Thursday, March 13, 2008

F Winter

I'm so f'n sick of winter. I don't like cold. In the winter I'm less likely to go out. I want to stay in my warm apartment and not walk anywhere. I also want to eat a lot which I think is my attempt at hibernating. I'm boring in the winter.

In the summer I go crazy. I like to hang out on my roof and view the lights. I like to walk around the city and shop, or dine at any place with outdoor seating so I can people watch. I love roller skating in the park and meeting friends in sheep's meadow every weekend. I never think it's so hot it's miserable. I don't even have air conditioning. I just love summer. It never lasts long enough.

Spring is dead to me. I pretend it doesn't exist.

Tonight I'm supposed to go out with some friends. We were trying to come up with something really interesting so when I discovered this XXX Adult Drawing Party with open wine bar and naked porn stars I thought it was perfect. Then I realized it's tomorrow. Damn! I always miss the important details.

Ciao for now.


Matt-Man said...

I don't mind a good snow in the winter once in awhile, but I am sick of it as well.

And the summer...Boo Yah. The hotter the better. Thanks for stopping by today. Cheers!!

Jay said...

Temps in the 70s here the last two days. You should have come down here to hang out. You could have even gone to Branson Missouri with me today. How wild am I? LOL ;-)

And adult drawing party with porn stars? See .... this is why it's so unfair that I live here and not in NYC!!! My jealousy of missing things like this knows no bounds. haha

Mike said...

I need heat.

I need A/C.

I generate retarded amounts of heat for some reason, so summer is NOT my friend.

BBC said...

No time to check out the links, but one reason I moved here is because because of the mild winters. That and a powerful dream.

I love summer and the sun also, it was dark, damp and drizzly, here today, and it seemed like such a long day.

A really long day.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to make it to MY this summer to hang out! I was there over New Years, and I did not get to do much.... Summeris my friend also!!Roller skating rocks!!

I hope find something fun to do.. sitting ontop of the roof seems Awesome!!


Farmer*swife said...

"It's summer tiiIIIIIMMMMEEEE" [my bloggie impersonation of Kenny Chestney.]

I luuuuuvvvv Summer. And, we have great, long, summers here.

I love the 90 plus degree days. the humidity does wonders for my hair -- the dry heat days, kill it down to a finely tied up stringy pony-tail.

I love winter and way below "Lows" for our area from about Thanksgiving (hunting season) through Christmas and maybe New Year's. THEN? I'm done with the cold...waitin' out those "shorty-short days."

[Yeah, I'm in my mid 30's but I'm short and small and can still get away with "shorty-shorts" so, I do. LOL!

Hey? We are supposed to be hitting 90's tomorrow! Yesterday was foggy asset cold! I'll share some heat with ya'...try to catch it in my blog.

Ngt, Knight! Hey, that's cute!

Doc said...

Whatever you do don't look up the temperature today in Charlotte NC beacuse it's beautiful here... sorry you are stuck in NY.

Darla said...

Air conditioning saved my marriage.

Let's do something ridiculous soon. Yea?

Knight said...

Matt-man - I do enjoy a good snow if I can enjoy it. Then it has to go away after the first two days and be warm again. Just enough to sled and Ice-skate.

Jay- 70's? Damn. I could have enjoyed the Branson weather and then you could have joined me here tonight for the Adult drawing party. We should plan better. Thanks for the comment on REH's page by the way ;)

Mike- I wonder what retarded amounts of heat would look like.

BBC- I would like to hear more about the powerful dream. If it doesn't stop drizzling you will never be able to repair that camper.

Single- You didn't get to do much over New Year's? How can that be? I'll meet you for roller skating in the park this summer. Just say when.

Farmer*swife- I love the 90plus days as well. It is never too hot. Even when the humidity causes hair to rise straight up into an afro. I wish I could do the short shorts but I'm pretty tall and I'm afraid I will traumatize children that can see right up them. Eh, what the hell.. maybe I'll invest this summer.

Doc- I'm not looking. I'm sure the jealousy is not becoming.

Darla- Ha, I believe you. Oooh lets! Any ideas?

GMEyster said...

It's funny. If you substituted 'winter' for 'summer' in your first paragraph, you'd describe me!

I should live on the North Pole. Winter in NYC is my favorite!

R.E.H. said...

Tomorrow? Tomorrow?...

Now, if I'm lucky I can catch a plane and make it over there by tomorrow!

I totally agree about winter. Summer all year 'round is what I want!

Mike said...

Knight - think of corky and his girlfriend AMANDUHHH! Screwing without lube.

Like that.

ChiliLady said...

I hate Winter too, the only good thing to do is skiing!

Tall Lanky Jew said...

But....but....Winter gives me the excuse to where that 'oh so cute' white fury thing I look so good in!!!

captain corky said...

You should consider moving to the South. There's no Spring or Fall here. Only hot disgustingly humid Summers and very disappointing Winters.

And the food is so bad here that you won't want to eat, but somehow I've managed to get over it. ;)

The Mountain Cat said...

Knight, ooh wow I need to sign up for that next Drawing Party event. Sounds decadent!

Inarticulate Fumblings said...

Reading you LOUD AND CLEAR. I am SO DONE with winter. Yours might be cold, but mine is wet... nonstop rain for months.

Ga! If only I had a pornographic drawing class to attend!

gr said...

OK, that seals it, you have an INTERESTING blog, so I am gonna favorite it and thanks for visiting pottersblog! gary