Monday, March 31, 2008


Yesterday I had a little fondue get together with some friends. It was a lot of cheese and even more champagne. Surprisingly nothing went wrong. It was really easy to make. The consistency was perfect and stayed perfect. I was happy. I have a really nice fondue pot that I rarely ever use since I never cook or anything but I figured it was about time I invited people over again. I might start using that thing more often.

Is anyone else watching Rock Of Love II as religiously as I am? For some reason I am obsessed with this show. I think all the girls are frightening yet I have to catch the new episode every Sunday. This is the only show I have ever cared about not missing. What on earth is wrong with me? I think it has something to do with my secret desire to be a rock whore.


Mike said...

Once, while carrying an extra large and extra heavy couch into an extra small space through an extra narrow door, I exclaimed:

"When I buy my house I'm going to have a damned fondu!"

I meant futon.

I'm still teased.

Also, I bought a house and don't own a futon. I have couches.

I supposed I'm just an ass like that.

gary said...

just tossed my favorite fondue recipe yesterday, as I have gotten lactose intolerant DAMMIT, so yes, I am jealous you had fondue, I have cheese envy

g-man said...

MMmmm fondue... There is a fondue restaurant near our house that we like. Last time we did it at home my lovely wife discovered she was allergic to shellfish.

Jay said...

Fondue parties are fun.

I watched Rock of Love I, but haven't been watch part II. I think I'm just so devastated that it didn't work out between Vince and Jen last time that I can't watch. LOL

I'm sure some Sunday when nothing but baseball is on I will sit down and watch the season two marathon though.

R.E.H. said...

I've totally missed the Rock Of Love series... I'm beginning to think that is, indeed, a major loss.

Knight said...

Mike- So you got couches but do you have Fondue? It's much better than a futon.

Gary- Lactose Intolerant? That just became my biggest fear. I can't live without dairy.

G-Man- There are a few fondue places around but I like experimenting. I hope your wife didn't swell up or anything. That is a scary discovery.

Jay- The first season was much better than this one. I just can't help watching those crazy bitches scream at each other while wearing bikinis, stripping, and vomiting. It's too much!

R.E.H.- You are missing out man. You have to get on that. Brett Michaels has a hair weave and everything!

Anonymous said...

Mike made me laugh he wanted a fondue, I am going to buy my boo a fondue..

I love the Chocolate Fondue! Strawberries and more yummy things!!!


GMEyster said...

I effin' LOVE fondue! What's better than melted cheese or chocolate? I mean, SERIOUSLY!

Darla said...

I heart this show without shame as well, but somehow never catch it. Your secret it out!