Friday, January 11, 2008

Step Up to Get Your Rep Up Dude

Did anybody watch that weird show on VH1 called The Pickup Artist?
The main dude "Mystery" who was obviously a huge geek back in the day has now joined team douchebag and teaches eight other geeks to become douchebags by trying to pick up women. It was a sad, sad show. Today I found this spoof.

Paul Rudd is always hilarious. I met him once while I was out with friends finding the only pub open at 4am. He was in the back playing Texas Holdum with some other blokes so we went back to observe the game. As one of the guys attempted to hit on me I realized Mr. Rudd was the blatantly stoned player at the end of the booth pulling a large bag of chips from the seat and shoving handfuls into his mouth. He then would wipe said hand now covered in chip grease on his dirty T-shirt. Classy. I thought it was funny anyway. I did speak with him a bit and he seemed like a lovely person. That's a sexy man that is.


GMEyster said...

Love the spoof. I agree, I am a fan of Paul Rudd's.

Was great seeing you last night -hope your stomach is feeling better!

Johnny A said...

This hate-article is just another example of people not understanding the bigger picture when it comes to pick-up. Keep trivializing the game; you're making it easier for us true pick-up artists. The cream of the crop will rise to the top.

Knight said...

Who in the hell are you Johnny A? I hope you are just making a confusing joke. If you are serious I have to assume you didn't even read this article or watch the clip. I'm sad for you now.