Friday, January 4, 2008

Anybody need a calendar?

Now that the holidays are over I find myself getting all the gifts in order and locating their proper place in my apartment. Okay, yes, I should have done this weeks ago. Nevertheless, I have just one thing left that is of no use to me. I appreciate the thought grandma but I really have no idea where to put a desk calender. Some of you might say, "Why not take it to work?" Well, No. You see, this specific calendar is "The Secret" themed and I fear if I read this self affirmation crap every day I might go crazy.

The first day reads something along the lines of:
Think happy thoughts every night before you go to bed and when you wake up every morning. Be thankful for your day whether it was good or bad. Eventually you will see improvement.

Eventually I will become a zombie that talks to myself and whistles constantly. I've got a secret for you.. this isn't a freakin' secret. Why do people always fall for that? Yes, having a positive attitude and gaining confidence improves your life or at least your outlook on it. Thanks for the $30 enjoy the DVD. Don't forget to buy the book!


Tink said...

There is this guy at work who likes to tell me, "Smile and your mood will follow!" Then he stands there until I smile. I want to hurt him.

Carly said...

People don't dare say that to me at work. They know I'll go postal in a heartbeat. You're a better person than I.