Thursday, May 29, 2008

Damn I'm tired.

It's been really busy recently. My most recent post was last Friday. How did a week pass so fast? My life:

Friday- After Work, Bohemian Beer Garden for burgers and pitchers. After that, gay bar in Hell's Kitchen for drinking and dancing. Don't know when I got home.

Saturday- Shopping in Harlem. Offered Braids, Perfume and Cigarettes a few hundred times. Pedicure. Worst manicure of all time. Dinner at Mama Mexico. They accidentally gave me chicken. EWWW. Kiwi Margaritas Mmmm. Back to my place for screw drivers.

Sunday- Drank too much Saturday. Skip brunch. Make Sangria for party in the magical land of Bay Ridge Brooklyn. Spend half of life getting there. Totally worth it.

Monday- Meet lover boy's Mom, Step Dad, Sister, and Nephew for first time. Find out they are AWESOME. Have a great brunch with them. Walk twenty blocks in four inch heels to get a cake. Ruin feet forever. Go to lover boy's graduation party with previously mentioned cake. Have wonderful night with wonderful friends at previously mentioned party.

Tuesday- Work :( Then off to see Wicked the musical with lover boy's family. Meet Uncle, Aunt, and Cousin for first time. Uncle is seriously cool. Some David kid that just lost American Idol was in the audience. Boooo. Evil monkey's flew over my head and didn't throw feces, yay!

Wednesday- Work :( Watch the clock until the minute I can leave. Throw on cute dress and run to Lover Boy's graduation. Meet brother and Sister in Law for first time. Realllly nice people. Watch hot boyfriend get pinned and give shockingly good speech. He thanked Barry Manilow. *Shakes head*.

Thursday- Work :( I got here early today so I can leave early and still be late to fancy dinner. *Single tear*. Tonight I meet Lover Boy's Dad, Step Mom, and Little Brother. We are eating at 5:30 so I have not had anything but coffee today. 5:30 is usually when I stop eating brunch. Can you tell I'm going mad? Still one more day of work. NOOOOOOO. Supposed to see Duran Duran this weekend but Casey might have to bail. That blows. My birthday party is this Sunday. Is this whirlwind spiraling into my birthday an omen of what the year to come will be? Ah!


Leighann said...

Here I thought having four kids was exhuasting! Now I see a day (week) in the life of Knight is just as tiring!

Anonymous said...

Now I can Google Duran Duran Moneky Feces and get this post.

That's too much for me. I'm too old.


Dianne said...

Wow that made me tired and a bit dazed!

But you're young and hot - you CAN do it :)

I didn't realize you had to meet the parents in shifts. That makes it extra stressful I suppose but of course the first meeting went well and so will tonight.

Don't fall asleep in stairwells.

Oh and Bay Ridge rocks! try getting there from NJ, they stop me at the border ;)

Jay said...

Thank goodness you get to be at work 8 hours a day so you have some place to rest and relax. ;-)

Darla said...

Wow, the family...ALL of the family, huh? I'm glad they rock like Casey does, and I'm sure they love you already. You had me at "hey."

furiousBall said...

i read Wicked and am under serious pressure to go see it with my goddaughter who is studying theater at hofstra

Farmer*swife said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! [seems everyone else might have kind'uv missed that....;-D]

WOW! Busy, busy -- but...great weekend with the "family!"

Enjoy being young...but, do take a breather now and then (oh, and take care of your beautiful skin.)


Happy Thursday!

Doc said...

Happy B-Day Knight...

and BOOOOO David Archuleta !!

Mike said...

To find out how cool they really are, see how they react to flatulence.

Make sure you load up on beans, broccoli and high fibre indian food the night before.

Knight said...

Leighann- If I had four kids I would be crying from lack of sleep I'm sure.

Edge- Sweet. Now I know how to direct people to it easily.

Dianne- I was just about to wander to the stairwell for a nap. Wait, can you read my mind?

Jay- That is true. That eight hours of chair sitting is a life saver. If only I could close my eyes and put my head down.

Knight said...

Darla- Was it "Hey" or was it "Hey, Girl, Hey"?

Furiousball- Why would somebody studying theatre pressure for Wicked? I would think they would go for something more serious. Wicked is a big fun showy show.

Farmer'swife- Thanks! Don't worry, I tend to mention my birthday over and over again. Good call with the skin. I need to get more spf 30.

Doc- Thanks Doc! Yes Booo. Very booo.

Mike- You know, a discussion of flatulence has come up several times this week. They are THAT cool.

GMEyster said...

Wow, what a fun, packed week! So glad you are finding his family to be as awesome as he is.

Hooray for graduations!

Jo said...

I'm so late getting here, sorry! Your week sounds so fun but right around Sunday I would've been found sleeping/hiding under the bed. 20 blocks in high heels to get a cake is clearly true love.

It's so great how you're getting on with Casey's fam!