Thursday, November 1, 2007

You'll Eat Your Kids

Introducing the musical stylings of Westboro Baptist Church

If you are not familiar with this church/cult you can find tons of information about them on you tube and google search. I think it's terrifying how easily people are brain washed. This church/cult has less then 100 members and 80% of them are related. They keep breeding and brainwashing their children to think just like them. So scary but at the same time... kind of hilarious. I thought this video was pretty damn funny. Who wrote these lyrics? How did they decide which person gets the solo?

Well anyway, they were recently sued for "protesting" at a soldiers funeral. (They believe American soldiers deaths are punishment for our nations tolerance of homosexuality.) They have been ordered to pay 11 million in compensation.

Religious extremists always blow my mind. What on earth could they be thinking? Can they possibly be that ignorant? Does it ever occur to them to question themselves? If only there was a way to help them. I'm pretty sure hatred is taught not genetically inherited so there has to be some hope but how do you teach people that they are capable of free thought?

I want to study to be a hypnotist. Maybe that can give me answers. Anyone want to join me?


Macoosh said...

my to-do list this weekend:

1. buy a new bedding ensemble.

2. visit your blog to watch all the videos i don't get to watch whilst at work.

3. sleep.

GMEyster said...

Oh Holy Jesus. I'm more frightened than I am entertained.

Why is homosexuality so threatening to people? I SO don't get that.

Macoosh said...

that made me so extremely uncomfortable i couldn't watch the whole thing.

i want to be there at the gates of heaven when those people die, feeling so entitled, and they don't get let in. and then a tall leggy transvestite walks by in platform boots and st. peter kisses him and opens the gates.

Carly said...

It's the way people are raised. They don't understand what they are doing . I don't know what happens when you die but I always like going back to the quote "You can believe in stones if you like. Just don't throw them at me."

GMEyster said...

Did I mention that I LOVE the label 'scary ass people'?

B-Dawg Robison said...


i have an image of jesus, riding a battering ram... huge hard wood between the lord's legs...

Honestly, that video creeped me out... massively.