Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween Bitches!

I have always felt that Halloween is the second best holiday of the year. The first, of course, is my birthday. I usually attempt to put a lot of thought into my costume but this year I'm going with a classic choice because I will be performing in a show. If you just so happen to be in the NYC area or you have enough extra cash that you can hop on a plane whenever you want, you should come see the show SEX and CANDY 9pm at Don't Tell Mama.

Now as your Halloween treat I have decided to share a quick vlog of my witchy costume.

What will you be wearing?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Awesome Bloggers

It's a vlog but it's a cheat vlog because I did a two for one. Check out all the sweet new swag.

Okay so I look a little crazy, I know. I can't hide it.

I want to thank Dana for the awesome shirt! It's my favorite color and everything. You rock. Pop rock. Yes I did choke a little so let that be a lesson to everyone that eating in moderation is key. Everyone go visit Dana at Amid Life's Crisis.

I want to thank Gary at Potter's Blog for the beautiful vase and mini pot. I'm so impressed with how talented he is. Go check out his work. You will love it. No really go. Go now!

I don't take the best pictures but you get the idea.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Have I mentioned I have a sibling?

Yesterday my brother turned 24. He is 16 months my junior. Since I was a June baby that put him two grades behind me in school but even so, I never really thought of him as younger than me. Not that I remember anyway. My family will tell you I used to boss him around and make him sit down so I could tie his shoes. They also tell a story about a slightly bigger kid pushing me around and my toddler brother running up and tackling him.

We were never much of an affectionate family but for fun my brother and I would wrestle during commercial breaks. It wasn’t as much play as actual pain. This was fun in the few years that I was bigger than him but that passed quickly and I was begging for mercy most of the time.
Other than sarcasm we did not have similar interests. He was spending his summers in baseball tournaments while I was performing Oklahoma or (insert hokey old time musical) at the closest community theater. We didn’t like the others friends. Actually, I usually didn’t much like my friends so I really can’t blame him. He was far more laid back than I was.

I drove him to school until he got his license. One time after school I didn’t stop at the end of an alleyway and my sports car was totaled on the passenger side by a van. My brother was pulling glass out of his head for days. I could have killed him. I still feel horrible about it.

When I graduated I moved to New York and he made a trip at least once a year to visit. Not so much me as the city. When he graduated he went to college in Wisconsin. It’s really f’ing cold there. Now he is an engineer and working in Chicago. He has always been a lot smarter than me. There was no chance in hell I was going to be an engineer when I had trouble with Algebra. It appeared he never had trouble with anything. What the hell?

Anyway, I don’t see a whole lot of my brother because we are busy people and don’t live very close but we have a good relationship even if we don’t bother talking for six months. I forgot to call him yesterday to wish him a happy birthday. I should probably do that now. Or just forward this link.

Happy Birthday Bro!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Novel Relations

I'm reading my favorite book again. I've read it so many times I lost count. The author is inconsistent and cynical but writes life experiences with an honesty I admire. Each time I pick up the book a line or idea will strike me and stay in my thoughts for days. The book is Of Human Bondage by W. Somerset Maugham. I wanted to share a line that has been swimming in my brain.

"There's always one who loves and one who lets himself be loved."

In the context of the book the character makes similar statements several times and basically decides that in a relationship one person always loves more than the other or one loves and the reciprocate allows it without returning.

It troubles me. I have been party to and witness of this in the past but if it were true every time why would we bother? Is it because we don't realize until it is over? Are people content with this? With all the complexities within a relationship this can't possibly always be the case but I hope I'm not just saying that because I don't want to believe it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Six Degrees of Flashing Bacon

I know, I've been hiding. I have too much to do. Work is crazy. Life is busy. No time to blog. I'll just give you an update.

I got a really great package in the mail from Gary and I made a vlog but it is horrible. I will have to redo the whole thing and post pictures of the very cool vase he made for me. Check out his site.

I also got two other exciting packages. One was my bi-annual wine club shipment of 6 delicious bottles. I wish I could try them all at once. The other was a surprise gift from my mother. She sent me new black sheets monogrammed! I love my initials. I would put them on everything if I could. I already have them permanently inked into my ankle. She also sent a very cool picnic tote that I can hide beer and wine in to keep it cool while illegally drinking in Central Park. Thanks Mom!

Celeb Encounters:
Friday night on my way home from CVS I had an odd encounter. I was wearing a tube top that was kind of falling off. About half of my bra was showing and I was standing in public. As I adjusted I noticed a man eying me. He looked familiar. Turns out it was Kevin Bacon. My six degrees of separation? Kevin knows my bra. Nice.

Last night I was hanging out with some lovely ladies in Park Slope. One of them was talking about being in love with Adam Sandberg of SNL. She had been on the Subway with him earlier that day and decided he was just as gorgeous in person. After telling the story we notice a man standing behind us. Is that? Why yes it is! It is the PC guy from the Mac commercials. Interesting.

The woman who sits only feet away from me is finally out on maternity leave. She was huge and I was terrified her water would break in the office. That would freak me out. A lot. I have never seen our carpets cleaned. I mean.... Yikes.

My cousin's wife just gave birth to their second child last week. They named the girl Bella Buell. I'm not so sure the name was the best idea but that lucky kid is going to be spoiled beyond imagination by my aunt.

On the other side of the family I have a pregnant cousin that just announced they will name their baby Milley (Me Lee). I guess it's Irish? Picking names must be very difficult.

The Week Ahead:
I had rehearsal yesterday and more of that tonight after work. For some reason the rest of the week is a blur. I can't remember if I have plans. If I have made plans with you this week please remind me. Thanks.

Later Bitches.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


You know what you should do this Halloween? Come see me perform!

It's a great line up and if that doesn't do it for ya, I'll hardly be wearing a thing. Come see for yourself.

Also, The Parodivas wrote my bio for me and it is really hot.

"Carly Knight is the hottest new jazz chanteuse to hit the New York stage in the past 30 minutes. Her sensual renditions of the hits of the bygone days of croony standards not only melt butter, but also margarine and straight mens' hearts. Look out here she comes."

Mmmmargarine. That was nice. So... I figure yall will soon get bored of me trying to sell myself. I expect to be vlogging very soon. Until then, Ta'

Friday, October 3, 2008

Pink Month!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I want to ask all you lovely readers to look out for yourselves and the ladies in your lives. Early detection is important so make sure you get your exams and stay on top of it. An easy way to remember is with an Early Detection Plan. Go sign up and they will inform you via phone, rss reader, text, or e-mail, whenever your next appointment should be and what you should do next. It's that easy! Go ahead and do it. I'll wait here.

Hurry Up!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Shows and Whatnot

This month is kicking off fast. I had a busy weekend of Celebrating Jason's B-day after his Parodivas show Thursday night and Karaoke for his birthday Friday night (they kept trying to find our hidden liquor but they failed!). Saturday night I cooked a tasty lasagna with my lover boy Casey. We then ate the meal while watching Spinal Tap with his roommate Billy. Billy had never seen the movie. If you have never seen Spinal Tap you are really missing out so make sure you put it at the top of your to do list. Then on Sunday I went to Jason's B-day brunch. Unlimited drinks with Mexican food is the proper way to celebrate a birthday.

The show the Parodivas performed in on Thursday night was On The Rocks with Danny Leary. He did a little raffle and Jason's boytoy friend won two tickets to Iridium Jazz Club. He gave them to me!!! Well, after the Parodivas told him to. So Parodiva Darla went with me to the 10pm show on Monday night to see LES PAUL perform. It was amazing! I had a huge smile through the whole show and I even developed a little crush on Les. If you don't know anything about him, here is a little blurb taken from the Iridium website.

"Les Paul , Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, five-time Grammy Award winner, pioneer of the electric guitar and inventor of numerous recording tech-niques, such as reverb and multi-track recording was born June 9, 1915 in Waukesha Wisconsin."

That's right. I spent Monday night watching a hell of a show performed by a 93 year old man in a turtleneck. He flirted with his hot young bass player and jammed with a couple surprise guests. It was fantastic. If you get the chance to see this man I recommend you take it.

Yesterday I read what was possibly the best blog post ever written. Matt-Man at Bagwine Ruminations proposed to the lovely Schmoop via blog and we all waited anxiously in the comments for her to go on lunch break at work and respond. Luckily for Matt-Man she said yes (even if it ruins her credit score.) Congratulations Bagwine Lovers!

Tonight I'm going to some sort of 80's wrestling party. I have no idea what that means but at least I will have a story for later.

Are you busy on Halloween? You should come hear me sing at Don't Tell Mama 9pm Halloween night. The Parodivas are hosting a show and asked me to perform. It will be an amazing time, I promise you.

Go ahead, write it into your datebook. ;)