Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's that scent?

Are you familiar with Pheromones? I use this word all the time so I consider myself very familiar with acceptable uses, which is why I was a little confused when I noticed my boss scribbling it down as an activity on his to do list.

/ˈfɛrəˌmoʊn/ Show Spelled[fer-uh-mohn] Show IPA
–noun Animal Behavior .
any chemical substance released by an animal that serves to influence the physiology or behavior of other members of the same species.

Knight - "Um, did you just write down Pheromones?"

Boss - "Oh yeah, you know that word? The dentist said it and we didn't know what it meant."

Knight - "Really? Your son's dentist found a way to fit pheromones into the visit?"

It had something to do with the dentist wanting to meet face to face so he uses the term phermonaly. I don't think that word exists. Even if it did I think it's a really odd choice of wording to use in a dentist/ young boy relationship. My confused boss was going to add this fake word to his vocabulary when scheduling meetings with clients. I suggested that might be a bad idea.

I was annoyed when he decided to assume that I didn't know the correct use of the word and that the doctor was using it correctly. I walked back to my desk and did the research. Within two minutes I had the dictionary and wikipedia pages printed out and on his desk. Guess I'm a little brighter when it comes to pheromones. That's probably because I know how to use mine. Oh, and just because someone is a doctor it doesn't mean they know what they are talking about. Always do your own research.

By the way, I use my pheromones to establish territory so watch out.


Charlene said...


An insurance salesman was sitting at our kitchen table the first year we were married. He was trying to talk Dennis into buying a huge insurance policy. He wasn't succeeding. His finaly statement, "This is the kind of policy all the doctors are getting."

Dennis told him he should go sell it to a doctor! We never were impressed by being told something like that!

Micky-T said...

I use my pheromones to keep me supplied with food.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

does this have anything to do with strawberries, chocolate and champaigne??????

Real Live Lesbian said...

That's hysterical. I want to meet you phermonally! What a dork.

Farmer*swife a/k/a Glass_Half_Full said...

1) OMG, the son's dentist is using this term. Not that that is any implication of something to have radar on for but, 'radar, radar, radar'. [A mom speaking.]

2) Pheramonily? I would love to have the exact sentence from which this word was interjected. It would be nice to decipher what the 'true?' thought was intended to be relayed.

3) Hoping your boss understood your interest in insuring he didn't make 'a fool of himself or a lust of himself' by using that term in place of what term should have been there.


Jay said...

I use my pheromones to make sure nobody bothers me when I'm in public. I think I'm doing it wrong.

Anonymous said...

My pheromones usually don't offend me, but I'm not sure that can be said about others.

Moooooog35 said...

Pheromones are like urine, right?

Because I establish my territory with them, too.

Man. It smells terrible in this cube.

Knight said...

Charlene- That scenario could keep me from purchasing any insurance.

Micky-T- I know a couple "working girls" who do that too.

Gary- If you find yourself giving these items to someone else you probably have an interest in their pheromones.

RLL- Yeah, I suppose it makes sense in a way but it's so AWKWARD.

Farmer*swife- My radar went off as well but I think the doctor was trying to be celver and intelligent by using a word he didn't fully understand. He just meant the meeting would be better in person.

Jay- I know what you mean. I try to use mine to keep people away but I have freak magnent genes so they all come running at me instead.

Kcinnova- Ha! I bet your husband enjoys them!

Mooog- Uh, yeah. That could work too I guess. That should be a successful way of keeping people from bothering. Infact I think I can smell you from here.

Mike said...

I thought pheromones were that thing my dog squirts from her bum on all trees and hydrants withing a 19 block radius of my house to establish her dominance of the approximately 286 dogs that live in that 19 block radius.

Am I right too?

GMEyster said...


Mike said...

I read recently that men's pheromones are in their sweat. Women's are in their urine.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH THANKS MIKE now everybody can be grossed out!

Mike said...

I'm only here to help sort out the facts.

Knight said...

Mike- Uh, that sounds more like perhaps your dog needs a visit to the vet. Or maybe it's just your magical way with words.

Gmeyster- Where have you been?

Mike- So that's why people are always trying to put their head down there.

Gary- He is a sharer.

LL said...

So if Mike's right... do you want to revise your statement on how exactly you use yours? ;)

If not... where exactly do you live? That might make for some good watchin' :P

Reb said...

Hm, I think my pheromones were used up too early in my life ;) Perhaps the dentist has a speech impediment? or they just didn't hear him correctly? Or lets hope so anyway.

Matt-Man said...

You smell good; wanna smell me? Cheers Knight!!

Both Sides of Ben said...

is the moral of the story never go to the dentist? Awesome!

eula_w said...

Me and my brother use pheromone cologne. :)