Thursday, July 10, 2008

Vlog 2 - Knight Quarters

That's right, two in a row! My nurse came over and helped me with a tour. I pay more than you would believe to live in the smallest place ever. Take a look.

So there you have it. A little peak into my life.

Also, I wanted to thank all my readers and especially the commenters for being so supportive, awesome, and most importantly really really really ridiculously good looking. You all rock.

*UPDATE TO THIS! I do NOT have a lisp. The video didn't sound like that until I posted it to youtube. Now I can't take it down because it's hilarious.*


GMEyster said...

Nice "peak" into your homey home!

I loved the book JESUS LAND! Did you enjoy it?

I have a crush on Al.

Jeff said...

The front door creaks!

Al looks like he drinks. You should take him out with you sometime. Of course, he doesn't look much like the talkative type.

Black is cool. Maybe you should paint some shiny gold trim around the black door. I would think that might give it a real classy look. But then, I'm just a guy. WhadoIknow?

An Artist Exposed said...

A star is born - thanks for the tour around "Knight Towers". Al is a real character - surely he'll soon have his own spinoff blog? What about an Al vlog? Bring on #3!

captain corky said...

Get out?!? But I was just getting comfortable. Also, I desperately want to come over and hang out in your bedroom. I'll be dressed like Darth Vader cause I just love the black and white motif.

Karen said...

That was totally like an episode of cribs. Good job.

Mike said...

Dood! Is that what apartments look like in Manhattan?

It's a good thing you don't actually eat (only drink) cuz if you farted in that place it would hang around for weeks.

but, it's clean, well decorated, and Al's hot.

And you still have a sexy voice ;)

furiousBall said...

you're welcome for my handsomeness.

it's what i do.


Anonymous said...


And it is small. It's like a mansion for midgets.


Farmer*swife said...

Two in a row?! Really putting the pressure on!

Talk about tight spaces! But, really easy to keep clean ;-)

And, I love how you stock your freezer, LOL!

Jay said...

Best episode of cribs EVER!!

I love your fridge. Well done!

If you invited all your blog friends over it would be pretty darn cozy in there, but fun.

More vlogs please!

The Mountain Cat said...

Knight, Cool. I hope you invite me to your next party?

moooooog35 said...

Nice job disguising your porn inside the books.

The "Jesus Land" one was an especially nice touch. What is it actually - Asian midget orgies?

By the way - I have a patent pending on that idea...I believe you owe me royalties.

Doc said...

I can't wait to get home from work so I can actually view it... DAMM work computer blocks videos.

Leighann said...

I guess I won't be coming for a visit because I seriously doubt my family of SIX would fit in there! LOL

gary rith said...

listen, WE could help you drink all the wine and vodka that is cluttering upp your life, and was that a leopard print ____ hanging on the newly painted door by the bed?

Knight said...

GMEyster- I get to see yours now, right? Jesus Land was pretty good. Scary. But good.

Jeff- Al does drink a lot. I try to make sure he doesn't get too much but he takes care of himself most of the time. What about shiny silver trim?

AAE- Al just might have his own spinoff. He is working on his episode layout still.

Captain Corky- It would be very interesting to see you dressed as Darth Vader and handing out in my room. I would blog about it. Now get out!

Knight said...

Karen- ha, thanks. I have not watched much of cribs but I'm pretty sure it takes them longer than a minute just to get through the closet bigger than my apartment.

Mike- Well, I live on the ever so desirable UWS by myself so I have a tiny studio. I could pay the same to live 20 block up town and have a few more square feet in a shittier neighborhood. Basically I pay for the location. Al is damn hot.

Furiousball- You are even more handsome when you curtsy.

Knot- It's like a small studio for midgets.

Farmer*swife- The nurse made me do it! That isn't true. His camera records longer than mine and he brought it over so I figured I better hurry and do the tour. Now that I know the camera gives me a lisp I'm going to avoid it.

Knight said...

Jay- Wouldn't you panic if you were in my apt trying to cook a meal? I don't even have normal salt or pepper. Can you make something out of garlic, butter, vodka, and ketchup? I can only invite four bloggers at a time and we all have to sit reallllll close.

TMC- I have had people over for fondue and poker but a party would be difficult. Lets just go to the bar.

Moooooooog35 - I wasn't disguising them. "Jesus Land" really is the name of the porno. Just imagine all the things it could be!

Doc- Damn the man!

Leighann - The other five can stay in the hallway ;)

Gary- I can't believe you are the only person to mention the handcuffs. I considered hiding them but that would be cheating. They are always on the door like that and I didn't know Casey was going to zoom in on them.

gary rith said...

WOOOOOHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOOO! Leopard print handcuffs?????????????????????????????
Oh my.

Dianne said...

Al seems OK but I must know what his intentions are!? and did you check his background?

I love all the black and wow are you neat

and adorable.

Cindy Brady is so jealous right now!!

Reb said...

That is one tiny studio! Good thing you are thin! Well and not a pack-rat like me. I love the black & white, throw in a bit of silver and you'll have yourself a "deco" deco.

BBC said...

That's right, two in a row! My nurse came over and helped me with a tour.

Nurse? I guess there may be something about you I don't know.

But aside from that, you need more color in your life hon. Get rid of some of the frigging black, it doesn't go well in small places.

Brighten the place up !!!!

I live in one room also, but at least I have it on a piece of property that is bigger and have a lot of other storage.

Okay, I live in one room because I don't have a honey-do list but that is beside the point, I'm okay with it. It's just me, it's all I need and it's paid for, no rent or payments are wonderful.

Good vid, love the hair. Get the hell out? Fuck you, you're not big enough to push me out, now where is my pillow? LOL

BBC said...

Wouldn't you panic if you were in my apt trying to cook a meal?

No, I cook in such a place and I'm okay with it. I don't cook seven course meals but I make decent turds.

The interesting thing to me is how little you have in your fridge. I have three of them and a freezer here. They aren't always full but they sure have a lot more in them than you have.

Ya, know, it isn't any of my business, do what you like, I know that you will anyway, but maybe you should get out of the city?

Ah fuck, I wanted to get a few more commas in there.

Dana said...

I'm finally getting to your video, and can I just remind you that Vodka is only a food group when served with Jell-O in a shooter cup!

Please tell me that you eat out most of the time ...

Jeff said...

What about shiny silver trim?

That would be cool.

Or you could put a photo of a city scape on the door, sort of like the cool one you have at the top of your blog. Then, it would look like there was LOTS of room in your apt.!

satire and theology said...

I like the black colour approach. It goes with white walls well.

It must be nice to blog from work.;)

Happy Saturday.


Farmer*swife said...

Shiny Silver would be cool! [I love silver, I heart silver, silver is my favorite color -- like stainless appliances...brushed nickle or pewter but not much for chrome.]

So, me and the kiddos totally did music videos? And, I can't get it from the camera to the computer!!!

BLEEEEP! Later Gal!

BBC said...

Eating out all the time is too damn expensive, I have better things to do with my money.

You know, like buying some property, having my own little place that is paid for. I know that seems silly to some but it works very well for me.

Besides, I have never liked renting and having to put up with a fucking landlord and not being able to do what I want with a place.

Or paying for that fuckwits investment. But I guess that is just me.

Darla said...

hehehe, I'm still giggling at "my nurse." First I was like, omg are they sending you at home nurse care now?! lol..sad. I can't wait to come back to NY and play with you.

GMEyster said...

Sure, Knight, c'mon over!

Matt-Man said...

Ha. Excellent. I love the contents of your 'fridge. More people should keep plenty of alcohol on hand. Great Job, Knight. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHHHHH my sissy is sooooo cute!! Nice apartment.. you keep it tidy, That says a lot about a person!!

I am moving to NY so I can have a cute apartment like yours!!

Your sis,

The Mountain Cat said...

Knight, I've TiVo'ed your Vlog. Thanks.

VE said...

No wonder it's so expensive. It's haunted. I definitely saw some book stacking over on those shelves. But I can see it'll be hard to play a big game of Twister at your place...

Jo said...

I'm late but I loved it! Anyone with vodka in their freezer & a shoe cupboard is tops in my book :D I sit on the floor to blog too...chairs are so yesterday.

I think by NY standards your apt. is a pretty decent size...and you're paying $8K a month, right? :P A friend of ours had a place so small the front door banged against his bed.

Knight said...

Gary- I know how much you like leopard. Maybe your wife could make a pair of these too?

Dianne- It's okay, I'm pretty sure Al is gay. He has a very solid background of hanging out at the Ikea in Jersey.

Reb- I think of it as my little hotel room. I'm not throwing parties but it's comfortable for me.

BBC- My boyfriend is a nurse. I don't like bright things. Too distracting for me. I like clean surfaces. What is a honey-do list? I like having my little space. It is all I need. The rent does suck though. It sure would be nice to own.

BBC- The cooking comment was aimed at Jay because he cooks great elaborate meals and I don't have any food in the fridge. I'm sure the lack of space would freak people out as well but I think what is there is taking up too much space. I don't want to get out of the city. I love the city. I don't mind not having space.

Dana- I eat out or get take out all of the time. I buy food in small amounts so it never lasts long.

Jeff- You couldn't really tell in the video but I have some large mirrors up on the walls that help the place seem bigger. I like how that works.

Satire and Theology- I really shouldn't be doing that but I don't take lunch so I need a little mind break on occasion.

Farmer*swife- I love the stainless steel look too. If I were not renting I would have it everywhere.

BBC- It isn't just you but it isn't me. At this point in my life I like living alone, not worrying about owning my own place, not cooking, and running about whenever I feel like it.

Darla- Oh Jeez no! Come back soon!!!

GMEyster- On my way ;)

Matt-Man- I thought most people did until everyone started making fun of me.

Ne- Thanks Sis! I try to keep it clean. I don't want to get bugs or anything.

TMC- What? Huh?

Ve- The ghosts are nice enough. They try to keep quite while I'm sleeping.

Jo- Ha, thanks. 8k is the average studio price right? If I lived in the building next door it would probably be close to that. My student housing when I first moved to New York was about the size of my current place but two of us lived in the one room. It sucked.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the tour, you've done a lot with a little space.

Real Live Lesbian said...

I didn't notich the lischp much! ;)

Loved the tour!

Micky-T said...

Hey, small but tall.
A nice big hanging, swinging chair would still fit. When not in use you can swing it up against a wall and hook it.

Tink said...

You are so freakin' cute.

"If you're into that shit." *Snort*

I also like your camera man's one and only comment- "Hey!" I can't wait for more videos. Keep 'em coming girl.

LittleRobinBird said...

It's as small as you said but hey, it's lovely! Your kitchen even has the Rat Pack looking over from the wall, which I feel like I should too. I want a house of my own as soon as I graduate!

kcinnova said...

How did I miss this before? Perhaps because it's so tiny? No wonder New Yorkers eat out all the time!
I'm glad you adore your neighborhood because that is seriously small and I think I might have claustrophobia if I lived there.

jack mehoff said...

your freezer is missing something