Thursday, June 5, 2008


Thanks for the b-day wishes everybody!

Everything has been so hectic as of late. I got a cold at some point last week and when Saturday hit I was knocked out with a soar throat and a pounding head. I was afraid to go to the Duran Duran concert because it was outside in the rain. I would risk it but being a disgusting sick mess for my own birthday was out of the question. I couldn't handle wasting the $80 ticket but Casey got his roommate to go with him so it was used well. Yeah, you're welcome Billy! Anyway, they said it was fantastic and although they were rained on for awhile it was worth it. I hate missing out on things.

Casey brought over my birthday gift on Saturday to make me feel better. He got me wine glasses the size of my head! Bordeaux glasses to be precise. I currently have zero normal drinking glasses but an entire shelf is dedicated to margarita, white wine, champagne, and shot glasses. Red wine was the only thing missing. I guess every time we are in a restaurant and they give me a giant wine glass I say something about how wonderful it is. Casey listened and got me an awesome gift. Good job baby!

When I woke up Sunday I felt much better. It was sunny and breezy. Perfect for a park day. I packed up 10 liters of boxed wine, a six pack of Heineken, a blanket, water, various cheeses, salami, crackers, and the camera. Somehow I managed to carry all this shit to the park on my own. I was fifteen minutes early so I unpacked and settled in. Of course I'm only sitting for about five minutes before some random guy starts talking to me. He is from out of town and finds it hard to pick up women in New York. I told him not to try to get to know someone in a club. It makes me so sad that I actually have to tell people that. He stuck around for awhile and kept me company until people started showing up. In return I gave him some wine. Lots of friends showed up and we had a good time. Only one person puked and he waited until the end of the party like a good friend should.

On Monday I plugged in my camera only to find that I didn't get a single good photo. Only one was of me and another friend was in it so I can't post it here. I spent the day (my actual birthday) hiding in my apartment. I make a good little hermit. Casey ended up having to take a class and call out of work so he took me to dinner that night and we celebrated with Mexican food. Then I went back home and continued dreading having to go back to work the next day.

Tuesday Sucked. Well, it sucked until the work day ended anyway. Then I finally found a bathing suite for the beach at Victoria's Secret (Thanks for the suggestion Tink!) My friend A who had to work a double shift and missed the party took me to dinner. That was very nice of her. She told me she had no intention of seeing the Sex in the City Movie and I was really annoyed with the rumors so I looked up the whole story online and told her everything that happens just before she got a text announcing she was supposed to see the movie that night with another friend. Ha hahaha Have fun!

Yesterday I left work early to go to the lady parts doctor and get a refill of anti-baby pills. I heart those pills. Getting home early gave me a chance to start packing. I actually started packing for the Bahamas already! Can you believe it? I think it's a sign of old age. I remember even when I was moving to New York I was packing the night before. I thought for sure I would be up all night Friday shoving stuff in a bag. I'm finally growing up *single tear*.

Tonight I'm meeting a dude that plays piano and showing him some stuff I like to sing. Hope he is cool. I would like to work with him on a project if we get along. Then I head home to try out the new wine glasses. SWEET! I will be on a boat floating around Manhattan tomorrow night and heading out to the airport Saturday morning so this might be it until I come back from the trip. I will try to take pictures that will make you jealous.

I'll be back. Probably.


Darla said...

We are going away the same week! I leave in the morning though, so I'm missing the sailing. :(


The Mountain Cat said...

Knight, Wow I recently read about this sailboat cruise around the city. I have to do it sometime. Have a blast!

On Friday my friends and I are doing a 'Blarney Pub Crawl'. We are going to all eight Bars in Manhattan that have the word 'Blarney' in it. I think there are eight of them. We're starting athte one on Fulton Street and then ending near Madison Square Garden. :-)

furiousBall said...

love that boat tour idea, you two are so sweet to each other. i refuse to believe you both actually exist. liars.

Knight said...

Darla- At least we know that nobody will have any fun if we are both gone at the same time. They will have to wait until we get back.

MCAT- I always see discount tickets for the cruise. The best part is the free champagne.
I'm really surprised there are only eight Blarney Pubs. I would have guessed at least thirty.

Furiousball- The boat tour does look fun. I'm going with a few friends to celebrate a birthday. It's not a romantic thing. Also, I don't really exist but Casey does. Try to figure that one out. *insert twilight zone music here*

Farmer*swife said...

Oooooh, have a wonderful trip! Get a great tan [without a sunburn].

Victoria Secret bathing suit!!! I bet you'll look fantastic! Like a model considering your height and size and all! The "boys" will be drooling!!

Love the "Party in the Park" with the 10 oz box wine ;) Way to be frugal, LOL! [And, save the good stuff for home -- wink-- ]

Happy Thursday and Happy Trip!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. Did the stranger look like Borat? Sigh ... I miss the days when Victoria Secret actually sold lingerie.


Mike said...

I once drank a giant wine glass filled with whisky.

That was in 1998.

I think I'm still drunk.


Knight said...

Farmer*swife- I better get tan! I have been looking forward to a nice tan for the last seven years. No not 10ozs, 10LITERS of boxed wine. You are not allowed to drink liquor in the park so I bring it in boxes so it is easier to hide. Bottles stand out.

Edge- He looked like a hillbilly. Borat would have stayed for the whole party. Victoria's Secret still has some lingerie but they have too much girly baby crap for teens and women who like to stay covered head to toe.

Knight said...

Mike- Eww! That would kill me.

Jay said...

You mean that those clear plastic cups aren't suitable for red whine? And white whine and red whine get different style glasses? Who knew? That's probably too many rules for me.

I think we need to see the bikini you got from VS. I mean, just to make sure it's absolutely perfect for the Bahamas. I'm just trying to be helpful here. ;-)

If we don't hear from you before you leave have a wonderful time on your vacation!

Knight said...

Jay- Oh sure they are! That is what I had at my party and we had red and white in the same style. I have to break in the bikini a little first just to make sure it looks just right for a photo.

Dianne said...

I love that all your glasses are for entertainment related beverages!

And I'm glad your birthday weather was good - I was thinking of you on Saturday when it seemed the rain would never end.

And then it did :)

have a great trip.

Jo said...

Sucks you missed the concert but your bday bash sounds like it was great...and what a sweet present! I still haven't bought those big wine glasses, I think I love them just b/c they're so round & fat.

Your bikini is super cute!

I'll miss you, but I'm glad you're going on a kick-ass vacation...hope you have an amazing time. Be lazy & crazy :D

gr said...

holy carp, you're busy huh?

The Mountain Cat said...

Knight, Yes we have our itinerary mapped out. I will email you the Blarney Stone list.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chick!!! I am so Jealous, LOL!!

I so forgot about Victoria Secrets Suits!!! Glad you got ya one!! Oh I wish I was in the park with you all, falling all over the place.. ha!

I am gonna miss you! Thanks for coming by and commenting while I was gone!!!

Luv Ya Sis!!!

Matt-Man said...

Have a safe trip and most importantly have one helluva good time. Cheers!!

GMEyster said...

I love it. Soar throat!

Have a wonderful time away. You deserve it!

I'll be in Ohio throwing a baby shower for my sister this week. Doesn't have the same ring to it that "Bahamas" has but hey, it's getting out of this hot city for a while!

BBC said...

I'm back from camping and have started posting CAMPING PICTURES

As American as Apple Pie said...

That suit is HOT! It will serve you well in the Bahamas. Happy late Birthday and I hope you have a great vacation!

Doc said...

I'll be back. Probably.

I hope so... 'cause I would miss you