Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I’ve Got Your Answers – Part 3

Dana asks:
What is one (or more) personality "flaws" you have that you think might surprise us?

Dear Dana,
I could write for quite some time on this one but it would probably bore you and I’m not sure anyone would be surprised. Also, I know there are several things about me that others would perceive as flaws but I don’t see it that way. I don’t think those are worth mentioning. I’ll just stick with what I would ideally change.

One of my big problems is that I’m unable to express myself in words. (Smooth move starting a blog, right?) When the moment comes I never have the right thing to say and I can’t properly communicate what is in my head. I end up being silent or never getting to my point. This makes me come off cold. Sure, I am cold intentionally a lot of the time but I think that the perception happens more then intended. I’m poetic and romantic in my own head alone. Nobody else would ever see that.

I tend to come off as unaffected too often. A lot of the time I am because I’m fairly laid back and don’t have rules. I’m so used to playing the role of unaffected that when I’m not I don’t express my hurt and when I bottle too long it comes out as passive aggressive. Unfortunately everything comes at the wrong moment and I’m passive aggressive about something that had nothing to do with the original problem. Much like this explanation I confuse me and everyone else involved.

I have no tolerance for intolerant people, which makes me a hypocrite. How in the hell do you fix that?

I’m quick to cut friends out of my life if I deem our relationship irreparable. I know this isn’t the responsible thing to do. It’s selfish on my part.

I’m sure I have a ton more to announce but that is all that comes to mind. So, beware.

Calm B4 the Storm asks:
I am cheesy as always but what made you decide to blog??

Where do you see yourself in lets say 5 yrs??

Love Ya Sis!

Dear, Ne, aka Sis, aka Calm
I think I should start by explaining to my readers real quick that Ne is not my real sister. She is my hot blog sister and hopefully some day we will meet because I adore her.
Anyway, I started blogging in Feb of 2006 about a week after Casey broke up with me. (We eventually got back together.) I think I needed an outlet for thoughts and at the time I was regularly reading the blogs of my real life friends, Jason, Darla, and GMEyster. Obviously I got jealous and started my own. If you look at the crap I was writing about in the beginning it’s all nonsense about Jazz artists from the start of the century. I discovered I kind of like it here and stuck with it.

Where will I be five years from now? I have NO idea. I can’t even imagine what I will be doing next year let alone when I’m 30. I hope I have a new career that makes me happy. I hope I am still performing. Other than that it is a blank slate. I’m not old enough to look that far ahead. It’s foggy and scary out there. I prefer now.

Just for fun, let’s assume I will be living in Ohio where I mow lawns in my swimsuit for a living. I will take up smoking the pipe and competitive grouting as hobbies. Having taken local classes in performance makeup I will spend way too much time drawing on my own eyebrows every day and to compensate for time lost I will have shaved my head. I will still be blogging but my constant talk of the various ways to cook corn will have driven you all away.


GMEyster said...

No way! I didn't leave Ohio as soon as I had that high school diploma in my hot little hand so that you could aspire to go there like a crazy person and mow lawns!

Though, hey, they were a blue state this year. Deep down that made me a little proud. Or less ashamed, I should say.

I don't blog like I used to, though I am glad to know that your fantastic blog came out of the outreaches of Doodle and Dar (I followed them into it, too). Then I went and made it a private blog, since I expressed things in it that weren't received kindly (not intentional, they were just my thoughts). I guess that's what happens when we live in the world of Google.

Anywho. Your comment about cutting friends out of your life struck a chord with me. I have been missing someone in my life, and have wanted to get in contact with them, but have felt unable to. Is it my pride? My fear of being rejected? My not knowing how to start?

I think I need to bite the bullet and just DO it, and plainly tell that person that I miss their energy and presence in my life.

Thanks, Knight. As always, great blog.

Anonymous said...

Out of all that incredible self-reflection, what I walk away with is a comedic vision of competitive grouting. What does this say about me?!?

Dana said...

This has been so much fun (reading your answers) that I might have to do it myself!

Jay said...

Oddly enough I think you have covered everything there really is to do in Ohio in this post. So, if you do move there, you already have a plan. Which is good.

I've done this question and answer thing a couple of times and I think you've inspired me to do it again!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

you? FLAWS? I think my friend Tall Lanky Jew will agree with me that you have NONE.

Anonymous said...

You are a sweety... thanks for answering my corny questions.. and adoring me.. but I really adore you!!

Until your next set of questions!!!


Macoosh said...

i'm baaaaaaack!!!! http://reflectionofadream.blogspot.com/

and i've missed you. though i truly have been reading.. just unable to comment. i love that one of the last posts made you realize you needed to thank your mum and grandmum. that was sweet.

and i love this idea for a post... like jay i've totally used it before and may do so again!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm 42...oh shit, I'm 43 now and I have no clue what I'll be doing in 5 years. And I don't want to know. If I'm with you in Ohio mowing in my bikini, I just want to be happy. ;)

Stop talking about corn. You're going to turn Dana on!

Tink said...

I've cut off lots of friendships because I thought them toxic or irreparable. Some were very old friendships too, lasting through school years and on to adulthood. I don't usually regret it... But sometimes I think, what if?

Micky-T said...

OK you've confused me and every one else involved, but a bikini clad lawn mower pusher smoking a pipe with painted eyebrows and a shaved head grouting between kernels of corn as a hobbie, I understand completly.

Mike said...

shaved head, eyebrow's and corn.... don't forget about the 14.3 kids you'll have squeezed out by then :P

Dianne said...

does matt-man know yet that you'll be living in Ohio? Cause he's gonna need enough lead time to get himself a big ass lawn.