Friday, September 26, 2008

Being A Knight

Have you seen any chivalrous acts lately? Please share your stories. Tink needs them and frankly, so do I.

I have a story to share. Casey won't blog so I will tell his stories for him. The other night he was on his way home from work and had just transferred to the above ground subway. I don't know what happened in great detail but a confused looking man on the platform decided to approach him (probably because he was wearing scrubs) and ask if he knew where the nearest Psych hospital was. The man said he had been there for awhile and was planning on throwing himself in front of the train. Casey talked him into coming down off the platform and out of the subway. They talked about how he was having a lot of troubles and was just kicked out of his house. The nearest hospital wasn't close so Casey asked the guy if he could call 911 and request an ambulance to take him there. The next thing Casey said was that they were surrounded by cops and the guy started to freak out. He wouldn't let anyone but Casey near him. Case finally talked him into the Ambulance, told the cops what happened and got right back on the subway. All in a day's work right? I wonder how many people on that platform would have just ignored the guy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sick Of It

I'm getting tired. I feel like all the political talk just brings out the bad in people and we are finding out what sets us apart more than what brings us together. It is too bad that it ends up that way. We are missing a huge learning opportunity by battling over slander and smear campaigns. We are missing the point. Can't we just focus on challenges, opportunities, and the things that are important? I guess we can't. That breaks my heart more than anything.

I have been reading all the usual blogs that I stalk. I just have not done a whole lot of commenting. Maybe if something inspiring finds its way into my brain I will be able to play in blog land again. Until then...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Perturbingly - says it's a word.

This post will probably disturb some of you. What can I say? I'm a disturbing person. The sooner you realize that the better off you will be.

Several months ago I was introduced to a youtube video and song that I thought was amusing but forgot about almost instantly. It was catchy but I obviously had other things on my mind at the time. I heard the song in passing a couple times but it wasn't until a couple weeks ago (when a crazy bartender played it for us) that it got stuck in my head. Now it won't leave. I walk around singing this song all day every day.

Catchy isn't it? So of course I had to show Casey the video since I kept saying "It puts the lotion in the basket." It's one thing if I can't stop quoting the movie. It's another when a song gets stuck in your head. Or maybe they are both bad. I don't know. Anyway, he informed me that they made a musical of the movie. It's true. "Silence! The Musical". You can listen to tracks here. It's perturbingly funny!

I think I will enjoy some fava beans and a nice Chianti this evening.

Monday, September 15, 2008

What's Goin' On

I skated to Central Park yesterday to hang out and get some sun. I only got about ten blocks and thought I was going to pass out. How could I be so out of shape? I didn't realize how humid it was so I had to sit down and get water in my system. Turns out most people had the sense not to go to the park on such a gross day. I didn't get any tan lines but I left covered in sweat and ready for a nap. Isn't it autumn?

I'm working on a Holiday show with my friend Ava. Previously referred to as A. We went to that music and dramatic school together about seven years ago and then lived together for four years. We have worked on doing a show several times before and never actually performed it. This time I'm really booking the show and if she bails I will just do it by myself. I'm not sure how to pull off the duets but I'll figure it out. The set list is together and I'm excited to get this thing going. We know each other very well and we are a lot alike so it's easy to write. Hopefully everything will go as planned and I can write more about it later on.

No, I have not watched any football.

I'm really sick of/from Politics.

Friday, September 12, 2008


This is for Jay (Partly to help him feel stalked.) He gets football related hate mail. I'm jealous and saddened by society at the same time. Are you crushed about the whole Tom Brady thing? I don't care.

Oh, and I won a PEACH over at You Just Keep On Believing That!
Thanks Doc!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


New York City is the greatest city in the world. It's a perfect mix of every type of person with contrasting opinions, religions, races, and dreams. You can find anything you want hidden somewhere in this tiny island no matter who you are or how crazy your ideas. There is beauty everywhere in every form and plenty of people to appreciate it. I love this place. When I feel the energy radiating from it I am filled with hope and I see infinite possibilities. This place is a part of me. An extension of myself in some form. I don't know how many people can understand that type of feeling but it is powerful. All I want to do on a day like today, a tragic anniversary, is express my love of this place. I will remember- and move on, because we have to.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Palin Quotes

  • “I always wanted to be an explorer, but - it seemed I was doomed to be nothing more than a very silly person.”

  • “I mistrust total competence. I've always felt life is a series of small disasters we try to get through.”

  • “Armageddon is not around the corner. This is only what the people of violence want us to believe. The complexity and diversity of the world is the hope for the future.”

  • “There is barely a country in the world where you will be completely safe.”

  • “Contrary to what the politicians and religious leaders would like us to believe, the world won't be made safer by creating barriers between people.”

  • “I know that we shall meet problems along the way, but I'd far rather see for myself what's going on in the world outside, than rely on newspapers, television, politicians and religious leaders to tell me what I should be thinking.”

~Michael Palin

What? Who did you think I was talking about?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What Am I Doing?

Today marks five years at my current job. Five years of my youth. Five years of ideas. Five years best left unacknowledged.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Romance and Shit

The ladies require a lot of chivalry. I'm not sure why. It just seems to be that way. I'm not used to that and it always throws me a little off guard.

Yesterday I received flowers at the office. I got a call that told me I needed to come to the reception desk to sign for something. As I approached I saw the flowers and a whole lot of people looking at me. For some reason panic set in and all I could think was "who in the hell?" when suddenly I remembered it was my 2 year anniversary with Casey. (Two years is a long time for both of us.) Once I realized they were from him I was thrilled. I love flowers. I love them more when they come from the right people. Casey is the right people. He told me he tried to find black flowers (my favorite color) but no luck so he went with the next best thing. How thoughtful was that? It was incredibly nice of him and unexpected. I appreciated it.

This all got me thinking about the various things humans do to create romantic moments. Obviously proposals come to mind. I was thinking about high school when people asked you to the prom and other dances. I was asked to the prom on a very large sign at a busy intersection in town. It got a lot of attention and thankfully I liked the guy or that would have been really embarrassing.

My grandmother was proposed to by her first husband when she was thirteen. He didn't know how to write so he had his sister write a note and hand it to my grandmother on the school bus. They got married and I think she had my aunt when she was 14. Those were the good old days.

My father asked my mother to move in with him and she said that her father would never pay for a wedding if she moved in with him first. So they got married. I think that is the most romantic story of all!

I also have friend's stories about carriage rides through Central Park and limos to the Eiffel Tower but all that crap is over done.

I'm writing all of this in hopes that some of you have some good stories. Come on, show me what ya got.