Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What's in a dream?

Today I woke up and Casey was already out of the shower. For some reason I could still remember part of my dreams and I began to tell him:

Knight: "I had a dream you told me you have Meningitis."

Casey: "Meningitis? That's scary."

Knight: You got it from chicken.

Casey: I don't think you can get it from chicken.

Knight: Probably Not.

We were sleeping in a parking lot.

Casey: Hmm, that's probably how I got the Meningitis.

It's really sweet of him to humor me at times like this. I couldn't even open my eyes yet.

What I really remember from the dream is that I was in the audience of some sort of show. When it was over, they sent chickens into the audience. I hate birds so this was a nightmare for me. People were exiting slowly up the isle because the birds didn't bother them meanwhile I was in a panic, jumping over seats while a chicken chased me trying to peck me. Somehow this turned into me thinking I had meningitis from a chicken. I don't even know if that is possible but I highly doubt it.
The next thing I remember is waking up in the dark with Casey but light was coming from somewhere and I realized we were sleeping in a car in a parking lot with several stores in a row. This is when he decided to tell me he had Meningitis. He said I probably did too. I was thinking I got it from the chicken and gave it to him so I felt really bad. Suddenly I remembered I was running late for work so I went into the 7/11 to change clothes and clean up. While I was in the bathroom someone kept beating on the door and screaming for me to get out. For some reason I had all my stuff all over the floor and I was panicking. I kept trying to pick it all up but there was more every time I turned around. Then I opened the door and a little girl came in to brush her hair in the mirror of the bathroom. I could see her mom leaning against a wall watching her and glaring at me. Very large, scary, truck driving, kinda woman. Then I went to make myself a coffee and this must have been when I woke up.

So what in the hell is that about? I don't know how I came up with that disease. I'm never in a car unless it's a taxi. I don't know where to find a parking lot let alone a 7/11. I would never, ever, touch anything that touched the floor in a public bathroom. What the hell?

Anyone want to make any guesses on this one?


R.E.H. said...

Sorry for being absent the last couple of days... but I seem to be the first one in on this one ;)

I did read up on the previous posts too.

Anyway... my dream analyzing skills are extremely limited, but I always enjoy listening (reading) about them.

I remember you had a fear of chickens, so I was "chick-ling" (lame attempt at a chicken joke of the word chuckling), right off the bat when you mentioned meningitis from a chicken.

Must've been a scary dream for you though...

The Mountain Cat said...

Knight, there is a 7/11 on 42nd & 9th and another one on 23rd & Park. Maybe you past buy one of them recently and unconsciously remember seeing it and it poped up in your dream?

Jo said...

That is so much like the kind of dreams I have. I think of them just as meaningless, random mishmashes of things that have crossed my mind at one point or another.

Chickens are freaky animals. Well, and there's the whole bird-flu craziness so meningitis isn't that out there. The 7/11 scene made me smile--can you imagine having to change clothes in a public restroom? YUCKA!

Jay said...

Man, that's a pretty strange dream. I have no idea what it all means though.

Chickens are pretty annoying. They can be pretty aggressive too. I had one chase me when I was a little kid. I had just seen "The Birds" a few days earlier and I was sure that chicken was going to kill me.

Every time I eat chicken now I feel like I'm getting my revenge. ;-)

Matt-Man said...

Maybe you misdiagnosed yourself, and had actually come down with Bird Flu. Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

I used to could analyze dreams. I got pretty good at it with my friends. It's easier when you know what's going on in their lives.

I would say you are afraid of some kind of transition with Casey. Maybe you have some inner thing that feels like you are pulling him down.

Dreams are nothing more than us working through our stresses and fears.


Doc said...

Did you eat chicken the night before?

gr said...

think of the mysterious dampness on the floor of public bathrooms...::shudder::

Knight said...

R.E.H.- No problem. I know you have a life outside of blogging. I do seem to mention my hatred of birds a lot don't I? It wasn't so much scary I don't think. It was more like anxiety and anger.

Mountain Cat- I was wondering if I passed by one but I'm thinking I just saw an advertisement for it at work or something. What odd places in Manhattan for 7/11s though.

Jo- I think it is meaningless as well. Going over the details I find some parts fit together. Like being at a show could have come from me talking to my mom who was talking about a show she just saw. The chicken must have come from the wings that were plopped in front of me at the bar that night. I touched one! The parking lot and disease still throw me. And no I can't imagine having to change clothes in a place like that. The thought makes me gag.

Jay- Hah, eating chicken is revenge? That makes me think you have the proper makings for a serial killer/cannibal. Or maybe that is just my sick mind. "The Birds" was a great movie. Scared the shit out of me!

Matt-Man- I suppose that is possible. I don't know where I would have come up with Meningitis. I don't even know what the symptoms are.

Edge- Hey that is pretty good! I do have a constant paranoia if I have a headache or soar throat that I'm getting a cold and I'll pass it on to Casey. I bet the dream was pretty literal in that sense. Meningitis would be the extreme of that. If I remember correctly it's very contagious.

Doc- You are close. I didn't actually eat chicken but I did touch the hot sauce on a wing and tasted it. That is pushing it for me. Clearly the birds got in my dreams.

Anndi said...

It could have been worse.. the mom could have been Heather Mills.

Anonymous said...

Wow Sis, You had a Messed up dream! Chicken and Meningitis? What did you eat before you went to bed?

I have some wild dreams... But Mine is ummmmm Nevermind!!

Dianne said...

It's not to much of a stretch to think that maybe you've been watching too many news programs!?

the way they present things it's a wonder we all don't think, forget dream, that we're dying of a dread disease after being rendered homeless.

my impression of you is that you're an incredibly empathetic person and NYC can be hard on us.

it has to come out somewhere, hence the dreams.

I often dream of children in a burning building and lions are between me and saving them.


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