Monday, February 4, 2008

What Brings You here?

Some of my favorite search terms bringing people to my blog:
"hugs~fear of"
How much do morticians make?
I luvs my gun.

That sums up my entire blog rather nicely I think.

So, how about the game last night, eh? I thought it was pretty boring for awhile. That last quarter though, wow. I'm not really the get out of your seat screaming type but I was clapping on the inside. Since my profession/thing I do to pay bills is in the ad industry I can't help but intently watch all the commercials during the game. For some reason I felt like a few of the ads were targeting me. It started with the fed ex pigeon thing

Anybody that knows me is aware of my fear of birds. I don't eat them. I don't think they are cute pets. They creep me out.
Of course since it's the Super Bowl, some wings are being prepared from the pale, slimy, skin basics in the kitchen. Alright that's fine. I can handle that. I'm usually totally fine around people eating wings. It's been awhile since I've seen a large group of people pounce on a plate of sauce covered birds and rip the skin off the bone. Most of you are probably drooling. I was trying not to think about the uncooked version I just avoided in the kitchen. I have not felt like that in awhile. I didn't even know it still had that effect on me. Of course soon after this scene the pigeon ad comes up. Nice, thanks Fed Ex. My fault. I know better during super bowl parties.

Then, as I'm thinking a little too much about which spots my clients are going to ask for at work the next day, I catch myself.. why the hell do I freakin' care about this?
Que Career builders:

Damn, I wish my heart would do that!

After that a baby puked on itself and bought a clown.

I'm not sure what that means yet but I'll figure it out. I did wake up today mumbling "must invest at e*trade. must kidnap Bozo" Ah, the art of Brainwashing.


R.E.H. said...

Those were some funny commercials, I must admit. I really liked the "talking baby" ones.

I didn't get to see the commercials during the game last night, as they don't air the same ads over here.

The game was a thriller though.

Jay said...

I think that the ads are the most overrated part of the super bowl. Most of them are tired, boring and just plain suck.

The Doritos mouse that crashed through the wall and wailed on that guy was funny though. And I thought the Audi ad that kind of spoofed The Godfather was full of win too.

Hated that freaking baby. Hated it. ;-)

captain corky said...

The Super Bowl was amazing this year and thank God, New England lost!

Um... How are you? ;)

Tink said...

Birds aren't creepy. Talking babies, clowns, life-sized mice, and lizards dancing to Thriller are creepy. In which case I found the whole damn Superbowl rather disturbing...

Except for the end. That just rocked.

Knight said...

r.e.h.- I can't for the life of me figure out what country you are in. I was fond of the baby ads. Probably because everyone else found them so disturbing.

Jay- They really do suck. It surprises me that some ads aired have been running for over a year already. Why waste the money?

Captain- It was great being in NY right after the Giants won. The city was going wild. I'm okay. Survived the birds.

Tink- Not only do I have a fear of birds but also a serious fear of rodents. I forgot to include that one in the list.

GMEyster said...

Both my bro-in-law as well as the guy I am seeing both kept talking about 'the game' they wanted to see the end of on Sunday. I had no idea what they were talking about. Or that New York was one of the teams involved. But I sure did hear the parade!

A. said...

Yeah, thought of you when the Fed Ex add came up. The baby add scared me more though.....