Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy All-hallows Eve Darlings!

Lets celebrate like the Druids did. We can build bonfires and wear dead animals! Or, we could go to a burlesque show and watch the Parodivas light candles and wear fur! Either one sounds perfect for the holiday. I'm currently at work in my costume that wasn't supposed to be a costume. I wore red and black to work and it just happened to look a little evil so drawing red devil horns and taping them to my headband seemed only natural.

I wish someone would tell me a good ghost story right now. That is what I need. Something haunting. Anything to make me forget I'm at the office. It would be amazing if I could turn on a scary movie while I filled out spreadsheets. One of my co-workers decorated his office so it looks like blood is dripping down the walls. Is it odd that I'm jealous?

Robert Goulet died yesterday. He needed a lung transplant but couldn't get one in time. I don't think enough people are donors. Goulet, if I died within the past couple weeks I would love nothing more than to give you my lungs. They work okay but might be a little small and girly for you. Goulet! Go to you tube and watch some of his stuff. In his younger days he was a really gorgeous man. Not that he wasn't yesterday but in his youth... *wiping away drool* oh yeah.

Back to the Holiday. I want to have a late night picnic in the park with candles and wine but I'm afraid the rats will give me diseases. Ghosts are funny. Rodents are not.

Well, have a good day kids. Try not to get poisoned.
Stabs and Bites!


Macoosh said...

oh no! goulet! now will farrell's impression will be funny AND sad. sigh.

i saw robert goulet in camelot once. he was pretty terrible. he broke character and hammed it up to the audience like, 40 times. once it was fun but after the show was another hour longer, i was ready to get the hell outta there.

Carly said...

I used to love Tim Curry until I saw his terrible performance in Spamalot. He broke character constantly and half assed the whole thing. Huge disappointment.
Quick! Staring contest, me and you.... you win! You always do.