Thursday, October 25, 2007

Holiday Memories

I'm starting to get into the Halloween spirit today. Probably somewhat because it's a little dark out and the city skyline is looking rather gloomy out the office windows. Perfect.
Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. Not every year works out to be an amazing adventure of course but in general it's a fairly thrilling holiday. Last year I went to a very wild party in Jersey dressed as Patsy from AbFab. My friend and partner in crime came as Edina.

That would make me the character on the right. It was glorious.

I remember as a child I had a knack for telling terrifying stories. I would tell them to the other latchkey kids after school. What a jerk I was but I think they sort of loved it. We had nothing better to do then traumatize each other for life. That's how kids are. Come to think of it, I remember having a similar evening in college. Guess I don't grow out of things too easily.

Some of my favorite costumes over the years include my drugged up Marilyn complete with my own bottle of vodka and pills. For the record, making a bottle of vodka part of your costume is a bad idea if you don't intend to drink the whole thing. I also enjoy the time I was Satan which I understand doesn't sound very original but it was really just an extension of my own evil personality. I had my hair teased as big as possible and my skin was covered in Satan like scrawlings including 666 and negative Bible verse. It was probably really inappropriate. Yep, it definitely was. In high school my junior and senior year I threw a party with a couple other friends. We went all out decorating this huge house for two full days. A couple hundred people came the first year. We didn't expect that kind of turnout at all. It was fantastic!

This year I don't know. I'm seeing the Parodivas on Halloween so I don't need to dress up for that. I have two other costume parties that I don't know if I will attend or not. Spirits have been low this year. My original idea of being Pat Benetar isn't panning out and I have switched to this glorious idea of David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust era). Wouldn't that be fantastic? If I don't dress up this year I vow to do it next.

Happy Haunting Freaks!


Macoosh said...

my day to dress up is tomorrow night and i can't wait. my costume is a surprise but there's going to be a big halloween post coming up with photos of halloweens past so you'll find out soon enough. :) i looove halloween!

thanks for the link my dear!

GMEyster said...

In college, I went as Edina to my roommate Josh's Patsy - he's 6'6" in heels and beehive, so it was pretty funny. We also won the contest at the party we went to. I will never forget that. I must show you pics, now that next week I will be getting all of my schtuff out of storage and will HAVE it!

I love people that love Halloween. For some reason, I was never very into it. I guess it's because I felt like I got to 'dress up' in shows, and be different people. Who knows? Maybe I am just trying not to be tempted with candy!?

This Halloween I am unable to go to any parties, though I am happy to have been invited. My sis comes to NYC tonight, for the Diabetes Walk this weekend, and I am actually flying to Ohio on Halloween night (hope there are no goblins on the place) to go and bring my stuff home to NYC.

Hope you have a good one, Carly. I'd LOVE to see you as Bowie, and I am SURE you made an 'ab fab' Patsy. Cheers, dahling.