Thursday, August 4, 2011

Same old crap.

I know I need to post but I’m not feeling the inspiration. Let’s try stream of thought for a bit and see where we go.

It just now occurred to me that if I ever were to receive an engagement ring with a big rock on it, wearing it would be dangerous. If I had a seizure I could stab the hell out of my face and eyes.

Not that I plan to get engaged or anything. Ever.

I’ve started to notice that every time I sing karaoke at a bar the bartenders compliment me and give me a free shot. Um… that’s just awesome. I feel pretty damn good about that. Maybe I can get a friend to record something next time so I can share it here.

I made the mistake of watching The Glee Project even though I never really watched Glee. I assume I like it because I used to be a part of the whole auditioning scene and I like watching kids get tortured. I hope nobody wins. I hate them all. My main problem is that they sing a part of a song at the end and I have no idea what song they are covering I just know the one lyric they sing and it is now stuck in my head ALL THE GODDAMN TIME. “There’s nothing I can saaaaaay. Nothing I can doooooo. Blah blah blah blah blaaaaaaah…when it comes to the truth. So keeeeeeeeep holiding onnnnnnnnn. Cause you know I’ll make it through. I’ll make it through eww eww.” Yeah maybe I don’t know it that well… but how can I get it out of my head? Please! Please help me!

Two of my guy friends are currently going through divorces. They decided to move in together. They are having a combined birthday party this weekend. Why do I think this is both awesome and adorable? I adore them both.

Is a Snuggie a good going away gift? I wish I could get one for the cat but that would just piss the pussy off. The cat not the guy.

I had my intake meeting for that whole therapy thing I talked about in my last post. It went really well. The dude was great and we talked an hour over the allotted time. I guess I was interesting. He pretty much told me what I really need is a Neuro Psychiatrist so I can get my life back in order. I agree.

Work is over. I am done.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Mr. President.


Mike said...

It's said the way to get a song out of your head is to sing it or hum it out loud.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

benji was telling me he enjoyed hanging out with you the other day, and, of course, you are the BEST :)

Reverend Awesome said...

Rock a rockless ring! Never say never, as Justin Bieber says...

I bet you sing and are actually good! I karaoke The Humpty Dance. If I went up and tried to sing they'd probably start charging me double for drinks to try to get me to leave.

Oh yeah! What's your hometown?

Anonymous said...

I think you're referring to the Avril Lavigne song "Keep Holding On." Here's the video.

Anonymous said...

Also, the Wikipedia page has the list of who sang what which week and lists the original artist:

jack mehoff said...

i find that when i have music stuck in my head i dont like, i have to replace it with something i do like:

smother yourself with happy people

glad to hear you got some answers and a direction for sorting out things

IWS Radio said...

So, never getting engaged doesn't rule out running away to Vegas with me and getting married does it?

Snuggies are always a good gift. Unless they're moving to a country along the equator.


Anonymous said...

I have the whole song-stuck-in-the-head-thing. It's worse at night. I have a little exercise thing I do to get rid of it and go back to sleep.

Snuggies are always bad gifts.

LL said...

Oh... a Snuggie. I thought you were going to go over there and snuggle with them, in which case... I was going to volunteer to move most any time! :P

Glad you're moving forward with your life. And if this is how your mind works a stream of thoughts and you need to see a neuro psych... I'm in REAL trouble!

Mike said...


Unless the guy is gay. Then he'll love the snuggie.

Knight said...

Mike- Man I wish that was working.

Gary- Thanks dude. Benji didn't tell you all the hijinks did he?

Reverend- I guess you are right about the never thing. I am a singer. How can you possible be so bad that they would charge you double doing the humpty dance? Not possible. I'm from the Quad Cities.

Joshua- Oh God that's it. How do I kill it?

Jack- Big Deftones fan huh? Thanks for the links. I haven't heard much of their stuff.

Jay- Of course not! I already have my bag packed. I'm just waiting for you to say when.

Knot- Thanks for sending me your creepy nightime ritual. I'll try that next time.

LL- I'm not much of a snuggler but I'll make an exception for you my dear.

Mike- The snuggie thing was more of a joke. I hate those stupid things. If I did get him one it would be for the humor of how inapropriate it was.

jack mehoff said...

well truly it depends on the mood...sometimes its them and others is


anything really to get that sing songy bullshit out of your head

Dianne said...

may I officate at your Vegas wedding to Jay?