Monday, January 14, 2008

Hug Fear

I have yet to find anybody (excluding my own brother) that can remember The Hugga Bunch movie. It is a horrible/delightful movie from 1984 that I watched a few million times as a child. Today I found a fantastic review that I think might explain why I'm not a fan of hugging people. Not at all. Seriously, read the review. It's hilarious.

The main reason why you should show this movie to your children is the life lesson dialog.

Bridget : What's goin' on?
Andrew : Boy, are you thick. It's Gramma.
Bridget : What about 'er?
Andrew : They're putting her out to pasture.
Bridget : I don't understand.
Andrew : Like a horse who's too old for anything. So... They just put 'em in a field, let 'em eat and enjoy their life, until they grow old and die.

The main reason you should not ever show this to any child is because they might turn out like this:

What did I get out of this movie? A fear of hugging and aging. Important traits for any toddler.


Brody said...

Ngh! That video makes my skin crawl. That's truly frightening. I can't believe you watched that as a kid. I'm going to have nightmares.

Jay said...

I've actually never heard of them. I find that video to be more than just a little creepy.

GMEyster said...

Are they tap dancing? In bare feet?

JasonBSchmidt said...

I do believe that I asked my mom for a Hug A Bunch kid. I have to ask her. As you know, I am quite a failure when it comes to hugging, so I think this is in line with having (probably) experienced this horror. AHH THE 80'S.

I miss my Popples.

Carly said...

*gasp* Popples! I forgot all about them. I bet we both had purple popples. They curled up into balls and my tiny little hands couldn't get them back out. It pissed me off so much!