Monday, July 14, 2008

Brain Dead

I have been vlogging to hide the unfortunate yet obvious truth that I have nothing to blog about. It is sad but true. My mind is revolving around change right now. Hopefully it will happen. The first step was finally getting my cabaret booked. It all seems to be going well. I signed the contract today and worked on a flyer in the ever so classy paint program. Considering I have no idea what I'm doing and the software is crap I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Yeah, I know you probably can't see the red text. It changes with each computer I move it to. I'll work on it later.

I learned today through AOL News that the worlds oldest blogger recently passed away at the age of 108.
She wrote her last entry just two weeks before. I looked up the blog here to see the sorts of things she wrote about and it is very heart warming. I'm incredibly surprised someone that age would use the internet not to mention regularly update a blog. Maybe I'm being ageist. My point is, I thought it was an interesting story to share.

Look, I didn't sleep at all last night. I am a jittery odd mess but I'm trying to fill in a blog entry and get the juices flowing. Guess what, it doesn't seem to work that way. Have I written this before? Am I repeating myself? Where am I?


moooooog35 said...

I think you misspelled "standards."

Although, I believe that Jazz sounds like an untuned orchestra comprised of narcoleptic paraplegics, so there may be such things as "Jass Standars" - I have no idea.

If you really want to wow them...wear your shower swimmy-shoes.

Nothing says "class" like swimmy shoes.

Good luck!!

Knight said...

That is so sad. I have read over this thing several times and many other people have looked at it but nobody pointed out the STANDARS. Thanks Mooog. Jazz standards are pretty much pop songs from a long time ago. Not as narcoleptic.

WomensDaily said...

Congrats! Post a reminder up closer to the date and maybe I'll head over with the bf.

Jo said...

How awesome...I'm so excited for you! Have you decided what to wear yet? I keep picturing you like Michelle Pfeiffer in The Baker'll get marriage proposals, indecent proposals, maybe pour a martini on someone--it'll be great. I wish I could be there cheering you on :)

I've been having the same prob with blogging...lately I'm either too busy to put 2 thoughts together or when I get a breather, I'm sorting through big thoughts about change. I figure it'll give me plenty to blog about later...if my friends haven't passed out from boredom by then :P

I hope if I make it to a nice old age I'll still have the spunk to get in on techy things like that woman.

Doc said...

Ooooh Mt. Cat has told me stories about Christoper Street before !!

The Mountain Cat said...

Cool Knight, I'll try to make it. The Duplex is a great spot.

Jay said...

I really wish I could go to that. I bet you're gonna be amazing! I love old jazz standards.

And now, thanks to Jo, I'm gonna be picturing you as Michelle Pheiffer in the Fabulous Baker Boys. Only you're a little more awesome than Michelle .... and I freaking love Michelle Pheiffer. ;-)

Dana said...

Wouldn't it be great to have all of your favorite bloggers attend? What?? You wouldn't invite me?? *wink*

moooooog35 said...


Jo wrote "spunk!"

Anonymous said...

My parents can't even figure out email and this woman is blogging at over 100 years old?!?!? That is impressive.

Anndi said...

I like the flyer... and jazz standards are wonderful.

We're never too old... guess she was one of those standards too (kinda cool how that stuff links).

We all have "what will I blog" moments. They never stay though.

BBC said...

I can understand your liking the big city, I could handle that when I was your age and lived in Seattle. But even back then my soul pulled me to the country so I moved and raised my kids in a small town.

Didn't make as much money but didn't give a crap, money has never been much of a 'thing' to me, it's just an energy that moves around.

And owning a home is no big deal, at least in my mind. I like my own space that someone can't raise the rent on, maybe the taxes but not the rent. Besides, I can fix most things so that helps.

BBC said...

I don't do spell check on blogs, we are all busy, we all make mistakes, if I understand what you said that is good enough for me and I'm not going to pick on you about it.

Jeff said...

I learned today through AOL News that the worlds oldest blogger recently passed away at the age of 108.

That's solid proof right there that blogging increases your life span!

GMEyster said...

Fantastic! I can't read the date on the card, but if I am in town - I'm there, girl!

captain corky said...

It's pretty sad that I get the majority of my news from AOL too. But something deep down inside of me just has to know what Linsey Lohan is doing at all times. ;)

Anonymous said...

That oldest blogger I bet was cool to read.


furiousBall said...

i for one, love jazz standars

Farmer*swife said...

I could barely kind of read the red print (you have the coolest name! I almost named my daughter the same but DH voted for my other choice.)

I am so thrilled for you!!!! How fantastic!

For not having a bloggie thing to say, it was an enjoyable read. "Like, a hey? What ya' doin' today?"

"Aw, this and that."

"Cool, then. Catch ya' later!"

"Yea, you too!"

Happy Tuesday!

Micky-T said...

I can't read any red print at all.
Hell I can't even "see" the red print.
Anyway Good luck with your show. If I was a city boy and around I'd sure go!

Mike said...

First of all, congratulations and good luck.

Secondly, whats with pictures with 8 billion candle power lights shining into faces?

Is it just me or does that picture look nothing like you?

Knight, you're going to have to paint your face white and cut off part of your nose so people will recognize you from the picture.

Just for the record, I think you look much prettier in real life, but what do I know?

moooooog35 said...

No problem.

When it comes to spelling, I have high standars.

gary rith said...

hey, your name is Carly Knight, huh? Well, hello, glad to meet you Carly!
Dang, and you're a talented and famous singer too....neato.

Reb said...

Paint sucks big time, try this:

It is free download and works like Adobe Photoshop.

Oh, I wish I could come and hear you sing. I love old jazz.

Real Live Lesbian said...

You're just a tad too far from Nashville! Otherwise, we'd be there!

Hope the jitters go away and your juices start flowing! ;) Of course, I meant that in the good girl kinda way.

Anonymous said...

I went over to the blog.. It is wonderful that she blogged as long as she did!!

WOO HOO!!! Knight life!!! I wish I was there to come to this!!

Sis, after this is all over make sure yo sleep okay!!!

you will think of something you want to blog about soon! but I love what you are blogging and Vlogging about now!!


minijonb said...

your cabaret will be amazing! go have a great time.

Robert said...

jo sure has great taste I actually can see you a lil combo of body heat style katherine turner and a lil rita hayworth niss knight hope you enjoy your cabaret to its fullest!!! Just imagine dean there watching you and giving you a wink I think you have a bright future ahead!!

cat said...

Knight: I'm commenting on your previous Vlog and your current, 2 for 1.

When my brother lived in NYC while he was going to a drama school there. He also lived in a HIGH rent- small closest, but he shared a bathroom with 3 other people down the hall with 4 showers, so consider yourself lucky at least you have your own bathroom. It is really cute!

I hope you start feeling better soon and I must say your a beautiful girl and keep yourself healthy for your show!

I would love to make it to NYC to see your show.

VE said...

You could write about:

Why the accordian never made it as a Jazz instrument

Life as a traveling gnome; because gnomes are always fun!

Things not to say in a NY subway

Differences between the NY subway and Subway (the food chain)

No...don't thank me...

Karen said...

I am totally going to try to come. I have been to the duplex before. Is it weird that I am proud of you?