Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Etsy Love

Oh no! Pickled Tink got me addicted to shopping online. She has mentioned ETSY a few times on her blog and I fell in love with some of the odd things you can find. Yesterday I bought a "vintage" 80's dress.

Who knows what it will look like in person. It should be easy enough to alter if need be. This dress is not leather but I think it will go really well with leather. This makes me happy. Now I need some jewelry. Thanks Tink!

It's crappy outside. Why does it rain in February in New York? It's not supposed to work that way. Dammit. Last night I went to The Duplex with Doodle to watch Flora the Red Menace. It was surprisingly good. A decent cast told a story about communism and it didn't have the usual musical theater gleaming happy ending. Oops, I just ruined it for you. Oh well. Tonight I have a poker game. Hopefully I will win some cash to make up for my Etsy spending.
For more viewing pleasure please get acquainted with Albi the Racist Dragon...


GMEyster said...

I loved this entry. Glad Flora was good - I ended up doing a reading and couldn't make it.

Have fun at your poker game tonight! I have Mah Jongg tomorrow night. I love having a weekly game to look forward to. Do you play often?

Jay said...

What a touching little story that was. I'm so happy that Albi isn't racist anymore.

Are you a stone cold poker player or do you just play for fun?

R.E.H. said...

Hey! I didn't know you played poker! Be sure to win some cash tonight. It's a fun game, poker, isn't it?

Like the new dress - pictures are due when you get it right?

Albi... what a touching story ;)

captain corky said...

LOL! Puff has nothing on Albi!

Very cool dress. I hope you post a pic of it too, with all sorts of leather accessories. ;)

Ben O. said...

Love Etsy. So cool that people can sell stuff that they make.

Nice site - Ben O.

JasonBSchmidt said...

I wonder if my dad should try selling his chainsaw art on that site. Tres cool.

I had a great time at Flora. She rocked my world.

I hope you made bank!

Knight said...

gmeyster- Hope the reading went well! We started playing around twice a week.

jay- I heart Albi. He is good about keeping his tail clean. I'm not stone cold but I play to win.

r.e.h.- I might post a pic if it turns out all right. I would like giving what publicity I can.

corky - Puff was magic but can he cry jelly beans?

ben o. - Welcome and Thanks!

jasonbschmidt- Your dad really should look into it. They have a whole woodworking section and he makes some amazing stuff.

A. said...

Love the dress, but I'm afraid to visit the site--the last thing I need is another place to shop!

Darla said...

oh no...not another site to get addicted to.

Tink said...

Dude, I was all like, "Who's Pickled Tink?" LOL. Thas me! Glad you love etsy. I'm officially broke because of it. But I got all this cool stuff. Like a sock zombie.

Jason said...

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