Thursday, February 22, 2007

Already getting lazy...

I intended to post this yesterday and never quite made it. I'm already behind since I have not been at work. I really suck at this blogging thing. Here is what I wrote:

I've done the research but I just don't feel like posting today. Maybe it's the Meds making me all sleepy. It's so hard to keep my eyes open because they hurt. They seriously ache.
Enough about that. What I really need to talk about is Bessie Smith. She was a bad choice for today because I can't devote enough of myself to really study her and the doesn't seem fair for the "Empress of the Blues". Here is just a bit on why she is so amazing.
Bessie's parents died when she was still very young. Her older sister became head of house taking care of her and her siblings. She wanted to help bring in money so her and her brother would perform in the street. Then one of her brothers joined a traveling theater company. He eventually convinced her to join the group. The most amazing part of this story is that her start was in a group with none other than Ma Rainey who very likely helped her develop her stage presence. When she started recording she became a big hit immediately. She was the highest paid black entertainer of her day. Wow. Bessie made 160 recordings from 1923 to 1933. She sang until the day she died in 1937. She died from a car accident where they amputated her arm and she never regained consciousness. I couldn't find any quotes of Smith but Janis Joplin says of her influence "She showed me the air and taught me how to fill it."
I can't keep writing. I don't have the heart right now. I'm sorry Bessie Smith. I owe you one.


GMEyster said...

My sister did a dramatic reading of the play "The Death of Bessie Smith" that was incredibly moving. Have you ever read it? Sounds like you should check it out. I am also a big fan.

Great seeing you on Saturday.

So...when's your show?

Carly said...

It was great to see you too! I am not familiar with the play but I will look into it now. Thanks for the tip.
The show is *bangs head against desk* soon I hope.

GMEyster said...

Hope you located "The Death Of Bessie Smith" - by Edard Albee. Here is some more info on her, if you didn't already come across it:

GMEyster said...

Oops...that's Edward Albee. Sheesh.