Tuesday, April 8, 2008

WWC Tuesday

I'm in a rush today but I wanted to hurry up and post my WWC hosted by Tink over at Pickled Beef. This weeks words were Rough, Smooth, Monkeyshine, and something else like monkeyshine that I don't remember. Here we go:
This is my rough face wash exfoliant that makes my skin lovely and smooth.
After exfoliating you apply this lotion. See, smooth skin!

This here is some art work located in the hallway of my building. I thought she would look better with a little facial hair so I made her this stash. I think my neighbors will enjoy her more now.

That's it. I'm off to catch some live music.


Jay said...

Must. Resist. Making. Immature. Comment. About. Lotion. hahaha ;-)

I love the stash on that girl. Makes her look much more interesting.

Great job on the WWC this week!

Knight said...

I don't blame you Jay. I was thinking the same thing as I took the pictures.

Jo said...

LOL I'm cracking up over the painting!

Poor Jay is just sitting there a long moment after seeing your skin slathered in lotion.

I love sugar-scrubs, smooth like butter!

R.E.H. said...

Smooth skin indeed... may I rub that lotion in? ;)

And, lovely stash on that chick (never, ever thought I would say a thing like that)...

Well played!

Mike said...

Yea, Jay beat me to it!

Doc said...

Nice work Knight... I like the 'stache too!

Tink said...

That painting is much improved now. Very good. Let the mustache revolution begin!

Btw, that face stuff looks like earwax.

gr said...

I dunno, that exfoliating brown goop looks like mud and sand. Grab Casey some weekend and visit us, there's tons of that goop all over the countryside. Fill a few buckets!

GMEyster said...

"It puts the lotion in the basket!"

Can you name that film?

Tink said...

I'm pretty sure your mustache work counts as monkeyshine. ;)

Anonymous said...

Great job Sis!! Love your art. The things we have to go through to keep our face nice and not rough!! LOL!!


Knight said...

Jo- Of course as soon as I got the stash on the painting one of the neighbors opens their door to find me staring at it and holding a camera. They didn't say a word.

R.E.H.- Please do. As you can see I have a camera in one hand so I could use the help ;)

Mike- I figured you or Jay would be the one to point it out. Dirty Minds.

Doc- She really does look a lot better now. Although she looks somewhat pissed.

Tink- Yes, a revolution! I'm going to mustache everything I see. Wait, I already do that. The face stuff does look like earwax but it smells and tastes like sugar! Sugar mixed with earwax anyway.

GR- If the mud and sand tastes like sugar I'm on my way!

GMEyster- Um, Silence of the Lambs OF COURSE. "It rubs the lotion on the skin or it gets the hose again."

Tink- Sweet! I'm claiming my spork then.

Single/Sis- Not to mention the money we go through. The mud/sand/earwax is $55 for 4oz. I should just use sugar in the raw mixed with egg whites. It would do the same thing.

Darla said...

She looks so sad about having that big ol' stash...but too bad cause we LOVE it.

Reb said...

Love the 'stash art! The things we do to keep our skin looking great.