Monday, July 7, 2008

If I make the promise I have to do it, right?

I've been intending to do my first Vlog for awhile now and I keep putting it off because I don't exactly know how to upload the video and get it on my blog. I'm sure it will end up taking me all of ten minutes to figure it out but I'm pretty damn lazy. One of the main problems is that I have not decided what to Vlog about. So, this is the promise; When I get home tonight I'll put something together and post my first Vlog tomorrow morning. It would really help if you gave me some suggestions. Before you all start getting pervy on me, I'm not doing any nudity. You will have to visit my Naked Knight Blog for that.

You didn't really fall for that did you?

Did I use that semicolon correctly? I don't claim to know how to write but it's good to try branching out and waiting for the grammar fairies/moths to find you. The semicolon is the least of my problems.

My neurologist told me he would prefer if I didn't drink. Ever. WHAT? Okay, I already knew he recommended I drink very, very little but I didn't completely listen to that and now I have to take it seriously that alcohol might be bringing on the seizures. I don't consider myself a heavy drinker by any means. I don't think anyone would... in the last couple years anyway. The problem is, I really enjoy wine and beer. Not in the drinking massive amounts of cheap crap way. I like trying new things and exploring the details of the flavors. I like learning about how it was made. I enjoy the work put into it. Do I need to go to AA? I'm mad. I'm mad at my body for not allowing me to enjoy something that I don't think I abuse. I'm mad that this is happening at 25. I'm mad that I keep bitching about it when so many other people have it far worse than me. Dear Brain, you suck! Love, Me. End Rant.

Eh! My coffee tastes like cilantro! That statement seems oddly familiar. Hmmmm....

I gave you plenty of time. Did you come up with a Vlog suggestion? Feel free to chime in Lurkers. I know you're in here.


Doc said...

You could Vlog "An evening at Casa de Knight" and even interview Al.

...or cabaret

Jay said...

I'm thinking dancing around the stripper pole to "Body Talk" by AC/DC would be popular. ;-)

Okay, seriously, how about a little tour of your apartment and maybe show us the view from your place.

Or you could sing to us. A nice, slow, sweet song that I could turn on when I lie down to go to sleep.

Or just talk to us. Do a meme on the vlog. Instead of typing it you could just do it on video and post it. That would be fun.

Damn, I'm just full of all kinds of advice today.

Dianne said...

Any VLOG would be cool!

A tour of the apartment and the view is cool. Jay is Vlog King so he does know what he's talking about.

Or just share some of your favorite books - or music.

I once considered vlogging my earring collection but lucky for all of you I still can't figure out the vid setting on my camera.

GMEyster said...

Ok, how much do I love that you used "Nipple" on your labels. I am a sucker for funny labels, and that just made me laugh. Thanks.

I was going to send an evite for brunch, but that seems like a breeding ground for alcoholic mayhem. Perhaps it isn't a good idea. Hmmmm.

A Vlog. Hmmm. What about just introducing us to cool things in/about your apartment? I have never seen it, but perhaps this will entice me to want to invite myself over.

Anonymous said...

Since it's a visual thing, why don't you show us some things that are important to you.


Mike said...

If you would incorporate a belch or two it would make me happy.

Leighann said...

Well damn, there go my hopes and dreams of a shower vlog!! Way to burst my bubble!

Dana said...

I suggest you do a vlog! How's that?? Now put down that beer!

Knight said...

Doc- Al is an attention whore. He would love that idea.

Jay- I JUST took down the stripper pole. Too bad. You have so many good ideas. I might have to make a series.

Dianne- Now I want to see your earing collection!

GMEyster- I had a feeling you would be the only one to notice that. I refuse to make new labels too so it leads to other fascinating blogs from the past.

Knight said...

Knot- Don't you think that would be terribly boring? What if you just watch some reality tv with me instead?

Mike- I will find something "special" to do just for you.

Leighann- Well, now that you mention it.... I do like showers.

Dana- Thank you for the helpful suggestions. I'm going to put them into a hat and pick one. It's the only entertainment I have since you took my beer away. *sniffle*

The Mountain Cat said...

I tried not drinking once. My friends are boring without it. LOL.

furiousBall said...

well, i always read your blog in the nude, so that balances it out. i mean not really at all, but yes.

Anonymous said...

I have no suggestions, yet I cannot wait to see it.. OHHH your apartment view would be nice!


gary rith said...

No drinks, rats!
Your naked blog (HA!) probably just about gave Jay a heart attack.
VLOG? Do you cook or bake anything interesting?

Karen said...

Vlogging is sort of addictive, I think. I want to do them all the time, but I try to wait until I have something to show or say or whatever.

And - YES. I fell for the link.

Farmer*swife said...

Ha! Ha! I totally didn't fall for the link!!!! I'm such a good bloggie Gal! :-)

Vlog your morning routine! Like, have the camera set up from when the alarm goes off and you snooze or actually wake up.

Then, ya' know...kinda go through the routine (then edit it as needed).

Then, whala! Vloggie!!

[I too wanna' vlog. But, I've always pictured my first as a music video with my kiddos...thus, I am....lazy.]

Happy Sunday!

Oh, and those seizures suck A...alcohol is a fine hobby. I too love to try new things. And, I love cold beer in summer, and martinis in those awesome classy glasses, and wine from a box (oops)!


Hang in there Gal!!!!

Matt-Man said...

I agree with Jay. A vdeo tour of your place. I am doing my bedroom for Tuesday's post. Cheers Knight!!

Jeff said...

Before you all start getting pervy on me, I'm not doing any nudity. You will have to visit my Naked Knight Blog for that.

That's hilarious!

Feel free to chime in Lurkers. I know you're in here.

LOL! Funny! Since this is my first visit here (I found you through a comment you left on 'satire and theology's blog site), I suppose I could be considered a lurker.

Darla said...

weeeeeeeeee! i did a voice blog once on my real blog, but never a video. you are brave.

i feel exactly the way you do about wine and beer, and would be mad too. on the other hand, if you want to go cold turkey with a partner, i'll do it with you. we can make a countdown out of it and see what happens/how long it lasts/what other nonachoholic drinks possibly exist in this world...