.
I assume if I lived somewhere else it would have to be in the U.S. since that is where my citizenship is and all. I’m very fond of San Francisco and New Orleans. I think that is where I would find the most comfort if forced to leave Manhattan.

If you gotta fart, really really bad, and you're surrounded by people, do you do it anyway?

And if you did, would you be embarrassed?

Dear Mike,
To be honest I don’t know that this has come up. How often are you so full of gas and surrounded by people that you couldn’t possibly get away from? I guess if there was no way to be polite and get away from the people I would do it anyway and no I don’t think I would be all that embarrassed.

TT said...
Ever thought about trying out for American Idol?

I have to admit that it probably crosses every singers mind at some point in time but I never seriously considered it. A few years ago I had the look they might have wanted but I don’t sing pop music. They expect you to sing a popular style and I'm just not good at the popular thing.