Friday, March 30, 2012

What The?

I feel the need to write the obvious. If you are a real friend of mine or are somehow in my real life.... don't take my blog so fucking seriously. Some of the things I say are sarcasm or over-exaggerated. You need to take these things into consideration especially if I am not aware that you are reading this personal info of mine. It's just a damn blog. It's not really a diary or I wouldn't make it public.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

When it comes to updating this site of complete nonsense I have done a horribly shitty job.

So, let’s play catch up:

In my last post I declared my undying love for Moooooog35. He denied me publicly but privately I have received several perverse notes and constant rapping on my window at night.

I was cast in that play I auditioned for.  The show goes up in April. I shall be busy. Good times.

I wrote two posts ago that I was developing feelings for someone that I shouldn’t. I never imagined anyone would even blink twice at my writing that but it must have stirred up something because I started receiving guesses (and angry texts). I am indeed engaged to LL but that is not a forbidden love. Benji is an actual real life love of mine but I’m not keeping that a secret. He knows I’m crazy about him.  So basically nobody in blogland or reality came close to guessing. Thanks for trying?

Anyway, I said “I’ll just bottle it up until it goes away… or until I develop feelings even more obscure than these.” 

Turns out I developed feelings more obscure. Would you expect anything less from me? Some days I even impress myself with my ridiculousness.  Seriously though, when you meet a gorgeous person that finally gives your insanity a run for its money, how can you not pursue that?

What else have I neglected to mention in the past month? I did a fundraiser for the show I mentioned. Here are some photos:

 In other news, I've been plotting to take over the world. 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Love Letter

My Love Letter to Moooooog35 (aka Midget Man of Steel) As Promised

Dearest Moooooog35,

You are my hero, my endless love, my fantasy.
There are so many reasons to worship you like a sassy Egyptian Cat
Your convenient height leaves your face nestled right at chest level.
Your karate photos drive me wild. Just thinking about them has me hot with….wait a minute
I just noticed I’m not in your blog roll. WTF Moooooog? WTF?