Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally Friday

This morning as I walked to the subway I apparently didn't have my ipod volume high enough.

Random chick on cell: "So I asked my doorman if I brought anyone home with me last night and he said he didn't know! I told him it's HIS JOB to know!"

Uh, no honey... that's your job.

I think my boyfriend's cat hates me. It makes me a little scared of her. I totally understand why of course. If I was used to sleeping with him in his room every night and suddenly some other chick showed up and I was kicked out into the hall I would be pissed. I would attack her face and bite the hell out of her if she came near me. Well, not really. I might do that to him. She is damn cute though. She looks like a little tiger and she is sort of retarded. Maybe if I stole her and took care of her she would like me more. That could always backfire and she would poke me in the eye while I'm sleeping. Do cat's seek revenge?

Have a good weekend kids.


R.E.H. said...

That was really funny - the part when that random chick claims the doorman's job is keeping track of her drunken one-nighters!

Cats are very territorial... you're in that cats space - but he/she/it will get used to it.

You did see Stephen King's Cat's Eye? right?

Jay said...

That girl has real problems if she doesn't know if she brought anyone home with her. Actually could you give her my phone number? Kidding ... I'm kidding. I kid because I care. ;-)

Cats are very vindictive creatures. I would keep an eye on that animal if I were you. ;-)

Farmer*swife said...

NEVER trust a cat. They are just so, "catty," that way. Dogs are great. Dogs are loyal. Dogs feel your pain and your joy. Dogs will notify you of intruders.

Dogs will clean up a food messes, spills, crubs, whereas cats vomit and spit up hairballs. If asked, the dog would actually "clean" that up too.

Cat's are moody and indignant. You feed them and provide them shelter and yet they'll treat you like you are the lucky one, that they have decided to "cohabitate" with you.

Although, they are cute and cuddly as kittens. They are passive aggressive though...So, Watch your back [wink]

Farmer*swife said...

[obviously, I meant crumbs, not crubs...what is a crub?]

JasonBSchmidt said...
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JasonBSchmidt said...

You should submit that to overheard in new york. He has a cat? I have nightmares of angry cats attacking me. Wonder what that means? IT couldn't be as cliche as I am afraid of pussy, right? Right?


GMEyster said...

Afraid of pussy. LOL