Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Dork Spork and Etsy Fun

Tink made awards for the dorks that went ahead and used her April Fool's joke for part of the WWC. I couldn't help doing it. Monkeyshine is such a great word! Plus, I've wanted to decorate that ugly painting in the hall ever since I moved in. So thanks Tink for my Dork Spork!

Tink is also the one that tricked me into becoming an Etsy addict. Here is my latest purchase.

I also found these odd tidbits:

Sharing floss with the ones you love.

Oww! My Eyes!

Kidney Needs A Wax

Boy George

Children That Haunt Me


Single In The City said...

Hey there sis I got something for you over at my place.. I need to hook up with Tink.. I have to get confidence first! LOL!!

Jay said...

A Punk Black Zipper Top? That's hot!

I thought about running out and getting a couple more pics so I could get one of those overachiever spork awards. But, I'm not really an overachiever though so I didn't. LOL ;-)

minijonb said...

hey... that's a nice spork you have there!


BBC said...

Um, well, I buy simple functional clothes, mostly in thrift stores, and wear them until they are rags.

I don't need to, I have new clothes I've never worn, but I love my rags. If someone is going to judge me by what I wear I don't need to know them.

But I guess that is just me. Hugs.

captain corky said...

The floss thing's getting a little too carried away. Don't get me wrong, I love my wife, but... ;)

Darla said...

Woe, that jacket/vest thingy is awesome.

Doc said...

A Punk Black Zipper Top? That's hot!

I agree with Jay 100% - WOW !!!!!

Dianne said...

versatile and hot! what more can ya ask for. love the top

congrats on your overachieving award! I loved all your WWC photos.

GMEyster said...

Boy George Garbage Pail? I LOVE IT.

Jo said...

Congrats on your dork spork! That top is hot, I love the cut...what happens if you unzip the front zipper?

I can't believe those Etsy links! The wedding posters freaked me out. And the eyes?...option for bloodshot-ness LOL!

VE said...

Those kids are a little too creepy to me. I'd give them as gifts to those people I really don't like though...

Knight said...

Single/Sis- Thanks for the award doll! You need confidence to hook up with Tink? For the WWC I assume. Eh, just throw whatever out there. The people around here are really supportive.

Jay- Isn't it? I was excited. I wanted to be an overachiever for once in life so I drew a mustache. I think I'm done now. You over achieve at blogging in general. That should be an award in itself.

Minijonb- Yeah, Tink is the spork queen. I have a feeling she has a yard filled with sporks and never eats a meal with anything else.

BBC- Functional clothes from thrift stores probably work very well for you in your life. To each their own. I don't judge. Most people I know harass the hell out of me for what I wear. Especially to work. In the end who really gives a shit. It's what I like.

Captain Corky- I think it is just supposed to be an arm but at first glance it looks like sharing spaghetti or some sort of string. Creepy.

Darla- Sweet huh? I'm liking this vintage online shop.

Doc- Ha, didn't realize I was gathering a punk fetish group on my blog. I can see if there are extras for you guys!

Dianne- Thanks Dianne! It's all about the finds. Loved your photos this week as well.

GMEyster- Right? I almost need to own it. Almost. It reminds me of Eyster Brunch and the Boy George bathroom.

Jo- Um, if I unzip the front it exposes my boobs. I'll have to figure out how to avoid that.
The eye pin cushions have to be bloodshot or it just wouldn't look "real" ya know?

R.E.H. said...

You will post pictures of you in that black leather top won't you?

Those other etsy things... I mean - that kidney thing - $12.50 or whatever? You gotta be kidding me...

And, you just reminded me - I need to try for that "dork spork".

Tink said...

You should make the weird etsy links a regular thing. I'm still chuckling over those creepy dolls. That one has a hole in her head?! Where could you showcase that? Did you see the hips on this one: