Tuesday, November 27, 2007

and then there was silence....

Okay, so nobody has anything to say about mind control. Alright, I'll leave that subject alone for awhile. By the way, everyone reading has the ability to comment. You can do it anonymously. I know I sound like a total whack job in most if not all of my posts but if I were completely boring you wouldn't bother stopping by.
I have no real topic for today. I just felt I should write since it's been awhile and there was a holiday and whatnot. Oh Yeah, Happy Thanksgiving. I won a lot of cash on the Riverboat Casino slot machine. Happy Holidays to me! Hey, next year let's do this for Thanksgiving.

Why is it that kids get to dress up put it is really inappropriate for adults to do it?


GMEyster said...

Can I be Elvis next year?

Carly said...

Okay, you get to be Elvis. I call the part of Microwave.