Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What am I talking about?

I mentioned that I am crazy in the last post and I thought maybe I should clarify that I like being crazy. I think crazy is normal. Most people that think they are normal are actually naive and/or frightning. Like this woman...

Mike posted this video the other day. I originally saw this on Wife Swap on ABC a long time ago. I remember laughing and laughing. In this episode a Christian family swaps mom's with a Wiccan family. Other than the crazy mom you see flipping out here in the last five minutes of the show, the episode was pretty boring. This provides a great example of someone who thinks they are normal.

In the 60's people thought Hippies were crazy. I wish I had been alive in the 60's. I have wanted to be a hippie all my life. It just isn't the same thing now. I missed all the fun. I have to fight "the man", make love not war, AND cut/wash my hair? That isn't fair.

I put black nail polish on Casey's toes about six months ago and this morning I made him sit still while I removed the last bit of it. How can that stay on him so long and the purple nail polish on my fingers that was applied two days ago is almost completely chipped away already? Wtf?
What does that have to do with anything?

When I was a child I spent a lot of time around perm solution. That might explain a lot. I was at my grandmothers all the time and she had a beauty shop as part of her home. As a child I spent countless hours giving perms to mannequin heads. Imagine the fumes I must have been inhaling into my little lungs. *Sigh* Memories.


Inarticulate Fumblings said...

There is a difference between 'crazy' and 'possessed.' The lady in the Wife-Swap bit is possessed. You might be crazy, but crazy can be fun.

JasonBSchmidt said...

Giiiirl, you so crazy.

R.E.H. said...

That woman is completely bonkers! Hehe...

Yeah, I'd have liked to be a hippie too - but, at least I got to be a child of the 70's... a hippie child! ;)

Jay said...

I'm a complete hippie at heart. I was born way too late.

I agree that people who think they are normal are usually quite crazy. That woman in the video has gone over the deep end!

minijonb said...

A co-worker was telling me about that flip-out just the other day. Too. Much. !!!

I'm also crazy. I guess I just don't take the right pills every day.

Darla said...

I love that woman in the first clip, we used to do impressions of her nightly up in mah piece!

I used to actually have permed hair. The photos have been burned.

Knight said...

Inarticulate Fumblings- She does seem possessed. I like when she asks her kids if the other mom hypnotized them.

JasonBSchmidt- I get it from you girl!

R.E.H.- Lucky! I was a child of the 80's. I didn't even know what Glam Rock was until it was over. I missed everything fun.

Jay- Maybe we can get a van and drive around the country trying the hippie thing for awhile. I'll meet you in San Francisco.

MiniJonb- Pills Hmm? That could help MAKE you crazy!

Darla- Oh you don't even know! My grandmother likes to experiment hairstyles on me and one year she put a perm in just my bangs. It was bad. Very bad.

Anonymous said...

You took a trip down Memory lane, I like that. Memory lane is my life, why? because at 18 I don't have one!! LOL!

I think that everyone is crazy! that is the good part of a persons personality.

I have a O.C.D that makes me crazy, everything in my closet has to be in place, along with nail polish even tho I don't wear colored,still sits on my dresser in order of color! Sooooooo I guess that makes me crazy also!!

I like Crazy!

P.S. I would not have went off the deep end like that woman did! Just leave!!!!!!

captain corky said...

If you and Jay get a van and invite me, I'll score the acid. We can't be hippies if we don't have any acid to expand our minds and consciousness.

GMEyster said...

I posted that clip a while back. SCA-RY. But thoroughly entertaining. I AM A GOD WARRIOR!

Perm schmerm. I'd give anything to have your long straight shiny hair!

I never wanted to be a hippie. I'm too OCD for that.

BBC said...

That video you mentioned on my blog is a riot, I'll post it tomorrow. But it works better if you turn it into a link. Right click on the link and select to open in a new window.
under Obama

Knight said...

Under Obama

Knight said...

Figured it out. Thanks BBC!

Tink said...

I watched that episode of Wife swap and the one that followed, where the crazy lady was stuck in a family of black racists. Wow. I mean really. There's nothing that will make you feel sane quicker than watching that woman act "normal".

BBC said...

I have no problem with crazy, it beats the hell out of being a brainwashed christian. Did her god want her to be fat and mouthy?

Crazy beats insanity, what I want to know is what in the hell is normal?

I was around for the hippie thing, didn't much get into it but I thought it was pretty cool. I'm part hippie at heart, and part redneck. LOL