Friday, March 1, 2013

Six Years of this Crap!

I missed my six year Blogiversary.


All this nonsensical rambling started taking shape here on 2/16/07. Since then we have discussed (I have written to myself) a huge array of issues most of which concerned me and my ridiculous life.  That being the case, I figure I will take this very special Blogiversary post as an opportunity to update the Blogworld of my life happenings.

I started this blog at the elderly age of 23. I am now 29 and getting closer every minute to my OH GOD I’M THIRTY mental breakdown. It will happen. It will happen because I go into minor mental panic every year regarding where my life is and what I’m doing with it.  Mental breakdown Milestone is what is coming this June. Huzzah!

I started this blog newly single. Then I got back together with the guy (remember Casey?) within a few months. Last summer he got married and very soon he and his wife will be having a baby boy. Clearly a lot has happened in that time. Now I am dating my hot Italian lover who is weirdly private about his identity and we are already coming up on our one year mark. Holy shit, how did that happen so fast?

Exactly one month after starting the blog I developed epilepsy. Things have been fine for the most part. I haven’t had a seizure since, well, Wednesday, but usually it’s not very frequent. I remember less when it does happen which gives me slightly less trauma aftershock. That means I sob less and don’t stay up all night screaming at the ceiling anymore.

I started the blog when I was still in the evil advertising industry. I moved around quite a bit and now find myself stuck in the very slightly less evil real estate industry. Whatever, a paycheck is a paycheck damnit.

I moved to New York in October of 2001.  I went to school for performing arts crap. When I started this blog, I wasn’t doing anything in that field anymore. Nothing at all. Now, I’m in a cover band that PAYS me to sing! Now that I think about it, I've done various gigs all over the city. I am a member of an excellent theater company that is constantly producing impressive work. I should probably be proud of the fact that they even let me in! Outside of the company I just assistant directed a VDAY Production of The Vagina Monologues. It was definitely a worthwhile experience.

Looking over all that has changed, I feel pretty damn good!  February in general is a shitty month for me. I usually get terribly bad depression. I can tell this by reading my own blog.  This year, I seem to be doing alright.  It’s all okay. Just keep struggling along and do whatever you can to stay happy.  At least, that’s my advice for now. I also have a continuous feeling of doom and self-implosion caused by my lifetime belief that where there is happiness, suffering and pain are sure to follow.  Stay tuned!