Wednesday, March 12, 2008

In Moderation


The ever so adorable Single of Single in the City was kind enough to give me an award yesterday. So I want to thank her for being awesome.

I'm not really sure what that is a picture of but I choose to believe it is a bar at the beach. That is what it looks like anyway and can you imagine anything more delightful than having a drink at the beach? I can't.

On that note I should mention, I'm not an alcoholic. I know in reading many of my blog posts you might think otherwise but I've calmed down a lot in my old age. I'm almost 25 after all.

Speaking of turning 25, I'm searching for ideas for my birthday party this year. It's on a Monday in June and I'm thinking I will do a Sunday night outing at the diviest dive bar I can find in Manhattan. I know plenty but I'm open to new ideas. I'm also looking forward to the trial runs I have to do before inviting everyone. You meet the coolest freaks at cockroach infested pubs. Anybody have any ideas? Last year I invited everybody to drink boxed wine in Central Park. I enjoy having all my friends around in a low key atmosphere where it doesn't cost us a shit load and we can sing/scream if we want to.
This place looks perfect!


Jay said...

That bathroom freaking rocks!

I prefer dive bars too. The people are just so much more real there. Unless it's a dive bar where a bunch of yuppies go to pretend to be hip and hang out in dive bars. Then it sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hey there Chick!You deserved that award, many more to follow, and you need to get you a trophy case!

I am not good with b-day party planning, my friends and I just hang out and act a fool! I like the park idea tho! Just spending time together!

I like karaoke night also!!!Sing till you pass out!!!

Have a great night

Jahooni said...

i say that you have a round the clock dinner. Start off at one friend's house for a drink. Go to the next for a drink and apps then go to the next, etc. etc. etc. End up at your house to finish the night off as deserved (dessert) Those are a lot of fun. just be careful and have a sober friend that is geeky and doesn't drink ;)~
happy early birthday!

GMEyster said...

Ok, the boxed wine in Central Park was fun last year, and you rocked the day with your yellow bikini, but I don't know about that bathroom for celebrating. You deserve more!

captain corky said...

I hope I run into that joint the next time I have to drop a deuce. It looks so inviting!

Have fun at your party you lush. ;)

Mike said...

Come up to Canada, and we'll have a good ol' fashioned bush party.

We'll build a fire out near the river and get a keg.

Hey, looking at that picture, sitting around animal shit is way better than human shit. right?

Knight said...

Jay- I agree with you on wanting a real Dive. Most of the yuppie dives are in Brooklyn so I'm not worried because I try not to travel there.

Single- We have had many a Karaoke party. I went to a Musical Theater Academy so all my friends are great singers. We recently rented a karaoke room for several hours and that was a lot of fun.

Jahooni- No need to designate a non drinker in NYC. Nobody drives!

Gmeyster- I learned my lesson about boxed wine and too much sun exposure. You might recall all the photos William & Natalie took of my dress over my head. We might be safer in that bathroom. The toilet looks clean at least.

Captain Corky- The seats already up and everything!

Mike- That sounds like the kind of party I used to have in my hometown. Bonfires and canned beer either by the river or in the woods. Good times.

Doc said...

I like Chumley's for a dive... that working speakeasy... but my favorite bar in Manhattan is Dewey's Flat iron... righ near the flat iron building of course...

Knight said...

Doc- Isn't Chumley's closed? I'll have to check out Dewey's Flat Iron. Thanks for the tip!

Darla said...

i'm there.

R.E.H. said...

Now, I don't know... but I'd imagine you could do better than a public restroom for your 25th birthday ;)

Yeah, I'll be there if I'm invited!

Jimmy said...

Re: the rancid rest-room photo, at least there appears to be plenty of toilet tissue, useful as a seat cover and given the state of the surroundings a blind-fold and to block the nasal passages

Tink said...

Whoa. They even tagged the trash can.