Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Random Things

I'm addicted to Ovaltine.

I'm pretty confident in my self diagnosis of GAD.

I've recently realized how often close friends tell me things they don't share with other people. That makes me feel amazing.

I wish I had writing abilities but I've always sucked at that sort of thing.

I'm aware that I ramble but I don't know how to stop.

Caffe Torino is a very sexy entirely gay restaurant with amazing Italian food and back patio seating.

My spell check wants Ovaltine to say ovulating. Is this a message?

I should visit a voice teacher. Singing makes me happy. Happier than an Ovaltine high.

I heart you people.


JasonBSchmidt said...

Googling GAD, back in a sec...

JasonBSchmidt said...

AHH. That does sound like something you'd have. I as a hypochondriac will inevitably have that by tomorrow, I'll let you know. Do you need a voice teacher or a vocal coach? I know Darladiva has a great coach and I know of a couple legit voice teachers. I unfortunately don't know any jazz peeps though.

Ovaltine? Really? I've never had it.

Now I'm off to stalk that gay restaurant. I could do a waiter.

Carly said...

Yeah, I'm going to see if my neurologist will put me on meds for that. We can share.

I guess a coach is what I'm looking for.

Stalk the manager. He was rather attractive.

GMEyster said...

Ok, I love this post. Don't know why you think you cannot write, Carly.

Also, these comments cracked me up. Loved especially "I as a hypochondriac will inevitably have that by tomorrow" - ever read about clusters of people who knew each other "way back when" they were struggling artists? I feel like we are one of those groups. Someday, people will read that we all knew each other "way back when" and think 'wow, wish I could have been a fly on the wall at one of their brunches' and we will just nod, and thank our lucky stars that they were not flies at our brunches.

I heart you, too. And I don't even know you all that well. :o)

Darla said...

Seeing your tattoo already made me feel closer to you, but now that I know you heart Ovaltine we are practically sisters.

I love my vocal coach, mcgay pianist and actor who teaches well to dumb singers like me. However, I doubt he knows a lick'a jazz.

I would like to tell you things I don't tell others but I can't ever keep my mouth shut long enough to just tell one person.