Thursday, February 21, 2008


Leather Obsession -
The smell. The feel. The overall kick ass look. I love leather. Every single coat I own is leather. My shoes and bags, wait, I think every purse I have is leather. I also have a thing for animal prints but that is probably just a faze. Leather is forever.
Looking like a hooker in central park.

Coffee Obsession-
I'm an addict. I drink it at work and then I go home to my fabulous Green Mountain Coffee one cup brewer that can get my fix to me in less than thirty seconds. I will drink it in any form but I prefer it black. Around this time last year I was drinking at least three large cups a day at work alone and now I have cut it down to one so I won't twitch as much. I'm very proud of my control.

Dean Martin Obsession-
If Dino was still alive today I wouldn't be blogging. I would be too busy stalking him. I've said it a million times before, he is the perfect male specimen. His voice makes me melt and watching him perform is such a turn on. I even think he was hot when he was close to death and looked like a green corpse. Honestly this obsession is so out of control I can't even continue writing about it.


Jay said...

Leather is very sexy. And you're very beautiful!

And as if you weren't already awesome enough you get totally awesomer by being a Dean Martin fan!!!

Deano was the coolest of the cool! I've been very tempted to buy the DVDs of his old variety show from those infomercials that they run late at night.

Brody said...

Those boots are pretty kickass.

GMEyster said...

Carly, you're one tall, blonde lithe chick...pretty much eveything I am not. Well, the chick part I am.

Love the obsessions. Did vodka get lost in there somewhere? If so, I bet it is hanging out in Doodle's blog.

R.E.H. said...

You don't look nuttin' like a hooker to me... you look simply fabulous in that shot!

And, I'm so with you on the coffee obsession... I could not make it through a single day without my cups of coffee!

Tall Lanky Jew said...

MMMMMMM. Hookertasticular!

captain corky said...

Everybody loves somebody sometimes. Dino kick's some seroius ass as a singer. Plus, I always admire a man who smoked three packs a day his whole life.

Leather suits you very well, Knight. ;)

Knight said...

Jay- Thanks! When I still lived with my old roommate we used to buy each other the DVD's of the talent shows and tapes of the roasts. Then we would sit around drinking wine and swooning. Money well spent.

Brody- Kickass boots are the only kind!

Gmeyster- Yes you are a chick. That made me laugh out loud. I'm letting Doodle keep all the vodka for now. I might need it back though.

R.E.H.- I just noticed you wrote about coffee on your blog today. I can read the obsession between the lines.

TLJ- I hope you mean Hookertasticular without the testicle part. Right babe?

Captain Corky- And the three packs just made his voice better!

minijonb said...

Dean and Sammy and Frank had it going on. It's their world... we just live in it.

Farmer*swife said...

Hooker? By far NOT! You are too cute!

Coffee: I have a little "four cup" pot that really only makes two real cups. But, if I have much more than that I get twitchy and edgie too -- I'm uptight enough usually ;).

[Hence my prescription for wine and Shiner. LOL]

My pot has been possessed though and makes up it's own time so I can't use the morning timer anymore -- takes me an extra minute or two in the morning. poo.

I love Folgers "Creme Brulee" with french vanilla dairy cremer and a touch of sweet-n-low. (Everything's gotta' be complicated with me).

Happy Saturday!!!

Darla said...

I was just on the subway the other day checking out at a girl who was all decked out in leather. The coat, purse, shoes I understood...but girlfriend had leather MITTENS! Not gloves, no no, MITTENS! With shock and awe and palpable envy, I pushed past her for a seat. What a great day.

Tink said...

Black leather always makes me think of Catwoman. Puuuurr.

JasonBSchmidt said...


Tink said...

So... What did you buy on etsy?

Tink said...

Was it something leather? ;)

James Burnett said...

Cool blog. Found you through Capt. Corky's site. And I agree with my blog buddy Jay. Anyone who's a fan of Dean Martin gets cool points.