Thursday, August 7, 2008

Life Lesson Labels

I only know of one reader that actually pays any attention to the labels below each blog. Mostly I fill them in out of habit. Sometimes I write them specifically for GMEyster because I know she is looking. As of today I have made 174 unique labels. This is my 178th post. It wasn't all that surprising to find that 86 of these labels have only been used once. I really need to do something about that. When I started paying a little attention I discovered some disturbing things that are quite telling about my life. If you are a label writer you might find some trends in yours as well.

Here is a list of my top 10 most used labels:

1 Work (20)
Casey (19)
3 Me (17)
4 Friends (15)
5 Music (14)
6 Drinking (14)
7 Scary Ass People (13)
8 Unhealthy Obsessions (13)
9 Life (10)
10 Demon (10)

1) Work? I really talk about work more than anything else? That seriously sucks because my work is currently the bane of my existence. It spoils life. I have to address this immediately.

2) Awwwww. Clearly I have lost my mind. Stupid love. Makes me act all caring and crap. I do spend a lot of time with Casey so naturally I would speak of him often. Most people would think it is a good thing that he somehow ended higher up than my third label. It shocked the crap out of me though.

3) ME! Of course I talk about myself but apparently not enough. I think I have not been using this label to it's fullest. This will be worked on.

4) Do I really talk about my friends a lot? I have some of the most interesting and wonderful friends a person could wish for but I don't write about them much because I'm not so sure they would be okay with that.

5) It's around this point that I realized these labels really do reflect how important things are in my life. I had no idea it would be so telling. When I started writing my blog it was completely focused on music but it took a turn to be more about me.

6) Uh oh. Having drinking leveled with music is the first sign of a problem. Maybe I should think about attending meetings. Nah.

7) I guess scary ass people have become a frequent subject here. I enjoy writing about them. Some might say I enjoy it a little too much. Scary people are a big part of my life and surroundings. They keep things interesting. If I didn't enjoy their antics I wouldn't survive in this city. Especially dealing with artistic people. Those people are freaks! I would know, I am one.

8) After that rant you discover my obsession with scary people ties with my knack for unhealthy obsessions. Hmm... This sounds like dangerous territory. I love living recklessly.

9) How in the hell did Life become a label? What does that even mean? Not only did I create it but I found a reason to use it ten times. Yes I have a life more or less. What a shitty filler label. I'm not creative at all.

10) Life and Demon are equal in my blog? I think I can blame the whole life cop-out on my demon living within. I might need to go back and read all the Demon posts to see if I really wrote them or if the Demon did it. It might be around more than I realize. Like a multiple personality.

Well, I learned something about myself today. That was amusing. For me at least. Now how will I fix the 86 useless labels problem?


Dana said...

Ooohhhhh ... I think you've created a new meme!! The "Labels Meme"! I just might tackle this one tonight!

Very interesting indeed!

Anonymous said...

HA!! Sis you crack me up!!! I would not even be able to count all of mine up most of them read Dates, Drinking and more dates and drinking. Maybe we need to go to Rehab together! (But I say NO NO NO!)

I love all of your posts.. And Yes I would love to hear about YOU more! and then some drinking hey that requires friends.. and Casey.. I love the scary ass people Post! hahaha!!

You are a label queen! I love it!
Don't fix it... Roll with it!


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of making labels just to say something funny like "Will Ferrel's Underpants" or wouldn't it be neat to see "File Under: My mom's vibrator and my dads condoms"?

Way too much fun to be had with these.


Mike said...

I'm ok with the friends one. That one friend of yours that wears the sexified victorian outfits, she's hot. I'd totally do her. You should move the friends label to the #1 slot ;)

GMEyster said...

I was so tickled when I saw this entry, and when I got to the bottom, I was labels!

I love the "label" portion of the blog. You and JBS rock out the label sections of your respective blogs. Always amusing.

I really hope I am in town for your show. I have been waiting patiently to hear you sing since I have known you.

furiousBall said...

my own "Farts" label has been descending in popularity at my blog... i'm not sure if i'm happy or sad about that

Jay said...

This is cool. I'm totally stealing it. I mean borrowing. ;-)

I think that list just shows off how varied and interesting your life is. You and your friends are interesting and scary people are fun to make fun of on the blogs.

captain corky said...

By the end of the year I would like to see drinking moved up to position #1. I don't think you have a problem at all; on the contrary, I don't think you drink enough! And I've also noticed that pot has not even been used once as a label. Let's work on that too. ;)

fiwa said...

Thanks for visiting me!

I don't do labels, but I LOVE to read them on other people's blogs.

PS, you could too make that, you'd just need to go to the grocery store. ;)

lovins -

OneHungMan said...

OneHung totally expected to see a label called "hot dudes" with one entry...mostly about him.

Fortune Cookies said...

hmmmm...I have a love/hate relationship with labels. I just don't think that they can ever adequately summarize everything that is categorized within, and being the equal opportunity gal that I am, I end up spending waaaaaay to much time elaborating when a label would have been sufficient. See my dilemma?

gary said...

Casey probably wishes he was number one, right?
I say: more scary ass people too!

Tall Lanky Jew said...

I am happy to break the top 10!!!!! Damn straight!!

VE said...

86 useless labels. Do like I do...file under some obscure generic label instead. In fact, just call everything 'life' or 'stuff'.

Reb said...

Knight, as for # 6, I think they have meetings for music - they are called night clubs. Then there are the house parties and you can....okay, I'll quit.

Great post, I think you have started a meme even if you didn't mean to.

Dianne said...

I have a 'life' label, not necessarily a life but labels are a start.

right? right? just say yes.

I love this. I'm going to go figure out my labels right now!

I think 'Me' well your 'ME' is a good one. I like reading about you.

Christine said...

I vote for more number 7. I'd be happy to get together with you for drinks if you need some material.

LL said...

Hmmmm... seems you need some more scary ass people to cross your path. That'd give you something to tell your friends about and cause you to drink more... :P

Kell said...

Cool post! What a great idea. I wonder what most labels are. Probably "Misc" that's a little sad.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, btw. I always appreciate new people coming by.

Michael Knight Rambo said...

What're label's?

Michael Knight Rambo said...

Wups. Extra apostrophe. Sorry. Drunk.

Farmer*swife said...

Labels! I used them sparcely (did I spell that right) in the beginning but then started being more specific in my inclusions and adding new ones that apply...

This is from reading post via other bloggies labels.

I need to go add a label called "Funny" or "Humorous" or "LMAO Funny." Cuz' I do have a few funny posts and I love to laugh and share a laugh.

So, after I putty and paint my face I'm going to go over to my place and evaluate my own labels!

Happy Saturday!!!!