Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Awesome Bloggers

It's a vlog but it's a cheat vlog because I did a two for one. Check out all the sweet new swag.

Okay so I look a little crazy, I know. I can't hide it.

I want to thank Dana for the awesome shirt! It's my favorite color and everything. You rock. Pop rock. Yes I did choke a little so let that be a lesson to everyone that eating in moderation is key. Everyone go visit Dana at Amid Life's Crisis.

I want to thank Gary at Potter's Blog for the beautiful vase and mini pot. I'm so impressed with how talented he is. Go check out his work. You will love it. No really go. Go now!

I don't take the best pictures but you get the idea.


Jay said...

Easy on the Pop Rocks! LOL

Great vlog. And cool swag!

LL said...

Pop Rocks? Oh man... my college roomies and I once drove over 50 miles looking for pop rocks. We found them though!

And I was hoping for a little singing... you know, some Billy Squier or something sexy like that. ;P

Anonymous said...

I remember pop rocks from 4th grade! I bought some for my kids a few years ago, but I don't think they liked them as much as you do, LOL :)

Will you be posting a singing vlog soon?

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Rock on Knight, rock on, and thanks!

Dana said...

WooHoo! It was a good week for swag! Glad you liked the shirt - it was one of those things that just screamed it should be yours!

Micky-T said...

A cheating vlog full of swag.
A T,a pot, a mini pot and rocks.
How very cool.

moooooog35 said...

I'd send you something appropriate from "Mental Poo," but I'm afraid of what the Postal Inspectors would do to me.


Farmer*swife said...

You are so gorgeously adorable! Thanks for vlogging and showing us your goodies!

You also look incredibly thin... I bet you rock out in a beautifully body tapered long black silky dress!

Just sayin'!!!

Congrats on your cool stuff and have a Happy Hump-Diggity! [already?]

furiousBall said...

that vase is nice, and pop rocks, holy crap i need to go read that blog stat.

Darla said...

Maaaaaaan...I can't actually listen to the vlog at work. But I'll see you tonight. I am oddly but completely in love with the mini pot.

fiwa said...

G comes before K in google reader, so I have to admit I watched your vlog on Gary's site. :)

How fun - I love getting presents in the mail, just makes your day, doesn't it?

Knight said...

Yall are so supportive. I make a vlog where I look mentally handicapped and you don't judge me.

For the record, the leg and hand in the pictures belong to Casey.

Knight said...

Jay- I didn't exactly plan out that moment. They don't taste as good when they are popping on your uvula.

LL- Of all the candy Dana could use to buy my affection, she picked the perfect thing. I'll work on my Squier lyrics and plan the next vlog. I can do that acapella, right?

Kcinnova- It was such a cool surprise. I have not had pop rocks in years. I might post a singing vlog but to be honest, it's hard enough doing these. I can't even watch it because I think I look ridiculous. I deleted the vlog of me opening the box and calling it a bomb.

Gary- No, THANK YOU!

Dana- I love it. Thanks for thinking of me!

Micky-t - I'm rich!

Mooooog35 - Probe, right?

Farmer*swife- I do look scary thin but trust me, that isn't the case. I think the fact that I'm hunching over isn't helping. Happy hump day to you!

Furiousball- I'm starting to think sending pop rocks is the best way to build a strong readership.

Darla- Isn't it fantastic? You should see it in person. He makes them in all colors and I think they are my favorite thing to ever happen to pottery. I might need about 50 of them.

Fiwa- Ha, that happens to me all the time. Getting fun stuff in the mail makes having a stoned doorman worth while again.

Reb said...

Wonderful swag for a girl that deserves it. Can't wait for a vlog where you sing though girl!

Mike said...

Hey, your hot.

If you and the tall lanky jew every break up, you can call me, the short stocky jew ;)

Like there aren't enough of THOSE around.


Dianne said...

My neighbor's kid was here, he's a teen and he came to move some boxes for me.

I was looking at this when he walked in and he said

"Wow, who's the hot girl?"

I told him - "my adopted daughter"

now he wants to meet you ;)

Tall Lanky Jew said...

Whoa there mike. Only one Jew at a time!!! And I have dibs. :)

GMEyster said...

Love me some pop rocks! Haven't had those since I was listening to records. Nice swag!

Anonymous said...

The vases ROCK, and cool t-shirt! I don't know what pop rocks are, I don't think we have them in Canada. Wow...there's a candy I am unfamiliar with. Stop the presses. Anyway, you totally scored! Yay! :)

tt said...

Finally!!!!!!!! a vlog with you as the star!!! Yay...all is right in my world now.
Could you be any cuter or sweeter???? well, maybe after you threw back those pop rocks.... lol.. adorable!!! But, umm, where's the New York accent???
So next is a singing vlog???? maybe?????? hopefully???
Thanks gal!

Mike said...


Don't worry brother, I follow the Jew code.

Wouldn't want to lose the bag of Jew gold I have around my neck ;)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Cool treats! You lucky girl!

I *adore* Gary's work. I have a little something from him that I need to show the world soon!

Anonymous said...


Congrats.. I love watching your VLOGS!


Michael Knight Rambo said...

If you "look a little crazy" I need to start cruising the loony bins.
You're so modest!

Tink said...

Crazy is posting a Cloverfield knock-off vlog where your dogs "attack" you. Not that I would know anything about that *whistles innocently*. Nah, you just look adorable in this, as usual.

Lu' said...

Great vlog. You are a natural, lovely.

captain corky said...

Thank God you didn't wash those down with a coke! Be careful of those Poprocks girl.