Friday, April 25, 2008

Pimp My Blog

Today I feel like starting a new Friday feature entitled PIMP MY BLOG where I will pimp out to my readers whatever particular blogger or specific posting has recently filled me to the brim with emotion... or knocked my socks off if you will. I feel that a good blog deserves some extra kudos and you all should know where to go for a good read.

The first blogger you should check out is the talented and beautiful both inside and out JO of Whatever. She recently did a post entitled "Beauties & Beasties". I thought it was fantastic and worth a read from everyone. So go read it.



Go have a gander at them. Go... go before I continue! Seriously I mean it!!

The awesome and creative beyond belief Matt-Man at Bagwine Ruminitions has started the newest blogging craze with his talent for selling people. Wait, that didn't sound right. Maybe it did. He has created the highly coveted Blog-Fo-Mercials that everyone has been talking about. He posts one for a new blogger every Friday and considering his fan base he is probably booked for the rest of his life. This week the blog-for-mercial just happened to be for one of my biggest blog crushes JAY of Cynical Bastard. Everyone go see how well he can pull off the viking look.

I hope I have been an efective enabler of your internet addiction. Have a lovely weekend.


Leighann said...

All great blogs! I skipped the "hot naked ladies" believe it or not.... have to be careful when the kids are in the room!

Knight said...

Ha, it's okay, you have already seen it. It's Jay's Blog-Fo-Mercial. I figured linking it as Hot Naked Ladies is a better marketing tool.

Dianne said...

I feel like such a cool insider since I adore the Holly Go Lightly that is Jo and ...

I too crush on Jay. I want to hug him while he talks in that smooth accent of his - don't tell him OK?

and now I discovered matt-man!

you've got mad marketing skills girl!

loved your description of the feeling of NYC in yesterday's post!

gr said...

oh! Jay! right....

Jay said...

Man I'm feeling the love today!

It's almost enough for me to change the name of my blog to "Sentimental Bastard" LOL ;-)

You totally rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Sis!!! have I told ya I luv ya!!! Well I do... I try to pimp on thursday but I have been so lazy here lately!!

I checked out Jo's blog.. I loved it thanks for sending us there!! Glad you liked the fairytale...

Lil Sis..

Matt-Man said...

Thanks for the kudos Knight. I appreciate it. Have a great weekend, and smoke a cigar or two for me. Cheers!!

Jo said...

You're so fabulous! Thanks so much for the sweet words & the plug. You're pretty brilliant with this advertising thing, I clicked the hot naked ladies & yup, there I was with my bitches! LOL

I checked out Matt-Man's blog, he's very funny.

I heart the Viking Lovemuffin!

Farmer*swife said...

Way to Pimp your bloggie pals! You're the sweetest! Gotta' go hit the links now...

I finally get the computer at night? And, I'm sleepily lazy. Course the storm did have me up since 4:a.m. this morning.

But, we got RAIN!!! [Farmers really need rain] Ngt-Knight!

BBC said...

Blogs are pretty much a waste of time and I'm not starting anymore.

So how are things going with you?

Anonymous said...

Love the look of your Blog.. Great post. Thanks for sending us on a journey through Blog Land.
Hugs, Lesley

captain corky said...

I crush on Jay too. There's just something about him... ;)

Mike said...

That picture would be better if he had one of those hair picks coming out of his head.

Doc said...

Great Stuff Knight!

Knight said...

Dianne- It's like being on the blogging in crowd. Ha! Jay already knows the chicks dig his smooth accent. That is why he sucks us in with all those Vlogs.

Gr- Hey, at least Jay provides you with the hot naked ladies. A few appear in Blog-fo-mercial.

Jay- Sentimental Bastard? Nah nobody would buy it. ;)

CinderSingle/Sis- I knew you would dig Jo. She is right up your ally.

Matt-Man- Will do sir. I have a few in my purse right now.

Jo- Any time! You should build a big following for when your toilet paper origami memoirs are released. ;)

Farmer*swife- Glad you got some rain. Want ours? You were up at four am? Maybe you should try ear plugs for the storms and snores. Then all you hear is your own heartbeat.

BBC- You are right about that. How many blogs do you have going now? I know you are always jumping back and forth between two.

Lesley- Hey, thanks for stopping by. Glad you liked my pimping.

Captain Corky- and it's not just the hat. He had a lot of blog stalkers long before the viking wear came into the picture.

Mike- Probably. I didn't make the picture. I'm lazy. I just do a google image search and I'm done.

Doc- Thanks man!

R.E.H. said...

I saw that blog-fo-mercial on Jay... pretty darn sweet! I'm kinda envious ;)

Great idea about pimping blogs too!