Monday, May 19, 2008

Ink Me

I graduated from a musical theater academy when I was nineteen years old. Just days after graduation I was lucky enough to get a call from a children's theater company asking if I could be in Philadelphia by the end of the week to do a three month tour. I packed up my stuff and got on the bus. Seven of us traveled in a giant van across the country seeing the sights and avoiding interaction with the children after shows. I have both good and bad memories of this experience. One of the best was visiting San Francisco. I love the feel of that city. Something about it makes me comfortable. If I had to leave New York, that is the first place I would want to go.
While walking down Haight street I decided to stop in at Mom's Body shop for my first Tattoo. It was something I had been talking about doing for awhile and I figured this was a somewhat momentous time in life. I payed the hot artist and he provided me with this Gemini symbol on my hip.
It didn't originally look like that. At first it was a little more girly. I remember being scared that it would really hurt but it was kind of a good pain. When we were done we went to some posh outdoor restaurant where I recall drinking the best wheat beer I have ever had in my life. I think I can thank the high adrenaline levels from scarring my body for life for that.

Days later I wanted another one but decided not to to encourage my new found addiction for awhile. Last year in March I got a new idea in my head that I became obsessed with. I really wanted an ankle tattoo of my initials. I love my name and I wanted something I could show off if I felt like it. So I went to Whatever Tattoo in NYC one day and asked the chick to hand me the font book. I was alone for that tattoo and it made me feel strong in an odd way. I had a lot going on in my head at the time regarding my own mortality and where my life was going.

A few months later, I can't remember when exactly, my mother was in town. She agreed to come to the parlor with me and Casey. He was having a lot of intricate design added to his old arm tat and I wanted to make my Gemini tat look a little... sharper. Somehow we convinced my mom to go ahead and get her cartilage pierced. We said it wouldn't hurt that bad. Turns out the guy piercing her ear was really angry about having to crawl out of bed at three pm and shove a needle in someone. He never said a word and was rather rough, and gross. Her ear never did heal so she finally took it out. Sorry mom.

Now it's time for more. But what?


Dana said...

Was there a tat in that second picture? All that I saw was a shoe I'd like to find in my size *wink*

I don't know what you should do with your next tat, but I've got my next tat scheduled for our vacation to San Antonio in June - I am thrilled - and addicted!

Knight said...

Hey Dana, The shoe is at Nine West. It's on sale. You can order it online.
OOh a new one! I hope you feature it in the HNT!

Anonymous said...

I have a tattoo. I'd explain it, but most people don't get it. It's an icthus with a lightning bolt through it. Now I wish I didn't have it. But ya know, a little this a little that. I like SF as well. Its a great city.


Knight said...

Edge- Is it a Christian thing? Why do you regret it? The meaning or they way it was done?

furiousBall said...

i can totally see your toes.

i mean that in a completely non-creepy way

i find myself having to defend my non-creepiness at an alarming rate, this concerns me

Knight said...

Furiousball- I just have to remember it's you talking and not that furious blinking ball that might eat my toes. That would be creepy.

Doc said...

Sweet... I have to agree. There is certainly a very strong adreneline rush that accompanies receiving ink... I couldn't sit down for hours after either of mine. It's intoxicating!

Anonymous said...

I don't regret the Christian symbol, the placement I do regret. I got it before the term "tramp stamp" was popular. I think to do it again I would have it between my shoulder blades and incorporate more Irish or Gaelic or Celtic ideas.


Knight said...

Doc- I get what you mean but my first thought was "Sounds like an ass tat" It certainly is intoxicating.

Edge- Why not just incorporate the Irish Gaelic Celtic ideas now and make it one huge tramp stamp?

Dianne said...

I'm considering my first tat. And I'm 52. Silly or good idea? I keep re-designing what I want. I guess when I feel what I see I'll know it's right.

I love the ankle. I'm the opposite of Dana, I never even noticed the shoes LOL
I'm a barefoot kind of girl :)

Dianne said...

ooops forgot to say
I lived in San Francisco on and off many years back. Your feeling for the city is so spot on!

Jay said...

I agree about San Francisco too. It really felt like a very comfortable and easy place to live when I was there.

All you cool people on the blogs with cool tats are going to convince me to finally get one. I just don't know what it would be.

Farmer*swife said...

San Francisco always reminds me of "Rice-a-roni." I don't eat rice-a-roni but you know, the jingle was catchy and apparently has stuck for over 20 plus years.

I'm too chicken for a some INK. Although, I surprise DH every once in awhile with one of those pasties.

LOOOOVVVE the shoes!!! I bet you look so good walking down the street in them! I'd fall over. I'm always a heel girl but I'm on a wedge (chasin' youngin's and all, LOL!)

I mentioned a tractor tatoo in commenting to another bloggie (she went private but if you went with her then you know who she is -- great blog, BTW.)

Anyhoo? She thought my tractor idea was a little silly since we farm and all.

[That's why I thought it was catchy...but, now I'm re-thinking it.]

Maybe when I hit 40? I'll glop all the mid-life crisis together and just go for it...(on the bikini line.) ;-)

Happy Monday!!

gr said...

whoa, HEELS, eh?

Matt-Man said...

Love the ankle tat. So subtely sexy. Cheers Knight!!

Jo said...

I love both your tats! Getting a tat is such a particular rush. That foot photo is so sexy!

San Francisco is an awesome city.

That sucks about your mom's piercing experience...they're supposed to be special!

Mike said...

That's some sweet ass come do me shoes you got there ;)

Anonymous said...

Ya, that might actually be interesting.

I think I'm going to hang out at your blog for a while. Things are getting dicey at my place! Yikes!


GMEyster said...

I love San Francisco also - just gorgeous. And my kind of weather!

I love that you love your name. How often does that happen?

Karen said...

I think I feel about San Diego the way you feel about San Fran. I have been thinking about another tattoo for about a year now. Soon.

BBC said...

"I have both good and bad memories of this experience. One of the best was visiting San Francisco."

I haven't had much experience with it other than in an 18 wheeler and I hated trying to get around it in an 18 wheeler.

For an 18 wheeler give me the L.A. area any day. I had lots of fun in the L.A. area even when I had time off from trucking and I loved the weather.

As for tats, I only have one, a small heart on my upper right arm that I did myself when I was about 17. Not likely that I will ever get another tat, I spend any extra money I have trying to help others.

I did a post on it but I'm being too lazy to find it.

The weather here today really sucked.

Lu' said...

Thanks for stopping by. I have a gemini tat' also, but very different. It should be on the blog I think. My birthday is Friday. I have 6 tattoos. I want to get one on the back of my neck. May sound strange but I think it will be the Browing buck. I dig that symbol. A wrist tat' is nice. I have a dragon on my wrist. It wraps all the way around.

Lu' said...

Ah San Francisco, I was born there. Great city indeed. SF could be the NY of the west coast. LA doesn't feel like it at all. I enjoy New York very much.

As American as Apple Pie said...

I love the ankle tat...and the shoes! I am a shoe whore...Hey! admittance is the first step to recovery. But I don't want to recover!

I have 2 tats, a cross w/ivy wrapped around it on my right hip and a butterfly on my left breast. I've contemplated a 3rd but went for the belly button piercing instead.

Anonymous said...


I'm Just saying!! HAHA!!!!

I want it!!

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