Thursday, October 4, 2007

Just talkin' bout shit.

Raise your hand if you feel like this

I do...

I don't know what is going on but this week I feel like the walking dead. Not ill or anything but constantly tired. I believe the word many would use is "pooped" (I will never, ever use this word in person). Even though my body could fall asleep standing I just can't seem to turn off my mind. It's so annoying to want to fall asleep but it feels like your thoughts won't slow down. I know you can relate.

Hmm... other things. What other things do I want to bring up? I really enjoy the show The View now that Whoopi is on it. I like how she handles that crazy Elizabeth nut job. They spoke about abortion briefly yesterday and I realized I agree with almost everything Whoopi says. Not just in that situation but regarding a lot of things and to be honest, this surprised me. I'm shocked I even like the show at all since it's a bunch of old women bickering over each other but I do enjoy the extremes of how they each see things. It makes every topic a little more interesting. Plus, with all the commercial breaks it's really only 20 minutes of show within the hour and I'm able to skip the other crap.

Hey, if you are reading this you obviously have a lot of time to kill. Why don't you start wasting large amounts of time HERE?
When you click on the link the games are on the left side. I suggest starting with Grow Cube. It's sort of a game but mostly a big puzzle that gets you so invested in solving it you will waste hours of your life. Enjoy!!!


GMEyster said...

I know what you mean about feeling 'pooped' (I have used this word in're much cooler than I, I'm afraid).

I gotta say, sometimes taking the day can help. Planning a weekday to do something when it is less crowded. I find this gives me a lift, even if it is only going to the music library at Julliard and copying sheet music.

JasonBSchmidt said...


I love Whoopi on the View. The episode where she was so candid about the fact that she does NOT LIKE BRAS was fabulous and like poop is to you fabulous is to that means...something?

Sometimes I get that "I could just collapse in the street right now" feeling and don't know how to press on. Butt, somehow we do. It's probably the anonymous (on my part) or nonymous (on yours) sex.

:) DOODLE!!!