Friday, August 31, 2007

On my way out

Just wanted to throw out a few quick things before I head to the hometown for the weekend.

Number 1) Good news! France is just as slow as we are! View Proof Here

Number 2) Bad news. Wickipedia is too liberal for the crazies so they made their own. Try getting your information at Convservapedia. Complete with Bible verse on the home page. I was told to try looking up homosexuality.... scary.

Number 3) Had another voice lesson last night and I already feel everything I used to know coming back. It wasn't completely gone, just hiding from me. Thank Jebus!!

Number 4) I would really like some brunch soon, anyone? Sure, Sunday brunch might conflict a bit with the 11am airing of new Rock of Love episodes but I can probably wait until the eve to view it. Maybe not.


Darla said...

I think the next time I'm free to brunch is 9/23....too far away?

Enjoy home!

Still can't wait to hear you sAng.

GMEyster said...

Thank Jebus, indeed.

Uhm, love 'Scary Ass People' - the label, I mean.

Have fun at the JD capital of the world!

Carly said...

I'll put 9/23 in my book.