Friday, May 22, 2009

What can I say?

I've really missed you all. I miss having this outlet. I know some people read without commenting but I'm talking about the actual friends I have made through blogging. Sometimes I think you all know more about me than anyone else. So I'm sure you are wondering where I have been. The truth is, nowhere. I just can't find reason to write. You know what I mean. I know you do. We have all hit that wall at some point. For the record I am taking suggestions if you want to give me some.

Being unemployed is harder than I thought it would be. I don't feel the kind of stress I had at my last job anymore and I'm so thankful for that but even still I'm really scared. I feel like the choices I make now I have to live with for the rest of my life. I am terrified of going into another corporate job that makes me hate myself. I have not talked about the job hunt process with anyone in my life and I don't intend to. I'm noticing about myself that I tend to be a very private person but only in very obscure ways. I always thought I was more open than most but I must have been wrong. Oh well. We are always learning something new, right?

I guess I'm mostly dropping in to say hello and I am alive. I have not given up on blogging. I will be back. I have also been reading everybody's posts as much as possible but I don't comment much so I apologize for that. I'll try working on it.

Apologies all around.
Much Love.
- Knight


Farmer*swife said...

OMG! I've been thinking about you! I was worried. Health? Job/finances? I didn't want you just to leave us....

like how we lost R.E.H. :-(

So glad you are still around. We do miss you. I'll be back with some things you can blog about.

Miss'd Ya Angel!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you decided to post, if for no other reason than to say hello. YOU ARE MISSED!!!

You've been through a lot these past few months. Hang in there. I know there is a good job out there for you! You have so much talent.

Dez said...

It's good to hear from you. I too get "blocked blog writing" (a lot). Don't worry about responding if you don't feel like it.
I feel for you being unemployed. I hope you find work that you will enjoy! Thanks for stopping in to say hello. Good Luck!

Jay said...

Yo babe! I've been cleaning out my Google Reader. Getting rid of blogs that don't post anymore and stuff like that. But I REFUSE to get rid of yours!

I get all excited when I see that you've posted. ;-)

Dana said...

How wonderful to find you waiting in my reader! Odd, I was just thinking this morning, "I wonder how Knight is doing?" and then POOF! Here you are!

It's just good to here an update. Know that many of us are out here thinking about you - wondering how you are - sending thoughts and prayers your way!

Gary Rith Pottery Blog said...

MISS YOU KNIGHT! Hope it all settles down soon, yes indeed.

Anonymous said...

hey sis! I have missed you and when i got your comment that day i ran straight over here to your blog...

I am glad that you are going to still blog and know please know that your lil Ky sis misses you so much!

Take your time i will be around here. and well JUST TAKE YOUR TIME, NO MATTER WHAT!



Anonymous said...

Been unemployed twice. I'm sure at some point it will happen again. Looking for a job was a better job than a job I had.

furiousBall said...

hey carly, we'll all be here, take your time. i promise not to oggle your header image too much

fiwa said...

Sister, I am in the same boat all around. I truly feel your pain. I'm not blogging much right now because I refuse to put all that stress and insecurity out there. Just take care of you - we will all still be here when the mood strikes you again, and I think everyone understands about the commenting. At least I hope they do!

I'm thinking good thoughts for all of us in this situation - you, me, Tink and anyone else.


micky-t said...

Great to hear from you. At least now we know, your lurking about. I hope you find your perfect job, some people have a tough time "selling" themselves and that's what job hunting is. Be positive! During an interview once the guy said to me, "you sound awful sure of yourself and a little cocky, how do you know you can handle this job?" I pointed to the door I came in and said, "No one will come through that door and try to tell you how good I am at what I do, it's just me and that means "you" have to figure out if I can handle this job".
After more selling he offered me the job for more money than I had ever made. I told him I'd let him know. I never called back, screw him. My next job changed my life, it was in a boatshop.

GMEyster said...

It was good to see you. I know what you mean about needing a break from posting.

Tall Lanky Jew said...

I'm glad you are back on here Ms Knight! :)

Reb said...

As one who has been unemployed more than once, I know just how hard it can be. It gets harder the longer it takes to get a job too, as you start to lose confidence in yourself. Relax, you are still capable and talented and the right job will come along.

Don't worry about taking a job that you might find interesting just because it isn't what you want to do. You can always keep looking while you are employed and in the meantime, you may be doing something exciting. I never talk about my job search to family or friends, I just say I'm looking when they ask. I'm horrible at "networking" that way.

You are still young, you have a world of choices still open to you. If you make the wrong one now, it can be changed later.

Glad to see you are still with us and yes, we miss you, but we also understand.

Matt-Man said...

Glad you are still among the living. If you need something to write about, you could always write about how sexy you find me to be. Cheers Knight!!

Mike said...

Good to see you alive and kicking.

And probably nursing a hangover from your 26th b-day I'd imagine ;)