Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sharks and Serenades

Going back to work sucks! Two people from my group called out sick today and another is coming in a few hours late. It's just me and Brad covering the desks. Sadly this is normal here. Thanks to the fact that our website runs slow I'm able to write a little while I wait for things to load and leave voice mails. Hopefully all the business will make the day go by faster and the next thing I know I'll be at the beer garden eating kielbasa. Mmmmm.

I promised Matt-Man a picture of the tan. I'm pretty sure he was hoping to see a little more than back but this is all you get today.

You can see how pale I used to be in this old WWC post.

I promised Spazoid Mike a shark. Here is one from the Atlantis Aquarium. He was nice.

Speaking of sharks. They scare the crap out of me. Casey wanted to swim with them and I think he is bat-shit crazy. At the water park they had a predator aquarium with two slides that went through it. They were great. One was a body slide that from the top as you get on looks like a huge drop directly into a pool of sharks. Of course it just takes you through a clear tunnel in the middle of the shark pool. It went so fast you couldn't really see the sharks surrounding you. The second slide required an innertube. You went down a drop and at the bottom it goes really slow through the clear tube and you see sharks swimming all around you. Not a good idea if you are claustrophobic. Some were lying right on top of the tube about a foot from our heads. That was pretty cool.

Last night I went to a Singer/songwriter showcase. It's a free weekly song club that a co-worker friend of mine is guest hosting this month. I had to check it out because Gustavo is one of those unfairly talented people that can do everything. Just a couple of years ago I was at his movie premier and last night I sat in the back of the crowd with my beer while he amazed the room. Not only can this guy play some guitar like you wouldn't believe he has an incredible voice. Sometimes it's a little Elvis Costello, sometimes it's Elvis Presley, most of the time it's unique Gustavo vocals. When the featured artist of the night started playing Gus jumped up to do some great harmonies and tambourine. His talent never caps.

The best part of the evening was when he announced the next song was for a friend that came out and it would be a late birthday gift. Next thing I know, he breaks into a beautiful rendition of Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime! That's right! He sang DEAN MARTIN'S biggest hit for my birthday gift! He did an amazing job. The whole time I had a huge smile on my face. I looked like a little kid. Good thing I was sitting behind everyone else so they didn't see how insane I looked. That was so unbelievably cool of Gus. It made my entire week.

Anybody want to go next week?


Mike said...

Thank you for that pic!

I would SO swim with the sharks! I prefer little sharks like that one.

Reason being - I have large, meaty arms and sharks of that size would have a hard time getting it's mouth on them let alone doing any permanent damage.

Plus, I could see if I could wrestle the shark with my bare hands, and we'd all be eating shark steaks that night. Can't do that with big tigers or white you know.

But really, Sharks have got to be the coolest fish in the sea and just seeing them swim feet away in the same water I am would put a smile on my face like that Dean Martin song did to you.

Let's all move down there. Me and Casey could open up a Shark Dive tour company. We could call it "The Two Jews Shark Tours".

What do ya'll say?

Jay said...

Isn't it amazing how often co-workers call in sick on the very day you come back from vacation. It's just soooo weird that it works that way!

I don't think I would swim around with any sharks, but I did pet a shark once as the Monterey Bay Aquarium. That was pretty cool.

Dana said...

You know, you could just indulge Matt-Man (OK ... and me) and start participating in HNT!

What a neat birthday gift you received!!

OneHungMan said...

OneHung agrees, Matt-Man needs to see more than just your back.

GMEyster said...

What a great post - and you got to be sung someone who can sing! That's lovely. Just lovely.

furiousBall said...

i'd love to do a singer songwriter night, but alas, i am with child... erm, children.

moooooog35 said...

I the only way I'd ever agree to swim with sharks is if I was dead, chopped up, and mixed in a giant bucket of chum.

Why I'd agree to that shit is beyond me.

Anonymous said...


I will not be with a shark either... I am so glad you had a great time!!

That was lovely what your friend did for your b-day!!

I am still Jealous you went to the!!
Glad you are back I missed ya chic!!


Dianne said...

the slow ride through shark town sounds amazing!!

I'm sure matt-man will love your tan photo and be very appreciative - you look great kid!

your birthday song is one of my Dean favorites, how cool your friend is!!

I was actually planning to be in Manhattan one day next week - I'd love to meet you!
e-mail me

Jeff B said...

Thanks for the visit today. Thought I'd come over and have a look. Gotta love that tan! I'm in the Portland, OR area so with all the gray skies around here anything darker than a sheet of copy paper is a real treat to see.

The Bahama's look soooo cool. I can just see myself sitting on the beach with the theme music to JAWS playing in the backgroung while I tan my third nippled leg. (wink)

Anonymous said...

Nice ass ...

Now that that's out of the way ...

I often wonder how many REALLY talented people we miss because they never make it or are never discovered. There have got to be thousands of people like Gus who could be professionally great, but remain undiscovered.


Doc said...



gary rith said...

there are reasons people are scared of sharks

Knight said...

Mike- Those little sharks could rip some nice holes out of your meaty arms I'm sure. I like that shark tour idea. "The Two Jews Shark Tours" and the motto could be "It's payback time."

Jay- Ya know, you don't hear much about people petting sharks. Was it a big one? Something about sticking out my hand and touching a shark seems like a bad idea.

Dana- Oh I have thought about joining HNT several times but then I remember that I have a lot of lurkers including people from work, my family, my boyfriend's family. That probably wouldn't go over well.

Onehungman- Ha, I'll think about it. Why only private blogs?

Knight said...

GMEyster- It's the best isn't it? I felt really lucky in that moment to know such great people.

Furiousball- Whoa for a second I thought you were pregnant. Again. Well if is in a bar so the kids probably wouldn't get away with the fake ids but if they ever have a sleep over you should come play one night.

Mooooog35- I'll make sure if anything happens to you that your family knows your last wish is to become chum. None of that casket buying or cremation crap for you!

CinderSister- Thanks Babe! Where have you been? Mike is posting about poop on your page and I have to go to Samby's blog just to get the details on your new boy. Update us!!!

Tall Lanky Jew said...

Can we go back? PLEASE? RIGHT NOW!!!!

Knight said...

Dianne- Oooh! I would LOVE to meet you. *running away to e-mail* Okay I'm back. That's exciting!

Jeff B- I was copy paper white when I left. Even though you get a little sun in New York nobody has time to go outside and stand in it. You should get a shark tattoo around your third nipple. That would be sweet. *begin jaws theme music*

Knot- Thanks man. I think about all the artists we miss out on as well. I know an incredible blues singer in Minneapolis that I wish would catch a big break but how many people are signing deals in that city?

Doc- Ha, I don't think I really fit into the kind of back Sir Mixalot was talking about.

Knight said...

Gary- You mean like dieing a terrifying and painful death? Not liking the feeling of several sets of pointy teeth in your flesh? A general distaste for that fishy smell?

TLJ- Yes. I'll quit my job and we can live on the beach in a tent. Eventually we could hijack a boat and live on that as we get lost at sea. I assume in order to stay alive we would have to become pirates and start pillaging other boats. Sound good?

Tall Lanky Jew said...

Being a pirate? Pillaging? Lost at sea? Living in a tent on the beach? Quitting your job????

YES!!!!!!!! Where do we sign up for such a venture?

Darla said...

mmm kielbasa.

that showcase sounds cooool. i may take you up on it sometime.

i like the color of your bathing suit.

Farmer*swife said...

Kielbasa is awesome! Sharks? NO THANK YOU.

Now, I'm gonna' have to bloggie another Childhood Flashback: Shark Encounter....seriously, I've had one.

Now I always say, "God didn't give me gills and God didn't give me wings." In other words, I don't swim in natural bodies of waters that are infested with species quicker than me in water; and, I don't fly because I'm uncomfortable with the idea of falling from the sky in a big metal tube -- reminds me of the egg drop experiments in school.

"Bat-Shit Crazy!!!! I had a good belly laugh at that one!!

Happy Friday!

Matt-Man said...

Bee-yoo-tee-ful. And I didn't think your shoulder could get any sexier. I was wrong. Cheers Knight, and Thanks!!

Jo said...

Your tan looks so great in hot pink, ROWR!

The waterslides sound really guys did a lot on your trip! I'm terrified of sharks, but only b/c of the damn nature shows I watch. I used to swim way way way out there at the beach...then we had a few random Great White incidents...the nature people love to say, oh that rarely happens & they're just nibbling around to sample things, not really going for humans. That doesn't comfort me...I'm pretty sure I taste like chicken.

What an amazing bday gift!!!

Farmer*swife said...

knignt ANGEL POWER is needed at madman's blog.

some newbie anonymous needs an ANGEL kickin'!

Oh, I started without you cuz' I was...frusterated!

Goin' over to let Cinder Gal know!

Happy Saturday! You ROCK, BTW!

Tink said...

Great bikini shot! I love the water in the background. Also, my VS bathingsuit is the exact same color. So hot. There is no way I would ever swim with sharks... Not even if it was old and toothless.

Mystique Wanderer said...

the last time i visited an was in calcutta when i used to be in looked great then...but it jst doesnt match up to what u described...someday prolly...we will have one here too...

p.s. as long as i dont meet them in open ocean :D