Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools! WWC3

I'm not going to try to blog prank anyone today. I thought about it. I had some ideas but they might have been scary. So that was a no go. I'm a fan of a good joke but it's so easy for them to go horribly wrong. So no pranking from me today.

Earlier today I got a shocking text from my boyfriend. He spent twenty minutes giving CPR to a man on the train this morning while waiting for the paramedics to come. The guy was probably dead. Casey is a nursing student right now and was on his way to class. He and one other woman stayed with this guy and performed CPR until someone came. I really admire the hell out of him.

Today is Weekly Words Challenge hosted by Tink of Pickled Beef. This weeks words were Shiny and Era. I will admit I didn't try very hard this time but at least I played. This is a shiny platinum curl.
It is on a wig from another era. See the Marilyn Monroe style below.

These pictures are a little darker than they should be but you can click to see the enlarged version.

Here we have Jazz and Blues music covering the last century. See how nice the look in the shiny cases?

Toodles friends and freaks. Have a lovely harass others day!


Anonymous said...

OMGOSH!!! I love Jazz and blues.. Mostly the big band!! I know I do not belong in this ERA!!! LOL!! Your pics are nice!!

WOW your b/f did a wonderful service, that should make you proud!!

Have a lovely Day!!

Your Country Sis!

Anonymous said...

Oh Do you like Michael Buble? If you have not heard him please Youtube him He is GREAT, I mean AWESOME!!!!!

Matt-Man said...

Etta James is one of my faves of all time. Happy April Foot's Day. Cheers!!

Tink said...

So the guy was dead?! Your boy better Scope his mouth out before he kisses you! I'm kidding. That's really really amazing. As are those pictures of you dressed like Monroe. Yow.

captain corky said...

It takes a lot of guts to take someone's life into your hands! That's pretty admirable.

Newt said...

Those Marilyn's are WAY cool. Very nice WWC!!!!!

g-man said...

Amazing story, I'm with Tink, use scope.

Excellent pictures, well done. (I was wondering if anyone was going to do hair for shiny.)

gary said...

wow, Casey is a hero--the mayor should have him over for a press conference and a medal! Front page of the Post!
The platinum wig is a great look, but in the first picture I was wondering if it was the fur of a west highland terrier....

R.E.H. said...

That's you posing as Marilyn, isn't it? Damn - you even hotter than the original... and that speaks volumes my friend - I have always been dreaming of Marilyn Monroe ;)

Some story up there, as well. But, let's focus on those Marilyn pictures again, shall we?

Knight said...

Single/Country Sis- I'm a little obsessed with my music. I like the big band as well. I do have some Michale Buble. I'm not as big a fan of his these days and I can't seem to pin point why. Oh well.

I am proud of the b/f but I always am.

Oh, and I love that along with farmer*swife we have become R.E.H.'s Angels. That is hilarious... and kind of hot.

Matt-Man- I love Etta, Have you seen her recently? I just got two of her newer cd's and they are great. I guess she is touring with her sons now.

Tink- Ha, I'm pretty sure he washed his mouth out as soon as possible. My monroe pics didn't turn out as well as your gangster pics but we seemed to be in the same era!

Captain Corky- It makes me wonder what I would do.

Newt- Thanks! I think the messing with the lighting made them hard to see on some computers but when I was working on them the coloring looked kind of cool. oh well.

G-Man- I was going to do my own hair at first but then I realized the wig could work for both words. I figured a few people would do that or fur.

Gary- Since we are in NYC nobody will hear a word of this again. He won't ever know for sure what happened to the guy.

I am horrible when it comes to knowing dog breeds so I had to look it up. I can see how you would think that. Being a wig of synthetic hair it does have more of a course look on closer inspection.

Knight said...

R.E.H.- Yeah that is me. I am certainly not hotter than Marilyn. It's nice of you to say so though ;) I don't even really like those photos but I had to post something or I would have to give up the wwc on just my third try. Hasn't everyone dreamed of Marilyn at some point? Banging her or being her?

Mike said...

You certainly are hotter than Marylin!

Also, when giving someone CPR you don't think about things like poor breath or bad hygiene. It just doesn't register.

Good on your boyfriend.. I must say it's pretty numbing to have done it, you know?

Reb said...

Oh, I didn't even think of music, I even have a 78 record tucked away somewhere.

Great pictures, and kudos to your b/f.

Jay said...

Yeah, you are definitely hotter than Marilyn Monroe. Much more talented too!

Great job on the words this week! And I already knew you had great taste in music cause you're a Dean Martin fan! ;-)

It's also great that your b/f stayed and tried to help the man. It's such a scary situation. I was in a sporting goods store one time and a guy keeled over from a heart attack. Luckily he lived though. I couldn't believe all the people who just kept on going though. Holy crap karma is gonna kick them in the ass for that someday. I hope when their time comes nobody is just stepping over their body and hurrying on to their destination.

Chatty said...

Sheer genius, that shiny platinum curl - and two for one with the shiny, jazzy CD's. I'd never thought of it, but I guess there's a reason they call them "jewel cases" - silly me - I just took pics of the back-sides of the CD's themselves!

Tall Lanky Jew said...

For the record I 'Scoped' multiple times. (in addition to the alcohol swab I had in my backpack at the time)

PS- WAY hotter than Marilyn.

GMEyster said...

Wow, Casey is a very big hero! That is awesome. I'd like to think I would be helpful in a situation like that, but oh my god, who knows?

Fun pics :o)

And fun music. I was in Queens all weekend, painting. Also, dancing around to Cab Calloway and Fletch and his band with my boyfriend. Made my weekend :o)

Knight said...

Mike- Thanks. I love how blog people blow smoke. It's really good for my ego! Man, I would hope you wouldn't be thinking about just hygiene in a serious situation like that.

Reb- I wish I had a record in my apt. I left all that stuff in my hometown but it's a good idea!

Jay- Aww... Now I know you are just trying to get me to post a video. I could do a Happy Birthday Mr. President.
Very scary about all the people just walking by while the guy had a heart attack. What if that happened to you? I'm lucky to have Casey around. The second and last time I had a seizure was in bed next to him. He had to call 911, get me dressed, make sure I was breathing. I'm sure that had to be scary.

Chatty- To be honest I didn't really think about the jewel cases until i was trying to make a clear picture with the flash on. I just lucked out on that one.

TLJ- So NOW you will admit to being my lovah. Was it all the hero comments are my topless Monroe pictures?

GMEyster- Yeah me too. I would like to think I would be helpful. I'm jealous of your weekend. It sounds delightful!

Tall Lanky Jew said...

There were topless Marilyn photos? :)Felt the need to explain that I am indeed 'clean'.

Jo said...

Kudos to your BF! However it turns out, I'm sure it will mean so much to the man's relatives that someone was there with him, pushing for him.

I love the Marilyn pics! You look fab & the grainy quality of the photos adds a touch of noire to the glam.

Doc said...

Hey Knight.... I have something for you over on my blog... ;-)

gary said...

TLJ is Casey! Wonder if he is the jealous type? He can go kick the sh!t out of all those guys makin' moves on Knight...

Darla said...

Casey is just...wonderful.

BBC said...

I don't do April fool tricks. And some monkeys go to far with them.

You have ever right to be proud of your little monkey.

Nice hair, I have a thing about hair.

Jimmy said...

I prefer YOUR Marlilyn, for me, what a nice start to April!

Anonymous said...

You Look Like A Man. Really. I Am Confused Because I Did Not Spot An Adam's Apple. Your Transition Has Gone Marvelously!

Knight said...

anon- I would agree. In these photos I look a little like the guy from the "leave Britney alone" videos. Still, if you are going to talk shit on my blog at least have the balls to say who you are.