Friday, April 6, 2007

I'm all over the place!

Mentally that is. I would love to be able to write in this here blog but every time I start I get distracted and eventually delete everything I had written. I'm just going to throw out a whole bunch of info at once and maybe get some things out of my head.

Tuesday evening some of my friends had gigs on different sides of the island. Even though my strongest desire that day was to crawl into my bed and sleep in a comatose state for the next few weeks, I still went because I'm a rockstar like that.

Gig one was at the Underground Lounge on the UWS. Christopher Hartman does his singer songwriter thing and serenades his audience with mostly love related songs. He just started recording so kudos to him!

Gig two was on the LES at the Bowery Poetry Club. The Dan Loomis Quartet had a CD release show. I have been listening to the CD to get me through the work day and it's really very good. I'm not surprised though. I've always loved seeing/hearing them play. I'd do the links to each of the guys but eh, that's too much effort. Actually, they just had an audition at Jazz at Lincoln Center for some European travel thing. I'm sure you can imagine my jealousy. So, you should come support them with me at some point because they are talented and fantastic people.

I have to find an apartment. I think someone is moving into my room June 1st and I would really like to get that sorted out before it's the last minute and I'm having a heart attack. Also my birthday is June 2nd and there is no way in hell I am moving out of my six floor walk up the day before my birthday extravaganza. Yeah, that's right, I already started thinking about my birthday plans.

I am really very excited about Eyster brunch this Sunday. Drinks and merriment!


GMEyster said...

I agree. Moving the day before your birthday is not a fun thought. Six flights? Hire two burly guys...honestly, it's the best thing you'll ever do for yourself.

Yea for good music!

Looking forward to Eyster Brunch, too. Merriment, indeed!

GMEyster said...

Even better - in lieu of b-day gifts, I would happily contribute cash to your "mover fund" - something to think about!

Darla said...

oooh, setup a moving fund! or like, a gift registry on target or something for stuff you need in the new place. fuuuuuuun!

i love your jazzy-on-goings.

JasonBSchmidt said...

Where are you going to move? Where do you want to live?
Why am I so inquisitive?