Friday, April 18, 2008


Taking a break from the story telling for now. I figure since it's Friday I should lighten the mood and take Jo's quirks suggestion. So, I sat at my desk trying to think of some and I didn't come up with anything. I am that lame. Then I figured, I see my co-workers all day every day and we go out occasionally. They might be able to come up with something. These are the responses I got.

1) Wide Eyed Stare. Okay, this is true. When I don't feel like responding I will just stare at you. It might look like I don't understand or I'm expecting a response but I do it because it makes people uncomfortable. I also do this out of the blue. This causes people to say "what?" as if I spoke to them. Most people are used to it by now but it sure is fun.

2) Black boots in summer. What? I like them. It's not like they are snow boots. They are leather.

3) Casual mention of disturbing situations. I'm not the type to get over excited. If something happens I might look over at the nearest person and casually say "Hey, did you see that plane just crash into that building over there?" They don't take me seriously at first but then they realize I'm serious and they can make a big deal of it.

4) Complete infatuation with Dean Martin. I don't get why this is a quirk. He was a glorious being. I hope to one day lay across his grave and declare my undying devotion to him. That isn't odd is it?

5) Repulsion of Poultry. Birds are gross. They are. I have not eaten bird for around ten years. I don't want birds flying near me. I don't like pet birds. I hate birds.

6) Crafty gifts for co-workers. Sometimes I write little nonsense notes and post them in their cube. I draw or print pictures and leave them around for them to find. I write events into their calendars. Like "Bath Day" or "Stump Appreciation Day". That's just the basic stuff.

That reminds me. The doorman of our office building, whom must be in his 70's, used to hand me cologne samples every day when I came in. I think he thought it was perfume. I was trying to be nice but eventually he asked me out. I thanked him for the offer and told him I'm not single. He stopped giving me gifts. It's too bad because I gave them to my co-workers each time and we had quite a collection started. I miss the doorman before him that mysteriously disappeared. He gave me books.

Have a lovely Friday!


R.E.H. said...

I wish I were a girl sometimes... free gifts! See, that doesn't happen to us guys ;)

Fun little quirks you got there - but, you don't eat chicken? Why? Chicken is yummy, and can be prepared in thousands of ways, making for endless variety in dinners... oh, well - beef is even better, so no loss really.

Edge said...

You almost lost me until "Stump Appreciation Day"...

Excellent ...

I emitted a verbal laugh.


Jay said...

I don't think the "wild eyed stare" would bother me. In fact, I think it would .. umm .. Let's just say I'd enjoy it. ;-)

Maybe you and I should go to Los Angeles and visit Dean Martin's house...

And grave site at Westwood Memorial Park ...

I love visiting grave sites of famous people. I once spent two hours driving around Frankfort, Kentucky looking for Daniel Boone's grave. I finally stopped and asked for directions. ;-)

Jo said...

If you & Jay roadtrip to L.A., you know I'm coming along! I'll bring bird-free snacks. And I won't, uh, remove your black boots while you're having a moment with Dean's grass & replace them with cute wedgie sandals.

Stump Appreciation Day kills me! Tree stumps or people stumps?

gr said...

chickens are pretty dumb and pigeons don't seem very clean, you're right, but I dunno, robins and cardinals? can't you like them?
(total gross out: Chinatown shop windows with dead chickens and God knows what other carcasses hanging in the windows)
(oh, disclaimer, I'm vegan)

Single In The City said...

I am so with you on the boots!!! I gotta have then on, when I want them on!!

You don't have bad quirks at all!
We have so much in common!!


The Mountain Cat said...

Knight, you won you won you won!!

GMEyster said...

You're hilarious.

r.e.h. - not all girls get gifts. Just leggy blondes.

captain corky said...

LOL! The freaks just love showering you with gifts and stalking you. You have that certain something, Knight. ;)

BBC said...

Dean Martin was cool.

Knight said...

R.E.H.- I only get random gifts from people older than my grandfather. It makes you feel guilty if you take it and guilty if you don't. I don't eat chicken for many reasons. One being that while I was growing up my father was the manager of the KFC Warehouse. My brother and I would spend all day playing around the disgusting place and my dads shoes always had blood on them.

Edge- Really? That's what got a laugh? Well, I wrote it in for this Wednesday if you feel like celebrating.

Jay- I'm coming to meet you right now and we must go directly to LA to stalk a dead guy. Did you really have to ask for directions to Boone's grave? Did they laugh at you?

Jo- We are meeting for the road trip today. Don't remove the boots! Dean likes them. Or so he says in my fantasies. The stump appreciation can be any stump of your choosing but it mostly refers to people stumps and muffin stumps.

GR- AH! Those HORRID windows with the occasional duck dangling by the neck. Ewww.

Single- Boots should not be seasonal. Unless they are those ugly Ugg boots. Those are for snow only.

GMEyster- Oh no you don't. You can't say that. I saw your valentine's post with all the cute gifts from the new guy!

Captain Corky- You are so right. I do have that certain something and it's genetic. I got it from my dad's side of the family. We are freak magnets. All of us. If there is a freak in the room they will find us.

BBC- The king of cool.

minijonb said...

i'm glad you can pull off the Wide Eyed Stare... it never works for me!

Tink said...

I'm not so much surprised by the free cologne samples or books. If you haven't noticed, you're HOT. What I'm surprised about is that you have a DOORMAN. Do you know what we have? An annoying little alarm like the kind they have in convenience stores. Yeah... My life rocks.