Friday, September 26, 2008

Being A Knight

Have you seen any chivalrous acts lately? Please share your stories. Tink needs them and frankly, so do I.

I have a story to share. Casey won't blog so I will tell his stories for him. The other night he was on his way home from work and had just transferred to the above ground subway. I don't know what happened in great detail but a confused looking man on the platform decided to approach him (probably because he was wearing scrubs) and ask if he knew where the nearest Psych hospital was. The man said he had been there for awhile and was planning on throwing himself in front of the train. Casey talked him into coming down off the platform and out of the subway. They talked about how he was having a lot of troubles and was just kicked out of his house. The nearest hospital wasn't close so Casey asked the guy if he could call 911 and request an ambulance to take him there. The next thing Casey said was that they were surrounded by cops and the guy started to freak out. He wouldn't let anyone but Casey near him. Case finally talked him into the Ambulance, told the cops what happened and got right back on the subway. All in a day's work right? I wonder how many people on that platform would have just ignored the guy.


Tink said...

Well apparently they ALL ignored him except Casey. He's a good egg. So are you, for the record. Thank you for sharing!

Darla said...

Casey was definitely the person meant to be there. I'm glad you're sharing this. Oh, and see you tonight!

Mike said...

Or, you know, encouraged the guy.

Or, you know, been pissed off cuz the train was delayed because some insensitive asshole decided to throw himself off the tracks! I mean, couldn't he have killed himself on his own time?

Yea, people suck ass.

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

CAS-EY CAS-EY CAS-EY!!!!!! The mighty Casey! Give the man a beer for me, OK?
Chivalrous, me? WELL! I will have to be extra nice to my office warrior this weekend, thanks to you.

Dana said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a story, but yours made my cry ...

Dana said...

One more thing ... I have something that I need to talk to you about via email. Any chance you'd contact me "off blog"? My email addy is on my profile page!

Anonymous said...

I open doors and say nice things to women. Everyday. I did save a kid from choking once. We were in a restaurant and this kid started choking on a piece of fried cheese. The mom was screaming for help and no one moved. So I walked over and pulled the cheese out of the kids mouth.

Never even got a thank you.

But she did let the kid keep eating cheese.


Farmer*swife said...

I like to be a courteous driver. Because so many people arent. And, people often let me in front of the line when I have just a few items [and two energetic children].

So, I often do the same.

So nice of Casey. You know I'm always paranoid though? So, when I started reading the story I was so fearful that the guy freaked out and did something to harm Casey.

Glad it didn't happen that way. ;-)

Reb said...

Casey is my new hero! You are so great to be sharing his story with us.

tt said...

Beautiful story.
Sadly I'm afraid that too many people these days tend to look the otherway. It takes courage to look someone in the eye and acknowledge the mere fact that they exist....then go the extra mile and actually listen to them AND act on what they say.
Horray for Casey!!!

Tall Lanky Jew said...

People's mental health is such a taboo subject in our society. It's almost a curse. We all, at times, turn our heads to it. There is help out there. It takes strength to ask for it. Enormous strength. This young man had incredible, almost unimaginable strength to be aware to the fact that he needed help. I don't think he wanted to kill himself. If he truly did, he would have before we met. He would not have approached, walked down to the street, and stepped into the ambulance under his own power and will. He wanted help. He just wanted to be listened to. He just needed an unjudging (is that a word?) hand. I hope he found what he needed. He was brought to an amazing facility. I trust that he is ok.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Um, I think you have a keeper there!

Just add me to the list of Casey fans!

Dianne said...

Right On Casey. He is 1 in a million kiddo.

Micky-T said...

Great story!
Tall Lanky Jew, sounds like you were there. Caring, helpful people rock!
When I was teenager I happened to be at the right place at the right time. Walking along a hilly road at dusk, I heard a soft moan so I stopped, heard it again and looked over a dirt embankment between a house and some woods. At the bottom, about twenty feet down lay an old man all cut up and tangled in thorns. I'll never forget his scratched and bleeding face when he saw me. I helped him to the road and he said he lived right there pointing to the closest house. Being a teen as I was, I just walked away heading out for my night of partying. While walking down the road checking all my new scratches, I kept looking back at his slow progress into the house. He made it.

kcinnova said...

Casey rocks!
And no, many people will nto stop to get involved. It takes a lot of courage to do so, and a lot of selflessness. Not just a little, but a LOT.

That night, Casey was an angel in human form.

Anonymous said...

Casey is a real hero! It's people stepping outside their own self-centered nature and helping another. Even if it's not as dramatic as talking someone out of suicide, a helping hand can make all the difference in the world. Way to go, Casey!!
BTW, my first time here, I presume Casey is your husband/boyfriend? If so, you got a good one there. Gonna add you, if ya don't mind.

Matt-Man said...

Bravissimo. Good Job, C-Man. Cheers Knight!!

GMEyster said...

Uhm, this is AWESOME. Now I love you even more (and I just met you yesterday!) Tall Lanky Jew - do you have a tall lanky brother (that likes short, chubby, "honorary Jew" girls?)

Anonymous said...

I try to be a courteous driver.It really REALLY irks me when people block an intersection or driveway, so I make sure that I never ever do that.

I let people with less go in front of me at the store, I will hold doors for other people and I make it a point to give every person I meet a smile and a "hello".

Whenever I take the kids to the park/promenade, I overfeed my meter. I know I'm never going to stay there for over 2 hours. I usually put in 3 hours worth of quarters & when we're leaving, if there is someone pulling in, I will direct them to my soon-to-be-vacated-meter-parking-spot.

Anndi said...

Casey did a very good thing.

I have one.

A long long time ago, I travelled by bus and subway to college everyday. I stepped off the bus during the early morning rush hour, when men in suits rush into the subway station to get to work (like they actually enjoy it) nearly knocking old ladies down.

There was a man yelling at a woman and grabbing her by the arm. He was shouting obscenities at her and she seemed frightened and on the verge of tears.

I stopped and stared at the man and he noticed me. I made damn sure his face was stamped in my brain.

He realized why I was looking at him and let her go. She ran off into the subway. And he left.

Men just walked by and did nothing.

I don't know if he was her husband, or if she went home that night. But I kept an eye on the news for the next week. Hoping I wouldn't see a report about another victim of domestic violence on the evening news.


Sorry, that was kind of depressing, wasn't it?

moooooog35 said...

Good for Casey.

That was a great story...he should be applauded and at least sent one of those fruit bouquets.

And yet another reason I don't take subways.

fiwa said...

What an awesome story. Way to go Casey - give him a smooch on the cheek, ok?

Fortune Cookies said...

Thanks for sharing Casey's story! He is awesome for taking the time to listen to the guy. He showed empathy, which I believe is what is missing so often in today's its-all-about-me society.

Anonymous said...

WOW! I am glad casey was there to help out! Poor man could have been dead until he saw a friendly face!!

Great Job casey!

cat said...

Casey ROCKS!

Sadly I think we are going to hear alot more of this kind of thing with the economy the way it is.

I just heard this morning where a man from up-state killed his 5 family members and himself. He was un-employed for the past 2 months and had been laid -off from a corporate position. He had just recieved a foreclosure statement on his home and not able to find employment so he flipped and killed his family and himself.

These times are scarey and we need to understand that some people can not handle not being employed and able to take care of their families, so they think this is the only way out, but it is not!

I think casey and you (knight)are special people and New York, along with all the other cities, need people like you both. Thanks!