Monday, November 17, 2008

I've Got Your Answers - Part 2

Gary Asks:
Very personal, because I forgot the details. I know you have seizures, does the doctor say it is epilepsy? Do you take medicine for it? Does it require you to change what you eat and drink?
Have you always loved singing, performing? Background please!

Dear Gary (aka: The Pottery God),

I have had seizures but thankfully not that frequently and ideally never again. My neurologist does not call it Epilepsy yet. I guess they are not 100% sure on that. I take medication for it twice a day but honestly I wonder if it works for me at all. I have a feeling my seizures are more related to sleep issues. I haven’t had to change what I eat because I tend to be fairly healthy most of the time anyway. The only thing that has changed is my alcohol consumption. I used to drink quite a bit. I’m only 25 you know. Two years ago I could easily drink two bottles of wine, go to bed at 4, and be at work at 8am. Now if I drink as much as three glasses I could get sick for an entire day. Not always, but sometimes. I used to love vodka tonics with lemon but I can’t drink that at all anymore. The medication makes me unable to handle it so I try to be more careful. The feeling of being drunk never really happens anymore. I go from being fine to sick in minutes. I believe this is because of the medication. It does say “Alcohol intensifies effect” on the bottle. I just can’t give up the wine and beer.

I have always loved singing and performing. My mom was always a tomboy growing up and I think she assumed I would be so they had me playing softball, basketball, and whatever else. I sucked at everything. Around that same time I was singing constantly. I had a little toy microphone and speaker. I had a mic plugged into my boom box. We had a karaoke machine. You couldn’t get me to shut up. At some point my mom asked if I would like taking voice lessons. I must have been 8 or 9. Maybe younger. I’m not good with time lines. I never stopped taking lessons until I graduated from college and couldn’t afford it any more. My very first voice teacher invited me to a showcase of a local kids performing group. I remember going with my mom (I never realized until just now that it was always my mom, hmmm) and she asked if I would like to start taking classes. This group had me performing for years at local theaters, malls, fairs, and whatever else they could come up with. I also did every community theater show I could get into. It made my entire childhood.

After writing this I ended up on the phone with my mom and thanked her for always being the supportive one who got me involved with all the things that make me happy. She said I should probably thank my Grandmother as well. So Thanks to both of them and thanks to Gary for helping to point out what should have been obvious.


Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

Pretty good story, on both counts. I used to drink like a fish too, but you get older and.....well anyway, perhaps it is healthier for you overall to just enjoy those couple of glasses of wine or beer. Hope the seizures top, hope you can stop with the meds.
As far as performing, your story is FANTASTIC. And you know all of us would like to see more video of you performing.

Mike said...

I've said this before, i'm not comparing you to a dog (tho from me that is a compliment as I place dogs at a higher level than humans), but my old dog had a seizure, here and there, and pretty much grew out of it.

What I'm saying is it might not be a problem after a while, right?

Darla said...

I love so much that you called your mom when the realization hits. That's just, beautiful. Go you!

Real Live Lesbian said...

I'm lovin' this! How'd I miss the questions post? Damn, I thought I was a better visitor than to miss two whole days!

I'd still like to see a vlog of you singing!

Jay said...

I'm with RLL. I'd love to hear you sing.

I don't drink as much as I used to either. Getting old just sucks so bad. haha

Michael Knight Rambo said...

Too bad about the booze!
I guess a little is better than none, though.

GMEyster said...


I remember calling my mom when I was in college and bawling on the phone to her, thanking her for always letting me do my theatre stuff. It wasn't until I was in college and saw so many people struggling around me to be creative, without the support of their family. My mom always urged me to continue with it. She saw I had talent, but that I needed work.

That kind of a gift is an amazing and selfless one. I was glad I was able to thank my mom in the same way it sounds like you just did.

Fantastic blog :o)

Anonymous said...

Wow! Sorry about the loss of a good vodka tonic, but I'm so glad your mom & grandmother saw your interest and talent and nurtured you.

Farmer*swife said...

Awwwwww. Lil'Gal is always singing (Oh, you saw that didn't you!). And, either Daddy and I, or Santa, will bring her a karaoke machine.

They make a new one the size of a CD player with a head mic and two portable speakers. So, rather than she and Farmer, Jr. fighting over what song to play?

They can both do their own thing. Though, he likes to listen more...she likes to belt it front of the mirror, and practice her "moves."

Now, I feel like the supportive Mom after reading your remembrance. ;-)

Meds: Lil'Gal is still on a couple. Hate em? But, seems like they are kind of working so gotta deal with them.

I hear you on that one. Hang in there Gal. I'll think about you with my glass of wine for bed tonight and the next time I have a VT.

I am so glad you have Casey. I'm thinking y'all have been together almost a year? Getting close? How wonderful.

Happy Monday!

Farmer*swife said...
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Matt-Man said...

Informative and yet, not boring to read. Well done. Due to advanced years I can't drink as much either although most folks wish that I would stay drunk all the time. Cheers Knight!!

Dianne said...

I'm all caught up again!! Sorry I was MIA.

I'll vote for a singing vlog too.

My only question to you would always be. How'd ya get to be so damn adorable? And ...

Can I keep you?

furiousBall said...

what's the fastest animal in the ocean?

Anonymous said...

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