Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Liquor in the front, Poker in the rear.

I didn't win the pot last night but we had a pretty good game. The trick to having a great poker night is finding cool people who take the game seriously but not too seriously. Enough to keep the game going but not so much that you can't laugh while you play. Lately I have been playing about twice a month with some friends. People weave in and out of games so it's never all the same group. We play Texas Hold'em with a fairly cheap buy in so you never lose too much but if you are the winner of the night you gain a decent bundle. Anyway, the game last night was amusing. My best hand was a straight flush. We played in a Harlem apt where I had some pizza and a few Dos Equis. It's the proper way to play. Back when I had a regular poker night with co-workers we played in this fancy-schmancy Upper East Side apartment. In accordance we would eat Thai and drink wine. They were good times. I really do enjoy the game and I have learned to play fairly well. It's all about luck and bullshit.
And now it's time for The Gambler


Jay said...

"The trick to having a great poker night is finding cool people who take the game seriously but not too seriously."

That's the problem I keep running into. People who all think they're Phil Helmuth and take themselves soooooo seriously. I mean, we're playing for like 10 bucks and they act like they're playing for the World Series of Poker title. It bugs me.

I have the same problem with bowling, softball and basketball. All these guys who all honestly believe they could have been super awesome pros if they had just not been injured or had crappy coaches or whatever.

Of course, I would be accused of not taking things seriously enough. That's because I'm actually super competitive. So, my options are to be the prick or the goof-off. I usually choose the goof-off. ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

My middle brother plays "Texas Hold'em" all the time. He plays at school (high school, he'll graduate this May). These kids are carrying like $50.00 at school.

When I was in high school? I was lucky to have $5.00 bucks to fill my gas tank and eat on all week.

Anyhow, great game. I finally learned not to play with (any of my brothers) with my glasses on. They could see my cards in the reflection -- cheaters! LOL

captain corky said...

"I had some pizza and a few Dos Equis."

My mouth is now drooling thinking about New York Pizza! I don't think the poor slobs all over this country understand what it means to eat New York Pizza. I'm a big time snob when it comes to food because I grew up 20 minutes from NY, and now I have to eat Papa Johns when I want pizza cause I live in fucking Kentucky.

My life is kind of like Henry Hill's at the ending of Goodfellas. LOL!

minijonb said...

I really need to find a good, regular poker game. Usually I play once a year and remind myself how bad a poker player I am.

R.E.H. said...

I want to get back to regular poker too. Used to play every Saturday with a bunch of guys 'n gals. But, slowly people started dropping out, and now it is rare to get enough people together to make it all worth while.

If you were closer you could come play with us. Neither one of us are the type who take it too seriously, although we do play to win. We also want to have a few beers and a few good laughs.

THAT is what poker is all about!

Darla said...

I think I just have to come right out and say it.


YES! Feels mighty good to get that off my chest, mighty good.

Single In The City said...

I want to learn how to play poker so bad! I love the girly poker all of friends and I play, but it is not the same as seeing a really serious game!

Like your blog I shall return!


found you by way of R.E.H blog!

Single In The City said...

I want to learn how to play poker so bad! I love the girly poker all of friends and I play, but it is not the same as seeing a really serious game!

Like your blog I shall return!


found you by way of R.E.H blog!

GMEyster said...

Love it!

Girl, there were only two concert occasions in my childhood when my parents would hire the babysitter and go to Cleveland: The Oak Ridge Boys or Kenny and Dolly.

Blogget Jones said...

I'm ashamed of myself. I'm a sixth generation Texan, with no clue how to play Texas Hold'em.... I'm sure they won't let me back in the state now...I'd better find a teacher!

:o) BJ

Mike said...

Ahh, the gambler. I have butchered that song many times, drunk at kaeroke. Fun shit.

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

OK... Would I be allowed in? I don't take the game too seriously (read: don't know how to play but know how to drink).

That's as much as I can offer.

Knight said...

jay- I was in a dodgeball league last year and I loved it until the last game when my team went insane with the need to be champions. They started screaming and making an embarrassing scene harassing the organization that sets up the league for charity. Now I refuse to play with them. Winning is great but having a good time is my top priority in ANY sort of game.

farmer*swife- How does a high schooler have $50? I would scrounge for $1 in high school just so I could use the vending machine and I had a job!

captain corky- Best NYC pizza is Freddy & Peppers. I had it my first day in NY and to this day it remains my favorite. You are right about the rest of the country not understanding. I came from the Chicago area which has a whole other idea of pizza. Still good but not the same.

minijonb- Ah, that just means you need to play more often. If you suck I'm sure people would love to help you learn and take your money in the process ;)

r.e.h.- Next time I'm in your neighborhood we should get a game together. You would have to translate for me, although, everyone speaks the same language when beer is involved.

darla- Honestly, I do too. When it starts playing everybody sings along.

single in the city- Welcome! Watching a serious game is very entertaining but playing a serious game in a friends apartment is just annoying. Everybody tends to piss each other off because they all have different rules.

gmeyster- Your parents are crazy. They should have hired a babysitter every weekend. That's what I would do!

blogget jones- How can that be? My guess is you don't have brothers that forced you to learn. By the way, I tried to check your blog but your profile is blocked.

mike- As have I, as have I.

inarticulate fumblings- Most certainly! It would go one of two ways. You would have beginners luck and take the pot or you would lose $20 and gain a whole lot of drinking buddies.

Tall lanky Jew said...

Love me some poker. Despite not having won for over a month!!! Wanna join up for a game?

Knight said...

tlj- Is it my turn to host again? I don't mind but I don't want to force you all into my tiny apartment.

furiousBall said...

i concur with capt corky. good pizza is worth it's weigh in gold or something... i lived in the south and the land of domino's, pizza hut, papa johns, or even... *shudder* Cici's....

thank God we won the civil war, otherwise all pizza would suck ass

Tink said...

I have no idea how to play poker, and watching how serious Hoop's family is about it scares the shit outta me. I saw his cousin TACKLE someone over a hand.